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Name: Hanmurudoll HP: ??
This is the boss you find at the end of the Intro Dungeon. He is slow and can easily be avoided. He will try to run right up to you and then smash you with its arm. All you have to run out of its way and blast it. Having the Power Raiser equipped will help the fight go faster.

Name: Blumbears HP: ??
These tanks are piloted by the Servbots. The different colors represent different strengths. The Blue Blumebear is fast, the Red Blumebear is more powerful, and the Yellow Blumebear can take more damage. The goal to beating these is remaining mobil. If you get in too close the Blumebears will open fire with their Machine Busters or a Servbot will chuck a bomb at you. When you destroy one, check to see if they drop a key. If you find the key, pick it up and the fight is over, unless you want to destroy all of them and that's fine with me.

Name: Feldynaught HP: ??
Tron will fight you in her personal mech this time. Tron has a very ways of attacking you. She will either try to charge you, fire a stream of bullets at you, spin around and throw out a line of bombs at you, or she will jump in the air and send out a shockwave from where she hits. Be patient with this battle, if you try to shoot her too much she will burn you with her bullets. Take your time and stay mobile, she isn't too hard.

Name: Bon HP: ??
Bon will appear after you destroy all of the robots attacking city hall. His attacks are firing off a salvo of missles at you, shooting you with a noisemaker of all things, and trying to smash you by clapping his hands. You can avoid pretty much everything he's got by running underneath him. Once you've done that you can lock on to him and take a few shots on him.

Name: Marlwolf HP: ??
Teasel is driving this monstrous digging machine. Take this fight in a couple of stages. First keep moving around him to take out his treads. When they start smoking the Marlwolf's speed will be cut. Next find a set of ledges opposite where you came in and climb them to the top. You'll see the Marlwolf pacing back and forth. From here you'll have to avoid some green balls of energy. It's important to dodge these since they'll take out your life shield and your defenses will be down. If you have the Powered Buster, be patient and wait for it to open the hatch on its back. Fire several rounds at it and it will soon fall. If you don't have the Powered Buster jump on its back as it passes an outcropping and wait for the hatch to open there. You'll have to avoid the bombs it drops from there though.

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