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If you want to stand a chance, check out the maps here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All directions assume you're facing EAST (right) when you enter a floor.


      Once upon a time (yeah, that's a start :p) there was a small, peaceful kingdom with this cheerful princess. (Okay let's be quick, I'm not here to tell fairy tales...). The peace would not last long. A portal opened on the dungeon of the castle, linking our world to the Underworld. At the same time a storm surrounded the entire city, and beloved princess Etome was nowhere to be found. Her soul was taken away and locked on the Underworld, making her sleep eternally. Many brave lads tried to travel there and bring her soul back, but they were all deceased or got lost. The king has sworn anyone who can save his child would marry her. Even if the savior was the Dark Warrior Ruu, one of the kingdom most sinister knights. Ruu has already gone to the Underworld, but nothing is known about his progress. The king keeps praying and lamenting his tragic fate. Now it's up to you to go there and try to save the princess. Just be aware you're facing a deep, deep dungeon. MWAHAHAHAHAHA. o.O

     Sorry for any error on telling the story, my Japanese skills are lame :p and I didn't get the manual for the game.


     You will start off in a small room, which represents the whole "outside of the dungeon". There the king tells you about your quest. The old man says his daughter, Princess Etome, was kidnapped by the Evil Emperor, and now you should go to the Underground World to rescue her and save the kingdom. Many brave warriors tried to do the job already, just to meet their doom. You're the only hope. He then will give you 200 gold (What a cheering talk!)

     Well, take those bucks and go to the stores to equip yourself. You could buy a weapon and armor, but I would prefer spending all the 200G on a weapon. With higher attack power you can get more cash quickly, and you'll find good armor soon enough. Anyway, back to the game.

     After you buy a weapon, you should go down the stairs and enter the dungeon itself. Down there the game begins.

B1 - The Adventure Begins:

Items: None.
Enemies: Jelly, Weremouse, Spider, Skeleton, Thief, Man-Eater Bear.
Tasks: Find the ladder down to B2, at the center of the dungeon.

      When you get to the B1 floor, you'll be in a room with three doors. The one right in front of you is locked (the only locked door on the game, you'll understand it later), you should go through the southeastern one. Go straight ahead until the second door. Go through it, and through the other which will appear in front of you. Search all over the room for piles of trash; check all of them for gold.

      When you leave the room, turn right and follow the corridor. Past the first door, turn on the second corridor to the left. Enter the first door you see and through the other one. Now you should be able to see a ladder. This is the end of B1 floor (hey, that was quick!). You occasionally will have to go back here, so I will redirect you to the beginning. When you come here from B2, leave the two rooms and turn left twice. Follow straight to the end of the corridor and you should see a door to your right. Enter, that's the beginning. Don't forget to inspect the piles of trash again, since they come back when you change floors. You should use that room full of trash on B1 to increase your cash on the beginning of the game. Believe me, you'll need. Remember to always have your bread stock full, and some water as well. If you're full with the basic items, then you should keep 500 until you explore B2, if you want to buy a map (can be useful if you get lost). DON'T go to B3 while you don't have the Blast magic. If you feel powerful enough, you'd rather prefer to gain gold battling on that floor (way better than inspecting piles of trash).

      As you see, B1 floor is just for intro, like B2 will be. There isn't much you can do here besides gaining levels. Get to level 5 is you first goal for surviving. After you can reach level 10 or so, it'll get easier on the first floors because you start gaining lots of HP on level up.

B2 - Twisting Maze:

Items: None.
Enemies: Blue Jelly, Werejelly, Fang Spider, Skeleton Fencer, Green Bear, Thief.
Tasks: Find the ladder leading to the B3 market, on the southeast corner.
           (The ladder for B3 floor is next to the floor entrance).

      When you reach B2, you should see the ladder to B3 right in front of you (one step right). You won't have anything to do here as well, so you might go to B3 if you're at a good level (I recommend level 5/6 or higher, but go down as soon as you feel you can survive there). If you got the teleport magic, it'll be easier). Since the ladder is just in front of you, you can test your strength yourself whenever you want. Ignore the piles of trash on this floor; it's easier to get those on B1. You'll notice there's a merchant on the bottom of the maze: he sells you the map.

      On the bottom-right corner there will be some stairs leading down. Those will take you to the secret market place at B3, which links the first three floors after you have the key. This place will be of great importance later. For now, use it just for shopping. Unfortunately this will be the only market on the game besides the one from the beginning (outside).

