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Soma Cruz - An 18 year old high school student living in the town of Hakuba. As a somewhat intimidating presence, Soma doesn't have many friends aside from Mina, who is the daughter of the Shrine of the White Horse's carekeeper. In 2035, Soma and Mina climbed up to the shrine to watch a solar eclipse. Neither of them would ever be the same...

Mina Hakuba - The 18 year old daughter of the shrinekeeper of the Shrine of the White Horse. A friendly and popular girl, Mina is one of the few people who can call Soma a friend.

Graham Jones - Born in 1999, the magically-inclined Graham founded an entirely new religion based on preaching the apocalyptic prophecies that will occur in 2035.

Yoko Belnades - The 24 year old descendant of a long line of witches that have traditionally been employed by the church. She has been sent by the church to investigate the prophecies surrounding Dracula's ressurection. She is an associate of Genya's.

Genya Arikado - A shadowy figure clad in black who apparently belongs to some sort of secret organization. He is quite familiar with Dracula's resurrection, but nobody really knows who he is or where he came from.

J - J is a 55 year old man who suffers from amnesia due to a traumatic incident that ocurred in 1999. J posesses tremendous power, both physically and magically, but seems to fear Dracula's resurrection.

Hammer - A 34 year old soldier, Hammer has been asked by his commanding officers to investigate the mysterious events ocurring around Hakuba Shrine. Hammer has a very stubborn personality and dreams of some day opening his own shop.

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