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Buster Parts

Name Attack Energy Range Rapid Where/How gotten
Buster MaxMaxMaxMaxMaxBeat Hard quickly
Power Raiser+1+0+0+0Intro Dungeon
Power Raiser Alpha+2+0+0+0Bought at Junk Shop for 520 Zenny
Power Raiser Omega+3+0+0+0Bought at Junk Shop
Laser+4+0+0+0Bought at Junk Shop
Power StreamMax+0+0+0Main Gate
Turbo Charger+0+1+0+0Bought at Junk Shop for 120 Zenny
Turbo Charger Alpha+0+2+0+0Bought at Junk Shop for 320 Zenny
Turbo Charger Omega+0+3+0+0Bought at Junk Shop
Turbo Battery+0+4+0+0Bought at Junk Shop
Auto Battery+0Max+0+0Autofire Barrel and Generator parts
Range Booster+0+0+1+0Bought at Junk Shop for 160 Zenny
Range Booster Alpha+0+0+2+0Bought at Junk Shop for 400 Zenny
or given by Data
Range Booster Omega+0+0+3+0Bought at Junk Shop
Sniper Range+0+0+4+0Bought at Junk Shop
Rapid Fire+0+0+0+1Found in Ruins (I)
Rapid Striker+0+0+0+2Found in Ruins
Sniper Unit+0+1+2+0Bought at Junk Shop
Sniper Unit Omega+0+2+3+0Bought at Junk Shop
Sniper Scope+1+0+5+0Target Sensor and Tele-lens parts
Blast Unit+1+2+0+0Bought at Junk Shop
Blaster Unit R+2+2+0+2Found in Ruins
Blaster Unit Omega+2+3+0+0Bought at Junk Shop
Buster Unit+1+0+2+0Found in Ruins (II)
Buster Unit Omega+3+0+3+0Chest in Main Gate
Power Blaster L+2+0+1+0Bomb threat side quest
Power Blaster R+2+0+1+0Bomb threat side quest
Omni Unit+1+1+1+1Won in Left Turn course
Omni Unit Omega+2+2+2+1Sun-light, Main Core Shard
and Broken Circuit items
Triple Access+0+1+1+1Found in Ruins (2)
Gattling Gun+1+4+1+0Gattling Part and Flower Pearl parts
Machine Gun+0+0+3+1Rapidfire Barrel item

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