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These are the non-inventory items you (usually) get from whipping candles and killing enemies. They don't really merit their own section, so I stuck them here.

Name Picture Description
Gold Coin (1)
Gives you 1 Gold.
Gold Coin (10)
Gives you 10 Gold.
Gold Coin (50)
Gives you 50 Gold.
Gold Coin (100)
Gives you 100 Gold.
Gold Bag (500)
Gives you 500 Gold.
Gold Bag (1000)
Gives you 1000 Gold.
Gold Bag (2000)
Gives you 2000 Gold.
Heart, Small
Restores 8 MP. (Restores 15 MP for Julius)
Heart, Big
Restores 40 MP. (Restores 75 MP for Julius)
Dropped by Bosses. Restores Soma's HP and MP. (Collecting these also raises Julius' stats)

Status Effects

There are a total of three status effects in Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow. All status effects cure themselves eventually if left untreated. Here are descriptions:

Name Picture Caused By Cured By Description
Cagnazzo, Ectoplasm, Lilith Uncurse Potion Drains your MP down to 0 quickly.
Headhunter(3), Manticore, Poison Worm, Skull Millione, Slime, Tsuchinoko Anti-Venom Reduces your Attack Power and Defense.
Basilisk, Catoblepas, Cockatrice, Gorgon, Medusa Head (Brown) N/A You are temporarily immobilized. Also, your Defense is halved. Quickly press buttons to restore your status more quickly.


You can unlock Julius as a playable character by beating the game with the "good" ending (beat Chaos). Then just start a new game with the name "JULIUS" and voila! Julius cannot use items/equipment/souls, he does not gain experience, and his MP doesn't refill itself, so playing as him gives a more "traditional" Castlevania feel to the game.

Julius' Moves:
Slide: Down+A
Whip Swing: Hold B, move control pad
Dash: L
Super Jump: L while airborne
Double Jump: A while jumping
Jump Kick: Down+A while jumping
Subweapon: Up+B

Julius' Subweapons
Name Picture Description MP Element
Julius lobs an axe forward. The most powerful subweapon. 12
Julius throws a cross that goes straight for a while, then returns to him. 25
A huge cross appears around Julius, damaging all enemies it touches. The second most powerful subweapon. 150
Holy Water
Julius drops a vial of Holy Water, that causes holy flames to erupt. The weakest subweapon, but it hits multiple times. 10

Julius does not gain experience, thus he doesn't gain levels. His stats increase when he collects the orbs dropped by bosses. Here are all his stats and how much they increase after each boss:

HP: Julius begins with 800 HP. His Maximum HP never changes.
MP: Julius begins with 500 MP. His Maximum MP never changes.
STR: Julius begins with a STR value of 15. He gains 25 points for this stat after each boss.
CON: Julius begins with a CON value of 12. He gains 20 points for this stat after each boss.
INT: Julius begins with an INT value of 10. He gains 18 points for this stat after each boss.
LCK: Julius begins with a LCK value of 20. This stat never changes (not that it matters for Julius anyway).

Boss Rush

This is unlocked by getting the "good" ending (beating Chaos). It puts you against all (well, most) of the bosses in the game with any of your files. You are always at level 40 in this mode, and it's a race against the clock. To get the really good times, you'll probably want a Soul like Red Minotaur or at least Lightning Doll, and the Chaos Ring.

The bosses you'll face:
Creaking Skull
Great Armor
Big Golem

Based on how fast you beat these bosses, you'll be rewarded:

Under 6 Minutes: Excalibur
Under 5 Minutes: Positron Rifle
Under 4 Minutes: Valmanway

If you're slower than 6 minutes, or you already have all the prizes for a time slot, you'll win a potion. Here are some strategies to help you get faster times:

  • Get the Chaos Ring. Period. Infinite MP helps. A LOT. In case you don't have the Chaos Ring, you can also use the Arc Demon Soul to restore your MP as you take damage... Hey, it's better than nothing!
  • The Red Minotaur Soul is your best friend. It does absolutely MASSIVE damage, but it's too costly to use if you don't have the Chaos Ring. Face away from the enemy before using the soul, so the axe will hit twice. The Lightning Doll soul is good too, if you don't have the Red Minotaur soul yet.
  • Don't waste time waiting for the Orbs to appear if you don't need them. The door to the next boss opens right after defeating the boss, so unless your HP is very low, you shouldn't bother waiting for the Orb.
  • This strategy is risky, but it can result in really good times if you're careful. Equip the Lubicant Soul (which increases your STR as your HP is lowered), then drink Spoiled Milk, which will lower your HP to 1. You should now do MASSIVE damage using the Red Minotaur soul, killing bosses in a couple of hits. The downside to this, obviously, is that you will die if you're hit once. Of course, you could always grab an Orb to restore your HP.

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