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Deep Dungeon Information

Since Deep Dungeon is currently only available in Japanese, the information here is essential for the non-Japanese speaker.


Here I will quickly explain the menus:

Main Screen:

Your View: the screen where you see the action;
Text Box: displays text; if there's no text, displays the direction you're looking to.

Status Screen:

LEVEL: your level of experience.
AP: your attack power.
AC: your defense power.
HP: hit points.
EX: tells how much experience you have gained.
GOLD: your current gold.

Command Screen:

Attack: only available when enemy is present. Attacks foe with equipped weapon.
Items: let's you see the items you hold. Notice magic spells are considered items as well.
Escape: only available in battle. With this you run away from the enemy. All combats can be quitted, except for the last battle.
Check: checks the floor searching for anything useful. Sometimes key items are hidden on the floor; you must look for it.
Talk: talks to other people. You can't talk with your enemies, as they can't understand you. Notice some enemy graphics sometimes are used to design friends. Don't attack everything you see right away! Friends will enter a fight against you if you hit them (don't even hit a merchant if you want to keep living!)


AP: This is your Attack Power. It affects your odds on striking a successful hit and how much damage can you deal with each strike. AP is raised through leveling up and equipping weapons. Something really frustrating at this game may be the enemies evade percentage sometimes. Even if you're equipped with the best weapon, strong enemies still have high chances of dodging your attacks. It gets really frustrating sometimes, as even magic can be easily dodged.

AC: This is your Defense Power. It affects your odds on dodging the enemy attacks and how much damage will you receive when hit. AC is raised through leveling up and equipping armors and bracelets. Enemies' chances of dodging are high at this game, but a good thing is that yours are almost as high as theirs when you have good equipment.

HP: Your Hit Points. Determines how much damage can you sustain before dying. HP is raised only through leveling up. When your HP reaches zero, you're done. Hope you saved your game recently.

AILMENTS: There's only one status ailment on Deep Dungeon, and that is the "poisoned" condition. Lots of enemies can inflict poison as they hit you, such as spiders and rats. Poison is cured with water, so be sure to carry some with you if you don't want to keep losing HP each ten seconds.
PS: actually there are other status ailments; however, it seems they never affect you for some reason. Must be the holy blessing :P

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