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Hacking List

This is a list of the codes used for hacking the RAM values of Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow while using the Visual Boy Advance Emulator. If you do not yet know how to hack save states, click here for an explanation.

* For numerical values that can take more than two hexadecimal digits (numbers over 255), to enter in a number lower than 255, use the first two spots listed. For a number between 256 and 65535 (That is, numbers that would take between 3 and 4 digits to enter), you have to put in the first two digits in the second spot, and the last two in the first.
For example, let's say you want 999,999 Gold. That would be F423F in hexadecimal. There is room for 6 digits to put in the money. But you must put the first two digits in the last two places, the first two digits of the hexadecimal are 0F (You must think of all these to be an even number of digits). Then 42, then 3F. So, to get 999,999 Gold, you'd enter 3F420F. It's complicated, and takes some getting used to.


02013279 Level
0201327A-0201327B Current HP
0201327C-0201327D Current MP
0201327E-0201327F Max HP
02013280-02013281 Max MP
02013282-02013283 STR
02013284-02013285 CON
02013286-02013287 INT
02013288-02013289 LCK
0201328C-0201328F Experience
02013290-02013293 Gold
02013294-020132B3 Item Inventory
020132B4-020132EE Weapon Inventory
020132EF-02013307 Armor Inventory
02013308-0201331B Acessory Inventory
0201331C-02013353 Bullet Soul Inventory
02013354-0201336C Guardian Soul Inventory
0201336E-02013391 Enchanted Soul Inventory
02013392-02013394 Ability Soul Inventory


There are offsets in the RAM for each individual item. The number you put in that offset indicates the number of that item you have. For example, if you want 9 Super Potions, put 09 in 02013296.


02013294 Potion
02013295 High Potion
02013296 Super Potion
02013297 Meat Strip
02013298 Tasty Meat
02013299 Mind Up
0201329A High Mind Up
0201329B Mana Prism
0201329C Anti-Venom
0201329D Uncurse Potion
0201329E Potato Pancake
0201329F Beef Curry
020132A0 Ramen
020132A1 Cream Soda
020132A2 Cream Puff
020132A3 Milk
020132A4 Coffee
020132A5 Tea
020132A6 Pudding
020132A7 Strawberry
020132A8 Melon
020132A9 Grapes
020132AA Persimmon
020132AB Rotten Meat
020132AC Spoiled Milk
020132AD Skull Key
020132AE Ancient Book 1
020132AF Ancient Book 2
020132B0 Ancient Book 3
020132B1 Castle Map 1
020132B2 Castle Map 2
020132B3 Castle Map 3


020132B4 Knife
020132B5 Baselard
020132B6 Combat Knife
020132B7 Short Sword
020132B8 Bastard Sword
020132B9 Whip Sword
020132BA Gladius
020132BB Gram
020132BC Milican's Sword
020132BD Hrunting
020132BE Mystletain
020132BF Rahab's Sword
020132C0 Durandal
020132C1 Laevatain
020132C2 Burtgang
020132C3 Kaladbolg
020132C4 Vjaya
020132C5 Balmung
020132C6 Broadsword
020132C7 Scimitar
020132C8 Claymore
020132C9 Great Sword
020132CA Joyeuse
020132CB Dainslef
020132CC Ascalon
020132CD Claimh Solais
020132CE Final Sword
020132CF Bamboo Sword
020132D0 Katana
020132D1 Osafune
020132D2 Onikiri
020132D3 Kunitsuna
020132D4 Yasutsuna
020132D5 Muramasa
020132D6 Hammer
020132D7 Warhammer
020132D8 Excalibur
020132D9 Tallhammer
020132DA Battle Axe
020132DB Death's Sickle
020132DC Rapier
020132DD Estoc
020132DE Cutall
020132DF Spear
020132E0 Trident
020132E1 Lance
020132E2 Partizan
020132E3 Gabolg
020132E4 Gungner
020132E5 Ronginus' Spear
020132E6 Cestus
020132E7 Kaiser Knuckle
020132E8 Mach Punch
020132E9 Whip Knuckle
020132EA Poison Fist
020132EB Handgun
020132EC Silver Gun
020132ED Positron Rifle
020132EE Valmanway


020132EF Casual Clothes
020132F0 Cloth Tunic
020132F1 Gym Clothes
020132F2 War Fatigues
020132F3 Ninja Suit
020132F4 Soldier Uniform
020132F5 Pitch Black Suit
020132F6 Olrox's Suit
020132F7 Dracula's Tunic
020132F8 Leather Plate
020132F9 Copper Plate
020132FA Iron Plate
020132FB Steel Plate
020132FC Silver Plate
020132FD Gold Plate
020132FE Eversing
020132FF Samurai Armor
02013300 Silk Robe
02013301 Elfin Robe
02013302 Death's Robe
02013303 Demon's Mail
02013304 Armor of Fire
02013305 Armor of Water
02013306 Blocking Mail
02013307 Army Jacket


02013308 Cape
02013309 Crimson Cloak
0201330A Black Cloak
0201330B Pendant
0201330C Heart Pendant
0201330D Scarf
0201330E Red Scarf
0201330F Ancient Belt
02013310 Black Belt
02013311 Skull Necklace
02013312 Flame Necklace
02013313 Satan's Ring
02013314 Tear of Blood
02013315 Lucky Charm
02013316 Rare Ring
02013317 Soul Eater Ring
02013318 Rune Ring
02013319 Sherman Ring
0201331A Gold Ring
0201331B Chaos Ring

Each offset for souls actually controls two seperate souls (the first digit controls one soul, the second digit controls the other soul). The first soul listed will correspond to the first digit in the offset, and the second soul listed will correspond to the second digit.
Also, for bullet, guardian, and enchanted souls, there are two offsets for each soul. The game itself only uses the first offset, but if there are souls in the other offset, they'll be added to the total.