      Anyway, go down to B3 when you feel you're powerful enough. The way to reach the locations I told you about is as follows


      On B2 you can buy the map if you want. If you're following my walkthrough you may want to keep those 500 bucks (Remember you can buy the map at the beginning shop and at the B3 market too), but I advise you to buy it, since you can get more money battling on B3, what will give you experience as well. Anyway, to reach the merchant, turn right from the starting ladder. Walk forward and you should see a door; go through it. Go three steps forward and turn left, go through this door. Now just follow the doors and you will eventually meet the merchant.


      To go to the B3 market, turn right from the starting ladder, go straight forward, through the door, and then turn left. Keep going until you see a door to your right. Enter the room and follow through the doors, you'll find the ladder after an obligatory battle.

      In case you wander around the floor to gain experience, you may find a large room with a set of corridors to the south. In the end of one of the corridors there's a teleport pad, which warps you to the other side of the room. It's useless, I'm just warning you so that you don't get confused if you step on some place and end up somewhere else.

B3 - The Market Place:

Items: None.
Enemies: Werebug, Death Mouse, Night Soldier, Zombie Knight, Night Bear, Thief.
Tasks: Let's go shopping!

      I have a map to explain this section, see it below. After getting powerful enough to go to B3 (you're tired of hearing this, aren't you :P), you can fill your pockets with money much quicker than you could before. So I'll tell you what you should buy here. This is the only shop of the entire game besides the one in the town (1F), so there's no need to save your money for later.

      First of all, remember to always have your bread stock full, and carry some water with you. Secondly, buy important magic such as Blast (in case you don't have it yet) and the teleportation spell. The other spells aren't that important, but you can buy them if you want. One good thing about this game is that you have very good odds of causing status ailments (such as sleep or paralyze) even on stronger enemies if they're susceptible to it.

      I don't suggest you buy any armor besides the one you may have bought at the beginning of the game, since you will find the best equipment soon on B4 and B5. You should concern instead on buying that expensive sword for 3000 gold. It may take a while for you to get it, but that's the last thing you will be buying on the game. The best sword will only be found on the B6, and you may not survive until there with the weapon you have. Unless you rely too much on Blast magic and breads, you'll want to buy it for sure.

      By the way, the ladder on the end of the long corridor to the north links the first three floors, but you can't get there without the key found on B3. That's what the friend warrior behind the ladder says to you, you should believe him.

1: Armor Shop
2: Inn
3: Item Shop
4: Weapon Shop
5: Bread / Water Shop
6: Important spot, remember that for later
7: Corridor to the north ladder

B3 - A Dungeon Behind the Mall:

Items: Key.
Enemies: Werebug, Death Mouse, Night Soldier, Zombie Knight, Night Bear, Thief.
Tasks: Find the key on the U-shaped northwest corridor.
           Find the ladder down to B4 on the northeastern room.

      Here on this floor there's a good trick to build up money and buy those expensive things I suggested on the market. You will start looking to the right of the map, then you could just go straight ahead, through the door and turn left following to the end of the corridor if you want to go for B4. But there's an enemy standing right in front of the room with the ladder. That'll be your source of gold, since you usually will fight an enemy who can give you 80 or 100 gold, and that's the maximum cash you're getting from an enemy during the entire game (and it's just at the beginning of it! :D). It's easy to move from the stairs leading up to that spot, so you can fill your pockets until you feel satisfied. If you know the teleport magic, you can easily warp to an inn whenever you need.

      Important: if you don't like the idea of having to battle to earn money, then wait until the B4 section. There will be another good spot to earn cash without much battling. Although you would have to battle as well, for checking the piles of trash, the encounters would not be too often and against smaller enemies.


      When you become a rich man, the next thing to do on this floor is to get the key. It's the first floor you actually need to do something, although the key is not an indispensable ("key") item. You may get it if you want to access the shortcut between B1/B3, but that's just it, a shortcut. I'd rather prefer buying the teleport spell. From the start, turn around (just press down) and go the end of the corridor. You start on a four-way corridor, maybe you don't notice you're turning, try to don't get lost. Go through the front door. If you see a corridor with four doors in front of you, you're on the right way; enter the room to the right (any of the right doors lead to the same room) and keep following until you reach a long corridor. Keep going as the corridor twists and you'll be on a dead-end. Don't get disappointed; if you red a message from Ruu at the B2 you'll notice you're exactly on the coordinates where the key should be. CHECK the floor and there's your key!

      With the key, you can go to the shortcut between the first three floors. The entrance is at the B3 market. Climb the ladder there; follow until you see a locked door. Use your key and you shall be at the beginning of the game! However, you probably won't need to use it right now. It's useful if you teleport to the place you didn't want to.


