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Golvellius was originally released in 1987 by Compile on an early 80s computer system called the MSX. SEGA then ported the game to the Sega Master System in 1988 with improved graphics, sound and play control with a whole new layout.

Compile created a remake of the original MSX version of Golvellius, but was only made for the MSX 2 (the next generation of the MSX), and the MSX2+ (upgraded graphics and sound from the standard MSX2). It was released on 3 disks.

While the gameplay, maps and foes differ in each release, the scenario is the same in all versions of Golvellius.
The ending scenes mention "to be continued...," however a sequel was never released.

The popularity of these games spawned spinoffs such as The Adventures of Randar I, II, and III and Super Cooks.

In 2009, DotEmu released Golvellius on iOS. It is a port of the SEGA Master System version of the game with touch controls.

In 2017, Ichigobankai released an improvement patch for the USA/Europe SEGA Master System ROM that includes Eric R. Quinn's bug fixes (described in the Extras Section) AND provides the game with the ability to save via SRAM instead of the original cumbersome password system. There is also the option to limit the enemies to 4 per screen vs 6 to reduce the difficulty. Both hacks are located HERE.

Golvellius MSX Golvellius SEGA Master System Golvellius MSX2/MSX2+