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This is a tale of days when demons tormented the world. The Kingdom of Aleid, nestled in a quiet valley, basked in peace. For water, the people found it necessary to visit the valley bottom. Tales of encounters with demons there increased, though, causing much fear. And when the people who went to the valley for water failed to return, the feared name Golvellius...once used to scare bad children...was whispered from stall to stall in the marketplace. And the valley of life now became called "The Valley of Doom."
So deep was his concern for his people, King Aleid fell severely ill. Only an herb named "Mea", found at the valley bottom, could save the king.

Over all objections, princess Rena went in search of the herb, but failed to return. Fear and unrest among the people only continued to grow.
Then a wandering lad with wild green hair and a taste for adventure came into the village. His name was Kelesis, which in the language of the kingdom of Aleid meant, "Bane of Demons." Kelesis listened to the story of the missing Princess. He listened to the terrible legends of Golvellius. Then he looked at a picture of Princess Rena and fell in love. After that, there was no stopping him. He went down into the valley depths in search of Rena. There, Kelesis found the entrance to a strange cave in a dying valley river...