      Also on this floor, you can buy the Compass from the merchant to the south. It's available on both 1F and B3 shops as well. You may spend 500G if you want to, but I think you won't need it ;).

      I'll walk you there anyway: remember that corridor with four doors you saw on your way to the key (read the key walkthrough)? Now enter the left one at the end of the corridor instead. After you enter it, you'll be on a long passage. From here is easy, just keep following the zigzag at the end of it and the merchant will be waiting for you.

      When you're finished, go to B4 (the ladder is behind the enemy you fight for money, read back if you don't remember).

B4 - The Graveyard:

Items: Bracelet of Ruu, Ship (B5).
Enemies: Magic User, Corpse, Ghost, Blood Spirit, Death Fly, Bracelet of Ruu.
Tasks: Defeat and get the Bracelet of Ruu on the northwestern room.
           Get the ship on B5 descending the north ladder.
           Go down to B5 through the ladder on the center of the cemetery.

      This is the first floor you're finding multiple ladders. One of them is kind of useless, other is another source of money, other is essential and the last one is the ladder you should get to follow the game. Notice the first part of the equipments of Ruu is also on this floor; don't miss it.


      The huge room on the southwest corner of the floor is actually the graveyard. You should ignore the entire east section of the map, there's nothing really important there (including the ladder). To reach the graveyard you should just follow the corridor you start on until you see a door with a message written in front of it. Go through and keep following the corridor, you'll come to a huge open area. That's the cemetery. From here you can access three other areas:


      For exact walkthrough on how to reach the following locations, read a little further, as I've separated this part.

      The ladder on the southwestern corner leads to the treasure cave I've been talking about. If you still don't have the Taima Sword for 3000G from the B3 shop, buy it now collecting the money at this place. But be sure to get the ship first, since the cave is behind a river. Ignore the other ladder on the graveyard area for now, and go all the way to the north (watch out for traps). At the top-right corner you'll find the Bracelet of Ruu, the best bracelet on the game. You need to fight the enchanted armor to be able to equip it; the battle isn't that hard.

      When you're finished with the living equipment, go down the stairs two rooms to the right. On this part you must be on good conditions and have some bread with you. Go straight ahead and you shall pass through a hurting set of five traps on the floor, just to find the ship on the dead-end. The ship is an indispensable item on B5, so GET IT. Now that you got it, go back to B4 and descend that ladder near the graveyard center to continue on the next floor.

      - The Bracelet of Ruu: from the cemetery entrance, follow the east wall (right) as it twists until you reach another doorway. Go through it, then all the way to the west (left) and north (right). One step east (right) and you'll reach the entrance to the room where the bracelet is;
      - The Ship: from the Bracelet of Ruu's room entrance, walk forward until the last room;
      - The Treasure Cave: from the cemetery entrance, walk two steps north (right), then follow to the west (your left) until you find the ladder;
      - The B5 Floor: from the cemetery entrance, walk eleven steps north (right), then turn to the west (your left) and follow to the ladder.

B5 - The Sunken Path:

Items: Armor of Ruu, Ship (you should have this already).
Enemies: Mage, River Ghost, River Master, Water Spirit, Armor of Ruu.
Tasks: Defeat and get the Armor of Ruu on the north-center room.
           Find the ladder down to B6 at the center of the dungeon.

      NOTE: you can't proceed further on this floor if you didn't get the ship on the north corridor. Read the B4 walkthrough. This floor is pretty easy, since your only task is to defeat the Armor of Ruu, and it's close to the exit, which is close to the entrance :)


      Prepare yourself to fight the armor, since it's a little more difficult than the bracelet you should have beaten on B4. Go fill your bread stock if you need. From the beginning, go north (turn left) and walk until you hit the wall. Follow the wall to the west (left) and enter the first doorway you see to your right. You'll need to use your ship here. Stand right in front of the river and use it (a message will display when you can't proceed). When you enter the water, go all the way north (forward), then turn right and walk to the end of the corridor. Go left, right, through the door, and you'll be on a room with three doors. Open the one on your right and prepare to battle the Armor of Ruu. Walk straight forward until you find it.

      After you defeat the armor, you should recover yourself and go down to B6 right away. You're close to getting the Sword of Ruu, which will help you a lot (though I still prefer Blast magic :). Go back the river you came from and follow the corridor all the way south instead of turning right. At the end of it, lies the room with the ladder to B6 (behind the door).

