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Most things should be self-explanatory. Just match the number/letter of the right color with its corresponding colored number/letter in the map to see the location of everything. The red rooms are save rooms, the yellow rooms are teleportation rooms, and the orange rooms are hidden rooms. The Floating Garden is labled so each room that teleports you is labled with a green letter, and each door is labled with a purple letter. For example, if an exit has a purple A, that means it takes you to the room labled 'A'.
The entrance of the Chaotic Realm is in Floating Garden room D. The map for the Chaotic realm is here.
Armor/Accessories (Purple)
A Cape
B Leather Plate
C Scarf
D Silk Robe
E Heart Pendant
F Lucky Charm
G Samurai Armor
H Ninja Suit
I Pitch Black Suit
J Pendant
K Elfin Robe
L Rune Ring
M Armor of Water
N Eversing
O Gold Ring
P Olrox's Suit
Q Rare Ring
R Black Cloak
S Death's Robe
T Sherman Ring
U Armor of Fire
V Copper Plate
W Satan's Ring
X Tear of Blood
Y Dracula's Tunic
Weapons (Red)
A Short Sword
B Rapier
C Bastard Sword
D Kaiser Knuckle
E Broadsword
F Hammer
G Whip Sword
H Cestus
I Lance
J Cutall
K Hrunting
L Mystletain
M Burtgang
N Rahab's Sword
O Milican's Sword
P Osafune
Q Claimh Solais
R Joyeuse
S Laevatain
T Balmung/Silver Gun
U Ronginus' Spear
V Handgun
W Tallhammer
X Death's Sickle
Y Dainslef
Z Yasutsuna
1 Gungner
2 Kaladbolg
3 Bamboo Sword
4 Vjaya
Money/Items (Green)
A Ancient Book 1
B Ancient Book 2
C Ancient Book 3
D Anti Venom
E Castle Map 1
F Castle Map 3
G High Mind Up
H High Potion
I Mana Prism
J Melon
K Mind Up
L Potion
M Pudding
N Super Potion
O Tasty Meat
P Uncurse Potion
1 $100
2 $500
3 $1000
4 $2000
Souls/Bosses (Teal)
A Creaking Skull
B Manticore
C Great Armor
D Big Golem
E Headhunter
F Death
G Legion
H Balore
I Graham
J Julius
0 Grave Keeper Soul
1 Flying Armor Soul
2 Malphas Soul
3 Skeleton Blaze Soul
4 Undine Soul
5 Skula Soul
6 Galamoth Soul
7 Giant Bat Soul
8 Hippogryph Soul
9 Black Panther Soul

Chaotic Realm

The Chaotic Realm follows the same rules as the regular map. But since it's so small, everything's combined into one color.

A Entrance/Exit
B Mana Prism
C Chaos Ring (If you've collected all souls)
D Super Potion
E Chaos

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