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  • To the people of RPGClassics, for being a big help.
  • Especially thanks to Megaman984, who HTMLized this site.
  • To HAL, for making this kickass game.
  • To the ZSNES team, for without ZSNES this would be a nonshrine.
  • To, believe it or not, the makers of Nintendo Power, for saving me aeons of trouble by making those maps.
  • To Michael "Grunge" Sigouin for pointing out to me that Nintendo Power HAD those maps.
  • To Boco the Chocobo for alerting me to the fact that there were some major changes (not enough to preempt this shrine, but I will add the changes in future versions). She also sent me the japenese ROM of the game. You go girl! ^.^
  • Believe it or not, thanks to Celes. Yes, THAT Celes. The one with all the Pink Goats. For scanning in those maps and other pages. Also, thanks to Vicki who tried to as well, sadly, she could not beat Celes' hyperactivity (not that I could expect that of any human).
  • To Alonzo Miramontes for pointing out to me the existance of the red bird as an outcome of using the Call Amulet.

    No thanks, however, go out to anyone who intends to plagiarize this site. Along with others of RPGClassics, I will be watching. We've caught thieves before, and we will again. Don't expect to NOT get caught. And if you do, I ensure you, no mercy will be shown. You were warned.

    On the other hand, if you wish to, for example, borrow some pictures off of this shrine, I might be benevolent. I'd prefer they were for personal use, and not for another website dedicated to Arcana, but I'll be lax on the details. Ask, however; I'll treat thieves of my pictures (all of which I made myself) as plagiarizers.

    (c)2005 All materials are copyrighted by their respective authors. All games mentioned in this site are copyrighted by their respective producers and publishers. No infringement on any existing copyright is intended. All rights reserved.