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Bean Plant Holes

"What is a bean plant?", you must be asking yourself. Unfortunately, noone can be "told" what a bean plant is. One has to see it with one's own eyes. But I'll try anyway. In Zora's River, there is a fat slob sitting on his ass while eating beans or other junk food, whatever it is, it looks disgusting. He'll only sit there when you're still a spoiled brat. Anyway, you can buy his junk food, Beans, for 10 rupee at first. Then the second will cost 20 rupee. The third 30 rupee, etc.

Anyway, what do you do with them? You stick them in the ground, that's what. Now, you can only stick it in the ground in places where there's a hole, because if you try otherwise, large men with blunt objects will come to your house and smash your face. Anyway, if you stick it in a hole, a small plant will pop up. Yay. Stop staring at it. It's useless. When you come back as an adult, the small plant will have matured into a bigass magical leaf. You can ride this leaf, and go to locations you never could before, or take a shortcut, or something. Anyway, what the leafs unlock isn't here yet, but I'll get to that.

Location Picture
Near the Warp Point in Death mountain Crater.
Next to the entrance of Dodongo's Cavern on Death Mountain Trail
Near the Spirit Temple in Desert Colossus
Next to the Northern ledge in The Graveyard.
Behind the cow's ass in Gerudo Valley. Beware of toxic fumes.
Behind the shop in Kokiri Forest
Next to the Laboratory in Lake Hylia
Near the Deku Stage in the Lost Woods
Near the bridge in the Lost Woods
Next to the fat slob mentioned above in Zora's River

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