Bullet Souls

0201331C Bat / Winged Skeleton
0201331D Merman / Skeleton
0201331E Skull Archer / Axe Armor
0201331F Blue Crow / Killer Fish
02013320 Ghost / Zombie Soldier
02013321 Tiny Devil / Siren
02013322 Rock Armor / Durga
02013323 Arachne / Student Witch
02013324 Evil Butcher / Fleaman
02013325 Altair / Waiter Skeleton
02013326 Cockatrice / Mudman
02013327 Harpy / Werewolf
02013328 Needles / Une
02013329 Ukoback / Man-Eater
0201332A Disc Armor / Fish Head
0201332B Slime / Nightmare
0201332C Ripper / Dryad
0201332D Weretiger / Werejaguar
0201332E Mandragora / Biphron
0201332F Skull Millione / Beam Skeleton
02013330 Gladiator / Giant Skeleton
02013331 Flame Demon / Demon Lord
02013332 Valkyrie / Lightning Doll
02013333 Red Minotaur / Bomber Armor
02013334 Balore / Legion
02013335 Nemesis / Killer Doll
02013336 Kyoma Demon / Killer Mantle
02013337 NOTHING / Chronomage
02013338 Bat / Winged Skeleton
02013339 Merman / Skeleton
0201333A Skull Archer / Axe Armor
0201333B Blue Crow / Killer Fish
02013333 Ghost / Zombie Soldier
0201333D Tiny Devil / Siren
0201333E Rock Armor / Durga
0201333F Arachne / Student Witch
02013340 Evil Butcher / Fleaman
02013341 Altair / Waiter Skeleton
02013342 Cockatrice / Mudman
02013343 Harpy / Werewolf
02013344 Needles / Une
02013345 Ukoback / Man-Eater
02013346 Disc Armor / Fish Head
02013347 Slime / Nightmare
02013348 Ripper / Dryad
02013349 Weretiger / Werejaguar
0201334A Mandragora / Biphron
0201334B Skull Millione / Beam Skeleton
0201334C Gladiator / Giant Skeleton
0201334D Flame Demon / Demon Lord
0201334E Valkyrie / Lightning Doll
0201334F Red Minotaur / Bomber Armor
02013350 Balore / Legion
02013351 Nemesis / Killer Doll
02013352 Kyoma Demon / Killer Mantle
02013353 NOTHING / Chronomage

Guardian Souls

02013354 Giant Bat / Flying Armor
02013355 Buer / Black Panther
02013356 Giant Ghost / Witch
02013357 Great Armor / Final Guard
02013358 Bone Pillar / Catoblepas
02013359 Big Golem / Cagnazzo
0201335A Creaking Skull / Shadow Knight
0201335B Persephone / Medusa Head
0201335C Devil / Alura Une
0201335D Curly / Manticore
0201335E Imp / Sky Fish
0201335F Death / Alastor
02013361 Giant Bat / Flying Armor
02013362 Buer / Black Panther
02013363 Giant Ghost / Witch
02013364 Great Armor / Final Guard
02013365 Bone Pillar / Catoblepas
02013366 Big Golem / Cagnazzo
02013367 Creaking Skull / Shadow Knight
02013368 Persephone / Medusa Head
02013369 Devil / Alura Une
0201336A Curly / Manticore
0201336B Imp / Sky Fish
0201336C Death / Alastor

Enchanted Souls

0201336E Skula / Undine
0201336F Iron Golem / Zombie Officer
02013370 Peeping Eye / Dead Warrior
02013371 Flesh Golem / Succubus
02013372 Giant Worm / Tsuchinoko
02013373 Zombie / Wooden Golem
02013374 Headhunter / Lubicant
02013375 Erinys / Basilisk
02013376 Arc Demon / Mimic
02013377 Ectoplasm / Poison Worm
02013378 Skeleton Knight / Gargoyle
02013379 Golem / Minotaur
0201337A White Dragon / Triton
0201337B Gorgon / Quezlcoatl
0201337C Red Crow / Dead Crusader
0201337D Bael / Lilith
0201337E Ghost Dancer / Stolas
0201337F NOTHING / Gremlin
02013380 Skula / Undine
02013381 Iron Golem / Zombie Officer
02013382 Peeping Eye / Dead Warrior
02013383 Flesh Golem / Succubus
02013384 Giant Worm / Tsuchinoko
02013385 Zombie / Wooden Golem
02013386 Headhunter / Lubicant
02013387 Erinys / Basilisk
02013388 Arc Demon / Mimic
02013389 Ectoplasm / Poison Worm
0201338A Skeleton Knight / Gargoyle
0201338B Golem / Minotaur
0201338C White Dragon / Triton
0201338D Gorgon / Quezlcoatl
0201338E Red Crow / Dead Crusader
0201338F Bael / Lilith
02013390 Ghost Dancer / Stolas
02013391 NOTHING / Gremlin

Ability Souls

02013392 Skeleton Blaze / Grave Keeper
02013393 Kicker Skeleton / Malphas
02013394 Galamoth / Hippogryph

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