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Hacking List

This is a list of the codes used for hacking MEKA save states in Phantasy Star Gaiden. If you do not yet know how to hack save states, click here for an explanation.

* For numerical values that can take more than two hexadecimal digits (numbers over 255), to enter in a number lower than 255, use the first two spots listed. For a number between 256 and 65535 (That is, numbers that would take between 3 and 4 digits to enter), you have to put in the first two digits in the second spot, and the last two in the first. For numbers taking 5 or 6, the first two digits go in the third spot, next two in second spot, and last two in third spot
For example, let's say you want 10,000 Mesetas. That would be 2710 in hexadecimal. There is room for 4 digits to put in the money. But you must put the first two digits in the last two places. The first two digits are 27 and the last two digits are 10, so you'd enter 1027. If you wanted to 5A7 (1447), you'd enter A705 (remember that the digits are always in pairs. Just think of 5A7 as 05A7). It's complicated, and takes some getting used to.


For first character (add 1D for next character)
595 "Identity" (Change this and it'll change who this character is: 01 is Mina, 02 is Alec, 03 is Dirk, 04 is Lars, and 05 is Alis. If you enter a different value, your character's sprite, status picture and stats will change. For example, you could become a heart, a horse, or a cloud of sand. Try at your own risk.)
596 Status
597 Level
598-599 Experience
59A HP
59B Max HP
59C MP
59D Max MP
59F AGL (in the status screen, the game incorrectly puts the INT value in the AGL slot. The only way to really check your AGL is to look in a hex editor)
5A6 Weapon
5A7 Armor
5A8 Shield
5A9-5AB Magic
Other (non character related)
5F2-5F3 Mesetas
5F4-643 Items
For first monster (add 1D for each additional monster)
87A Status
87B HP



Phantasy Star Gaiden uses an unusual item system. There are places in the code for each individual item. The number you put in that place indicates the number of that item you have. For example, if you want 255 Ceramic Swords, put FF in 5FC

5F5 Wood Cane
5F6 Short Sword
5F7 Iron Sword
5F8 Psycho Spear
5F9 Silver Sword
5FA Iron Ax
5FB Titanium Sword
5FC Ceramic Sword
5FD Stun Star
5FE Heat Gun
5FF Laser Gun
600 Bastard Sword
601 Rapier
602 Slasher
603 Pole Ax
604 Battle Ax
605 Laconian Sword
609 Leather Armor
60A White Robe
60B Light Armor
60C Iron Armor
60D Wind Robe
60E Reflect Armor
60F Magic Robe
610 Draconia Armor
611 Royal Robe
612 Diamond Armor
613 Frade Robe
614 Laconian Armor
61D Leather Shield
61E Iron Shield
61F Ceramic Shield
620 Perseus Shield
621 Laser Shield
622 Laconian Shield
627 Monomate
628 Dimate
629 Torch
62A Escapipe
62B Raise
62C Trimate
62D Cure
62E Laser Ring
62F Sage
630 Spirit
631 Patriot Ring
632 Jet Boot
633 Call Flute
634 Needle
635 Bait
636 Flash Bomb
637 Typhoon Bomb
638 Ouzo
639 Policy
63A Net
63B Wisdom Mirror
63C Light
63D Telepipe
63E Scroll of Truth
63F Map
640 Cave Key
641 ATV
642 Sluice Key
643 Kura Bracelet


Enter these values in your character's Weapon, Armor and Shield spots. Keep in mind that entering Magic and Items is useless. Also if you put a piece of armor for a weapon, the PRT value of the armor will be added to the STR (Same if you put a weapon for armor)

00 Nothing


01 Heal
02 Quinine
03 Flaeli
04 Relocate
05 Rope
06 Protect
07 Terror
08 Mindwarp
09 Hewn
0A Leave
0B Bi-Heal
0C DejaVu
0D Mobile
0E Power
0F Tandle
10 Martyr
11 Medice
12 Repel
13 Bash
14 Time
15 MegaHeal
16 Adol
17 Miracle
18 Luminant


1F Wood Cane
20 Short Sword
21 Iron Sword
22 Psycho Spear
23 Silver Sword
24 Iron Ax
25 Titanium Sword
26 Ceramic Sword
27 Stun Star
28 Heat Gun
29 Laser Gun
2A Bastard Sword
2B Rapier
2C Slasher
2D Pole Ax
2E Battle Ax
2F Laconian Sword


33 Leather Armor
34 White Robe
35 Light Armor
36 Iron Armor
37 Wind Robe
38 Reflect Armor
39 Magic Robe
3A Draconia Armor
3B Royal Robe
3C Diamond Armor
3D Frade Robe
3E Laconian Armor


47 Leather Shield
48 Iron Shield
49 Ceramic Shield
4A Perseus Shield
4B Laser Shield
4C Laconian Shield


51 Monomate
52 Dimate
53 Torch
54 Escapipe
55 Raise
56 Trimate
57 Cure
58 Laser Ring
59 Sage
5A Spirit
5B Patriot Ring
5C Jet Boot
5D Call Flute
5E Needle
5F Bait
60 Flash Bomb
61 Typhoon Bomb
62 Ouzo
63 Policy
64 Net
65 Wisdom Mirror
66 Light
67 Telepipe
68 Scroll of Truth
69 Map
6A Cave Key
6C Sluice Key
6D Kura Bracelet


There are three slots for Magic, which is divided into three lists of eight (Spells with an asterisk by them seem to have been dummied out and are useless). First come the codes for the spells in each list:


00 Nothing
01 MindWarp
02 Terror
04 Protect
08 Rope
10 Relocate
20 Flaeli
40 Quinine
80 Heal


00 Nothing
01 Martyr
02 Tandle
04 Power
08 Mobile*
10 DejaVu
20 Bi-Heal
40 Leave
80 Hewn


00 Nothing
01 Luminant
02 Miracle
04 Adol
08 MegaHeal
10 Time
20 Bash
40 Repel
80 Medice

To give yourself the spell you want, enter its code in the corresponding slot. So if you want the first character to know Terror, Tandle, and Repel, enter 02 in 5A9, 02 in 5AA, and 40 in 5AB
If you want multiple spells in the same list, just add their values together and enter that. For example, if you want the first character to know Terror, Protect, Relocate, and Quinine, add the values (02 + 04 + 10 + 40 = 56) and enter the sum (56) in 5A9

Status Ailments

If you want to edit a character's status ailment (or an enemy's for that matter), you'll need to know the codes for all the status ailments. they are.

00 Nothing
01 Stun
02 BrainWarp
04 Frozen
08 STR Down
10 STR Up
20 STR Doubled
40 Mute
80 Time Frozen

If you want multiple ailments, simply add the values of the ailments you want. For example, if you want your character to be stunned, brainwarped, frozen, and muted, add 01 + 02 + 04 + 40 = 47. Put 47 in, and you character will have all those ailments.

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