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Before you go on, there are some things you should know:

- Check all piles of trash and treasure chests you can. It's a good way to collect money at the beginning of the game. Don't forget they come back when you change between floors.

- This may look obvious, but if you're having problems dealing with your foes, what is very common in Deep Dungeon, I suggest you try battling enemies of upper levels to build experience and gold.

- If you need to discard an item to pick another, you may discard important ones such as the ship: they will go back to the place where you found them, so you can get them later.

- Always carry a full stock of bread: it's your only source of HP when you're far from an inn.

- Save the game as often as you can. Although the saving is slow, in this game the next battle could always be the last one. One really annoying thing about the battles is the hitting rate. You may get frustrating low hit rates when battling enemies just as powerful as you, so you never know if battle will be dangerous or not. It's all about luck sometimes.

- On this game, random combats do not appear as you walk through the dungeons. The random encounters activation factor is actually time. If you stay still for too long, an enemy can find you and get you off-guard!


1. On B3 there's a good trick to build up money. You will start looking to the right of the map, then you could just go straight ahead, through the door and turn left following to the end of the corridor if you want to go for the B4. But there's an enemy guarding the room with the ladder. He'll be your source of gold, since you usually will fight an enemy who can give you 80 or 100 gold, and that's the maximum cash you're getting from an enemy during the entire game (and it's just at the beginning of it! :D). It's easy to move from the stairs from B2 to that spot, so you can fill your pockets until you feel satisfied. If you know the teleport magic, you can easily warp to an inn whenever you need.

2. From the cemetery entrance at B4, walk two steps north (right), then follow to the west (left) until you find a ladder. If you have the ship, you can go beyond a river and find lots of treasure chests and trash piles.

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