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     Accessories are a vital part of the game and make beating the game a nearly impossible task. They boost your statistics and are frequently life savers in battles. Here is a list including the Hexidecimal Digit, Name of the Accessory, Location of the Accessory (See Walkthrough for more information), and the Statistics it Effects.

Digit Name Location Price Affected Statistics
01 Earring Accessory Shops 500 Speed+5
02 P. Earring Accessory Shops; Dropped by Kaolinite 600 Defense+4
03 Necklace Accessory Shops 700 Defense+5
04 Bracelet Accessory Shops 700 Attack+5
05 Choker Accessory Shops 500 Defense+3
06 Tiara Accessory Shops 800 Defense+8
07 Anklet Accessory Shops 800 Speed+9
08 Di.Tiara D-Point Cave N/A HP+5, Attack+5, Defense+10, Speed+3, Evade+7 (Sailor Moon Only)
09 S.Ring Schwartz Cave N/A HP+8, Attack+10, Defense+3, Speed+6, Evade+6 (Sailor Mercury Only)
0A RBracelet Yaga Village N/A HP+3, Attack+3, Defense+5, Speed+10, Evade+2 (Sailor Mars Only)
0B E.Earring Mishii Mansion N/A HP+3, Attack+4, Defense+2, Speed+10, Evade+2 (Sailor Jupiter Only)
0C T. Tiara Ark N/A Speed+7, Attack+2, Defense+8, Speed+5, Evade+7 (Sailor Venus Only)
0D A.Earring Evil Forest N/A HP+3, Attack+8, Defense+10, Speed+7, Evade+7 (Sailor Neptune Only)
0E AmEarring Evil Forest N/A HP+4, Attack+3, Defense+5, Speed+10, Evade+8 (Sailor Uranus Only)
0F GarnetPin Tower of Time N/A HP+8, Attack+8, Defense+8, Speed+10, Evade+7 (Sailor Pluto Only)
10 Amulet Tomoe Labs N/A HP+10, Attack+8, Defense+14, Speed+7, Evade+10 (Sailor Saturn Only)
11 R. Feather Moon Palace N/A HP+5, Attack+5, Defense+10, Speed+6, Evade+4 (Sailor Chibimoon Only)
12 DBracelet Moon Palace N/A HP+5, Attack+10, Defense+5, Speed+2, Evade+8 (Sailor Moon Only)
13 S. Earring Schwartz Cave N/A HP+2, Attack+1, Defense+10, Speed+10, Evade+4 (Sailor Mercury Only)
14 RubyTiara Yaga Village N/A HP+2, Attack+2, Defense+10, Speed+3, Evade+6 (Sailor Mars Only)
15 E.Ring Ancient Ruins N/A HP+1, Attack+9, Defense+15, Speed+12, Evade+3 (Sailor Jupiter Only)
16 TBracelet Stone Cave N/A HP+1, Attack+10, Defense+8, Speed+2, Evade+3 (Sailor Venus Only)
17 ABracelet Black Moon UFO N/A HP+2, Attack+10, Defense+6, Speed+2, Evade+3 (Sailor Neptune Only)
18 A.Tiara North Pole N/A HP+4, Attack+2, Defense+10, Speed+2, Evade+5 (Sailor Uranus Only)
19 G.Earring Time Gate N/A HP+2, Attack+1, Defense+10, Speed+4, Evade+2 (Sailor Pluto Only)
1A Moon Pend Tower of Time N/A Defense+10
1B Dest Tiara Tomoe Labs N/A HP+1, Attack+15, Defense+2, Speed+4, Evade+2 (Sailor Saturn Only)
1C Watch Accessories Store 500 Speed+9
1D R.Choker Moon Palace Underground N/A HP+1, Attack+10, Defense+5, Speed+4, Evade+2 (Sailor Chibimoon Only)
1E Red Pupil Tower of Time N/A Attack+24, Speed+19
1F R.Ribbon Moon Palace N/A Defense+4, Evade+255
20 Angel Pin Crystal Palace N/A HP+12, Attack+20, Defense+17, Speed+15, Evade+15


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