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1. Always write down passwords before adventuring into dungeons or any new areas.

2. You can cause more damage to an enemy by holding your sword out longer, simply by pressing and holding the attack button. This technique is twice as powerful as a quick stab.

3. Gather as many bibles as possible before fighting demons because when you defeat them, your money bag fills completely!

4. Once you obtain the aqua and ascent boots, use them to your advantage when fighting enemies. i.e. stabbing non-water based enemies from the water and land enemies from the tops of the trees.

5. If you find yourself being pushed back in a side scrolling dungeon, try to keep pushing forward while swinging your sword. Try to get to a pit where you can strike the giant snake that is pushing you back. Otherwise, you will begin at the beginning of the dungeon.

6. In the vertical scrolling dungeons, try to stay near the top of the screen to anticipate turns so you have enough time to go from one side of the screen to the other, otherwise you will be forced to the bottom and have to start at the beginning of the dungeon.

7. Gather all 19 Life Potions, Purple and Green Meas. If your health runs out, it will fill again much past its full capacity, rendering Kelesis invincible for a time.

8. Rather than puting up with the antiquated 32 character password system, you can either use save-states (if playing on an emulator) or you can download Ichigobankai's 2017 improvement patch for the USA/Europe SEGA Master System ROM that provides the game with the ability to save via SRAM. The patch can be downloaded from HERE.