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The Good Guys

Mega Man Volnut

Mega Man was found 14 years ago in a digging suit by Barrell Casket who raised him with his granddaughter, Roll. Mega Man now leads the Casket Family digging team even at the age of 14. It is unknown why he was abandoned as a child...

Roll Casket

Roll is Barrell's granddaughter and Mega Man's seeker. Roll goes on digs to find the legendary Mother Lode and to find evidence of her parents who disappeared when she was a child.

Barrell Casket

Barrell Casket is a retired digger who uses his experience and knowledge to help out Mega Man and Roll. He found Mega Man as a baby in the ruins.

Data: A little mecha-monkey that saves your game. Only MegaMan can understand him.

The Bad Guys

Tron Bonne

Tron Bonne is a 14 year old mechanical genius. She is also a member of the Bonne family pirate group. She uses her wiles to help create massive robots for the Bonne family. She also has a crush on Megaman though she doesn't realize it.

Bon Bonne

Bon Bonne is the youngest member of the Bonne family. He's a baby in a gigantic robotic suit and doesn't say much other than "Da-woo".

Teasel Bonne

Teasel Bonne is the oldest member of the Bonne family and their leader. Teasel is determined and also refuses to accept defeat and continually tries to defeat Megaman.


Servbots are the workers of the Bonne family. Tron created them to do all the dirty work and they pilot all of the Bonne's mechs. They are generally cheerful with squeaky voices and will always obey Tron.

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