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*Items with asterisks seem to have no use and were probably dummied out of the game.

Regular Items

You can sell these any of these items for half price. If its price is an odd number, the selling price will be rounded down.

Bait "Freezes" 1 enemy 400 Mesetas Tinyville, Tarrytown
Call Flute Instantly causes an enemy encounter 100 Mesetas Mektor, Porum
Cure Cures "Stunned" status 20 Mesetas Tedo, Tinyville, Karkato
Dimate Restores 50 HP to 1 character 80 Mesetas Mektor, Porum
Escapipe Instantly transports you to entrance of a cave 80 Mesetas Tedo, Mektor, Tinyville
Flash Bomb* ???? 200 Mesetas -
Jet Boot Raises 1 character's speed in battle 400 Mesetas Mektor, Karkato
Laser Ring Damages 1 enemy; can be used infinite(?) times 2500 Mesetas Mektor, Karkato, Porum
Monomate Restores 15 HP to 1 character 15 Mesetas Tedo, Mektor, Tinyville, Karkato
Needle 255 HP damage to 1 enemy (doesn't work on bosses) 1200 Mesetas Tinyville, Tarrytown
Net Mutes 1 enemy 600 Mesetas Mektor, Tinyville
Ouzo Restores 20 HP to 1 character; needed to enter Ancient Ruins 100 Mesetas Karkato
Patriot Ring Damages 1 enemy; more powerful than Laser Ring, but can be used only once 1600 Mesetas Mektor, Karkato, Porum
Policy Keeps you from losing half your Mesetas when you die 1000 Mesetas Mektor, Porum
Raise Brings 1 character back to life 800 Mesetas Mektor, Karkato, Tarrytown
Spirit Restores 30 MP to 1 character 50 Mesetas Tedo, Tinyville, Karkato, Porum
Telepipe Transports you to last town visited (if you're on the world map) 200 Mesetas Tinyville, Karkato, Porum
Torch Temporarily lights caves 30 Mesetas Tedo, Tinyville, Porum, Tarrytown
Trimate Fully restores 1 character's HP 200 Mesetas Karkato, Tarrytown
Typhoon Bomb Causes 255 to an enemy (doesn't work on bosses) 500 Mesetas Karkato, Tarrytown

Special Items

These items can not be bought or sold.

ATV Obtain it and you can cross the desert Ancient Ruins
Cave Key Use it to unlock the gate in the Northwest Cave Northwest Cave
Light Works like a torch, but never runs out. Power increases as your level increases You begin game with it
Kura Bracelet Use it in Cablon battle or you'll never win Ask Fortune Teller to give you a Tarot Card reading in Gypsy Encampment
Map Use it to see your location in the world Win from Lao-Tse in Northwest Cave
Sage* ??? ???
Sluice Key Use it to unlock the Sluice Gate Forest
Truth Scroll PSG's equivilant of Erdrick's Tablet. Tells of your destiny blah, blah, blah... Northwest Cave
Wisdom Mirror Use it to check the power of 1 character's equipment You begin game with it

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