B6 - Heat Labyrinth:

Items: Sword of Ruu.
Enemies: Dragonfly, Druid, Devil's Child, Ghoul, Fire Spirit, Sword of Ruu.
Tasks: Defeat and get the Sword of Ruu on the northwest section.
           Find the ladder down to B7 on south corners of the dungeon.

      NOTE: If you keep wandering on this floor, you may encounter a druid asking for bread on a small room. Don't give him any, since he just takes all your stock and doesn't give you anything in exchange. It's just a trick to steal your items now that you're on a dangerous floor.


      You start on a square-shaped room. Go around it and take the door out. When you leave that room, you'll be on another just like it. Now turn left and keep walking, going through the second door you see. Turn left right away and enter the door you see. From here it's easy, you just follow the set of doors and corridors and you will eventually get to the sword. You should check your bread stock, because you may need it. The sword isn't extremely hard (I recommend at least level 12/13), but it has a high evade rate and a good attack power.


      From the beginning, exit the square-shaped corridor once again. Turn to your right now, entering the second door you see (there's one right after that you first see at the end of the corridor). Turn left as soon as you can, following until you reach a crossroad intersection. Take the branch to your right and follow the right wall until you see a ladder. That's it; you're done here.

B7 - The Prison Block:

Items: Mark Ring, Prince's Crown.
Enemies: Devil Eye, Stone Giant, Fire Devil, Spirit Fencer, Death Fireball,
              Shadow Knight (good for gaining EX!), Gate Elephant.
Tasks: Defeat the Gate Elephant guardian and get the Mark Ring it guards.
           Find the Prince's Crown (before saving the princess!).
           Find Princess Etome's cell and free her.

      NOTES: Don't EVER talk to Princess Etome if you're not holding the Prince's Crown. If so, she will not recognize you as the hero and you will get stuck in her cell forever! (Or until you hit reset, =).

      On a side note, B7 is going to be the hardest level you've ever been into (as expected huh). It's highly recommended to have full bread stock and teleport magic down there.

      NOTES II: On B7 you will find the Shadow Knight, a very easy to beat giant, who gives away 255 experience points! It's hard to get to him, but this is the better way to gain levels, since the enemies on your way there give good experience as well. Read "Princess Etome" section for more info.

      MARK RING:

      If you talked to the druid on B6 (not the one who steals your bread), he would have told you about the location of the princess and about something called Mark Ring, a magic item that you were supposed to take to a secret place. Well, that Mark thing is your key to the Underworld, so we really need this if we want to defeat the Evil Emperor. As you're guessing, encountering the princess will not be the end of it.

      The Mark Ring is actually pretty easy to get to. When you get to B7, walk forward until you're inside a narrow corridor. Then keep following the left wall until you see a message on the floor. From here walk straightforward and you shall reach a door with a guardian, the Gate Elephant. You'll be asked if you'd like to fight him. Choose yes, but be aware, it's a very strong enemy (consider it a mini-boss if you like, although you'll se enemies like him laying around further in the dungeon). After you beat the guardian, enter the small room he was protecting just to find nothing. You must CHECK the floor in there to get the precious item Mark Ring. Hold it for now; you may want to save the princess before you defeat the Evil Emperor (or not, he, he).


      If you're going to find the princess' cell, you MUST be carrying the prince's crown, or you'll get stuck with her in the prison forever (no dirty thoughts, please :). Oh, and watch out for a fake princess, she's on the first set of cells!

      From the Mark Ring's room entrance, go around the wall to your right, beat the enemy in front of the north door (right again) and go through it. Keep following through two more doors then you'll be at the first prison block. Count as you pass the cells' doors, the crown is kept on the fourth one, protected by a random (however obligatory) combat.


      From the Prince's Crown cell, keep walking down the prison corridor, counting three more doors. Enter the third one; you should see another door in there. Enter it, two more doors and you're at the second area of the prison.


      When you pass the second door, you'll fight the Shadow Knight, an enemy that gives you lots of experience and is pretty easy to beat. Remember this place and use it for gaining levels if you need to (every time you re-enter the floor he will be back).

      Here's where they hide the princess: she's inside the seventh cell. When you enter, talk to her and show her the Prince's Crown. Etome will tell you're the only hope and blah, blah, blah. She also remembers you saving her isn't enough to become a hero :) you need to defeat the one who kidnapped her to put an end to its malign deeds. You then are advised about the Mark Ring (hey, how lucky, looks like we have it already). It's hidden behind the Gate Elephant (oh, really?). After you rescue her, the princess will be at the castle outside the dungeon, ready to cheer you if you go talk to her (one wonders how she climbed all those monster-crowded floors o.O). Now you should use that magic ring you found to open the gate to the Underground World and kill the Emperor once for all. Phew, what a day...

