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Mini Games

Beast Hunter
How to play: You want to kick the ball and hit the dog, not the man. Each time you hit the man you lose a point, and each time you hit the dog you get a point. If you kick a dog and hit the dog you get two points, if you kick a dog and hit the person you lose two points. If you kick a ball and hit a gold dog (which will at two points run by quickly) you will get two points. If you kick a dog and hit the golden dog you get three. The object is to get as many points as it says to pass each rank. You need to pass C, B, then A and you will get a prize for beating A.

If you just want to win: Don't move in any direction, and press "B" to kick the ball or dog. Hit the dog whenever it is in front of you, and hit the golden dog when it runs by. You should be able to easily beat all the ranks

To be a pro: My record is 28. Here are my tips on how to get a very high score. Hold C-Down so that you can slowly move sideways. Once you kick the dog when he is in front of you, scoot to the side and hit "B" to kick the ball diagonal left, or scoot to the other side and hit "C- left" to kick the ball diagonal right. Using this strategy you can hit the dog five times in one rotation. I have never been able to get 28 again, my average is 24.

Your prize: A zetsabre!

Balloon Fantasy
How to play: Shoot and pop all the red balloons within the given time. If you hit a blue balloon a second is added to your time. Beat C, B, then A to get a prize.

Just To Win: Don't move at all, just press Z or R to move the camera left or right, and shoot at the red balloons. You should be able to win just fine just by doing this. It will help to max out your rapid and energy to the highest you can.

To Be A Pro: My record is exactly five seconds. Max out your rapid and energy before you get enter the game. Say you want to play balloon fantasy, then when you appear in the arena, DO NOT PRESS ANYTHING! The balloons will be bouncing around. Press "A" when the balloons seem like they are in a perfect arrangement, and then fire like crazy. Hold Z AND R so that you can turn faster, and also shoot over (and under) the blue balloons.

Your prize: A Mystic Orb!

Jet Skating Game
NOTE: You will not be able to do this mini game quite yet. You need to jet skates which you will get later on. When you have them, talk to the man to the right of the counter to start this one up.
General Tips: Before attempting this mini-game, you may want to practice outside a little bit. Get used to sharp turns (R/Z), as well as breaking (holding down) speeding up (holding up) and combing these both. When you are a pro at all of these, head to the...

Straight Course: This is a breeze. Just skate through the cones, take a sharp right turn to hit the first yellow cone, head straight for the second yellow cone, make a sharp right turn and clear the last three sets of cones. Practice here until you get the top new record before going on to the...

Left Turn Course: This one is trickier. Utilize you sharp turn, and remember to always hold up. On the left turn itself, stop holding up, and hold Left/Z. After that, continue holding up and sharp turn your way to the finish. Definitely practice here a while, perfecting your sharp turns, and when to hold up. When you feel you are good enough (or you made the number one record) move on to the...

Technical Course: The hardest of them all. I have no tips on this because your own reflexes will determine how well you place on this. You will need to use a combination of Down/R's, Down/Z's, Up/Z's, Up/R's, R's, Z's and non-sharp turns. I am attempting to write exactly how I do it, but it is very hard to describe. If you can master the previous two courses you should be fine.

Other Strategy

The Circle Strafe

Your BEST FRIEND! Hold down R or L while moving in that direction and shooting with your buster. It is useful on just about every boss and all normal enemies. Learn this as soon as possible!

Kick The Can!

The best money making trick for those of you not skilled enough in the mini-games in Uptown, and a great source of money in the beginning of the game. In apple market there is a can lying near the south gate. Kick it to the Bakery (next to the junkshop). This part is tricky; kick it behind the counter. Mega man will make a victory pose, you will receive 1,000 zenny, and you will be told to "Throw trash in it's proper place!". If you do this enough you will notice that your armor is turning black. This leads to...

Dark Mega Man

By doing evil things (Kicking the can, stealing money, etc.) your armor will slowly (or in some cases very quickly) start to turn black. You will never become pitch black, but pretty darn close. There are (I believe) three shades of darker color. Once you aredark, the only way to become light is to do nice things. So far as I can tell there is NO disadvantages to being Dark. Prices do NOT go up, people say the EXACT same lines and no cinemas change (except that Mega Man is dark). I personally think he looks cooler dark (all evil lookin and all), but, there is really no reason to or not to do this.

Blow Up News Blimp/ Dark Mega Man 2

Hehehe, this is fun. Before the City Hall battle, equip buster parts so that your range is +3. Now, aim at the news blimp that is hovering above city hall. It will blow up, and you will turn jet black right away >:) However, by the end of it (after saving city hall) you become lighter again ;(

Dark Mega Man 3

In the third police side-quest, don't give back the money. Instead, just steal it ;). You will immediately become black, and will get 200,000 zenny!

Kick the Vending Machines!

Kick the vending machines instead of paying 100 Zenny and you will either get a free can, or it will blow up! If you get the free can, it fully restores your life.

Blow up the "Cell" boxes

If you use an explosive on a "Cell" box it blows up... (LOL this has no use but hey, it is kinda neat, kinda... hey it is!)

Blow up the trash cans

If you use an explosive on a trash can it blows up... (same comment as above)

Kick the Servebots!

If you blow up a servebot (the yellow lego men) and then kick them, you will get life back! You can only do this three times.

Beehive Cash

This will give you about 15,000 to 25,000 cash, but with one catch. In the Cardon Sub-gate, in the second room there are three beehives. Max out your vacuum arm, and max out your buster's attack. Blow up the hive and the bees that come out of the hive and suck up the money. There will be three beehives. Also kill the ground enemies if you wish. Although this DOES give you a lot of money, the only way to re-spawn the beehives is to leave the dungeon and come back. It is very repetitive and annoying, but the cash is worth it!

Lion Money

You know those stupid lions at the main gate (the big, fire breathing ones?) Well, they give you almost as much as the beehives. The upside? There is a quick and convenient zone door that you can enter and then return in and the lions will re-appear, making it slightly faster then the beehive cash. I would take the active buster or shining laser, because the money doesn't fly very far and the quicker the better!