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How to Play
     The controls for this game aren't difficult to figure out at all, but if you are new to this genre, you might appreciate this section.

Walking Around

Here are the controls for walking around:
A: Examine, Confirm, Talk
B: Cancel, Hold to Dash
L/R: Hold to Dash Quicker
X: Opens Menu
Start: Opems MakeUpLink Mepnu
Select: Opens Options Menu


Here are the controls for menus:
A: Select an Option
B: Cancel an option
Return to Previous Menu
L: Move left across pages in Item/Tech Lists
R: Move right across pages in Item/Tech Lists

And here is a description of each choice in the menu:
Items: Throughout the game, you will most likely need to purchase items, and if you don't you will find them in treasure chests and as prizes that are dropped from enemies. Some items are designed specifically for battle, while other designed specifically for the menu, and other, for both. The items menu allows you to use, sort, or rearrange items in your inventory.
Accessories: Accessories are a vital part of any battle. Each accessory improves the statistics when equipped to a Senshi, and each Senshi can equip three at one time. For each Senshi are 2 Senshi-specific accessories made out of their gemstones. What this means is that equipping these items on the Senshi they belong to boosts only their statistics. For example: Statistics won't increase if you equip the Di.Tiara on Sailor Mercury, but they will on Sailor Moon. The Accessories menu allows you to equip or remove accessores in your inventory.
Formation: The arrangement of party members during battle decides how strong they will attack and how strong their resistance to attacks is. Where your party members are placed is very strategic and can make the difference in any battle. This menu allows you to select a battle formation as well as which party members will be in which formation.
Status: The status menu gives you a report on the Senshi you select. It can be useful to determine which Senshi is strongest, and it even gives you information about them.
Link Techs: Link Techniques can be the most offensive or defensive attacks in the game. To learn Link Techs, open the MakeUpLink menu and arrange the senshi in certain positions on the right side using the menu controls. To form the link, Press Y. If the link exists, the name of the link technique will be displayed, and if not, a message informing you of that will also be displayed.
Puzzle: Collecting the puzzle has its benefits, and puzzle pieces can be found scattered throughout the world. Most of the puzzle pieces you find will be from random battles, but the rest will be found in secret locations which are discussed in the walkthrough. This menu allows you to view what you have complete so far of the puzzle.
Save: Simply put, saving the game allows you to continue later and is done only at Luna-P balls. To save, examine a Luna-P ball and select Yes. Then, you will be able to save.

Battle Controls

Either walking around certain maps or fighting story-line bosses, you are bound to get into a battle sooner or later. Here are the controls for a battle:
Directional Pad: Highlight Option or Target
A: Select an Option or Target
L/R: Moves cursor down or up farther in item or tech list

Battle Menu

Here are the explanations of the Battle Menu:
Attacks a single enemy target
Uses a Senshi's Single Technique
Uses a Link Technique between two or more Senshi
Uses a Group Technique that involves the entire party: Only the first person can choose a group technique with exception to the Sailor Planet Attack which can be used by any Senshi.
Uses an item from your inventory
Defense and Evade increase, but you do nothing.
Escape from a random battle (not usable in boss battles)

     A battle is basically a competition to see which party can get the others' HP to 0 first. To do this, use attacks, and to prevent this, use healing items. When you win a battle, you will gain experience points, yen, and possibly items. Experience points increase your Senshi's levels which make it easier to win battles, and Yen is used to purchase items. Items can help during or in between battles.

Battle Formations:

These are the various battle formations:
The top senshi has the highest offense and lowest defense, while the bottom senshi has the highest defense and lowest offense. Each Senshi in between varies depending on its distance from the top and bottom.
The senshi in the center has the highest attack, lowest defense, the two senshi in the middle have medium defense and attack, and the two senshi in the back have the highest defense and lowest attack.
The two senshi in the front have the highest attack and lowest defense, the two senshi in the middle have medium attack and medium defense, and the one senshi in the back has the highest defense and lowest attack.
The two senshi in the front have high attack, low defense, the senshi in the middle has the highest attack, lowest defense, and the senshi in the back have the highest defense and lowest attack.

Flying the Ark:

Here's how to fly the ark. Note, you can only land the ark when it displays the name of a location in the top-right hand corner of the screen:
Directional Pad: Move the Ark and turn it
A: Land the Ark.
X: View the Map
Y: Go to the Silver Milennium
L: Move the Ark Left
R: Move the Ark Right


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