The Underground World:

Items: Small Sword.
Enemies: Comet, Floating Pupil, Iron Giant, Death Devil, Crystal Fencer,
               Emperor Ruu.
Tasks: Open the warp gate to the Underground World.
           Find the Small Sword (if you like).
           Kill the Evil Emperor.


      One of the druids on B6 would have told you how to use the Mark Ring if you had spoken with him, in a riddle like way. Here's what to do: teleport from whenever you are back to an inn and refill yourself. In case you have teleported to the B3 market, good thing, because there's where you need to go. Otherwise, you're at the beginning of the game, and should use the key to open the locked door and go to B3 market the fastest way or teleport again.

      Did you ever notice that four pillars at the center of the market, placed like a square? Hope you found that strange, because they really are. That structure represents the portal to the Underground World. Refill yourself with everything you can buy (in case you haven't bought the teleport magic yet, now this is an obligatory item! The teleport will be your only way back to the real world if you need to!).

      When you're ready, step on the middle of the pillar structure and use the Mark Ring. You should now be at the final dungeon. But be aware: you MUST be carrying all Ruu equipments to defeat the final boss. If you didn't get them all, now is the time to do so.


      You start off in a claustrophobic-nightmare room, exit through the door you're looking at. You'll find yourself on a HUGE empty room, with another small closed room in the north section. There's just a way to proceed: from where you are, go all the way to the west (left, assuming you've exited the small room through the front door) 'til you hit the wall. Go south (left again) to the southwestern corner and you'll fight an enemy. After the battle, enter the door close to you and the other at the end of the loooong corridor. Now there should be three doors here. Go through the one to the left and make your way to the end of this boring set of rooms protected by four enemies. On the dead- end, you'll find a strange looking spot on the wall. It's meant to be a handle (kind of...), use it. You should hear the sound of a door opening somewhere. After this go back all the way through the three doors room and take the left one. At the end of another long corridor: the main area.


      If you feel you're not going to make it on your first time here on the Underground, you may want to get the Small Sword, actually a nice dagger capable of one-hit kill. There's a trick about it, however. It looks like it usually does nothing. I still don't know if there's some triggering event for it to work or if it's pure luck. As you may figure out, it won't work on the Emperor, neither the Ruu equipments :) But the sword may help you a bit if you want to gain more levels before facing the final boss. It works fine on weaker monsters (probably four tries at most are enough). Ah, and one more note: it's a usable item, not a weapon, so you won't need to give up on the Sword of Ruu.

      Anyway, that's enough talking. If you're interested on the Small Sword, follow these directions: from the main area beginning, you should see three doors. Take the farthest of them, keep following and you'll find it on the corner of a dead-end room, two doors later. Too much babbling, little walkthrough, don't you think?


      You should be REALLY prepared before this battle. It'll be the worst thing you've seen on the entire game, so level up until you can make it (1000 HP is pretty hard to take out). Remember using the teleport spell whenever you need. From the main area beginning, take the door right in front of you (the one on the right corner). Keep following, safely through four battles, and you'll come to a dead-end. It's not far away. Actually there's a hidden teleport on the end of the corridor. Step there and you're at that closed room on the starting point huge room. Guess what: the Emperor's in here! He's at the opposite side of the room, so take a deep breath and go for it. For your own sake, SAVE before you battle him.

      When you meet him, he reveals himself to be Emperor Ruu; that's right, he's the one who have been giving you advises through messages on walls during the whole game, and are his equipments you're wearing! He was using you to recover his armor and sword he left on the over world, which he needs to retrieve his full power. He demands you to return his items to him, and now that's your choice: choose "yes" and he will become an all-mighty evil lord, killing you and destroying the over world. Choose "no" and he will try to take it by force; then the battle begins...

      First of all, I can't really write a strategy for this battle, since there aren't many things you can really do. Your choices are: attack with the Sword of Ruu, refill HP with bread or die. Magic doesn't affect him at all, so hit while you can, recover before dying. That's the only thing I can say, besides good luck to ya. Remember you can teleport back to your world and gain some levels with the Small Sword help (in case your luck makes it work) if you need to.

      If you succeeded killing him, that takes the game to an end. Receive the cheers from the Princess Etome and feel relaxed you've saved the world, hero boy.

      On the epilogue, you can read the peace will not last forever. Evil Emperor Ruu was defeated, however, the Underground World remains intact... that's a Deep Dungeon 2, if you have the patience to play it!

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