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And here we have the second all-out melee character, Dimsdale the Dwarf. The Dwarf is a short and stout engine of deathdealing, with the highest HP score in the game. He may also equip most weapons found in the game. A Smash attack (-> + A) Causes enough damage to kill three goblins in a single strike. Also, he has the ability to raze opened treasure chests. Just hit a treasure chest that has been opened, and you'll get extra cash.

For party play, he's an excellent choice for a frontliner melee tank to distract nasties while you let your casters do their worst. Basically, you can function like a Fighter. He shows his real potential once you get him a magical weapon of some sorts. While the battle axe offers you massive power, sticking with your Shield isn't a bad idea. His defensive manouvres aren't that great, what with a short backroll. In general, Dwarf is a good alternative to a Fighter.

Default Equipment:

- Hand Axe, Shield, Plate Armor, Arrow x4, Dagger x4, Silver Dagger x2, Burning Oil x4, Throwing Hammer x4

Dwarf Differences

- Dimsdale the Dwarf wears a red tunic over his armor and wears a horned helmet

- Hendel the Dwarf wears a blue tunic over his armor and wears a skull helmet. Select him by pushing START instead of A when selecting your character.

Special Moves
Button Combo Name Effect
A+B Desperation attack Jumps and knock enemies around you down. Not a very good move
Double-tap B Safety roll Rolls a short trip backward out of any danger, but shield is better IMO.
A + Backwards Guard. Defends against frontal attacks; Not all attacks can be blocked. You need to be equipped with a shield to perform this.
Mash A button repeatedly Rush Attack Attacks enemies at rapid speeds. Often prisons enemies inside- a choice attack for button mashers.
Forward + A Smash Attack A broad swing that causes 3 hits upon impact
Quarter Circle Forward + A Dash Attack A Dash attack that comes out a bit slower than from other characters. Causes excellent damage.
Down/Up + A Aerial Attack Nicknamed The Dwarven Roller. You roll forward and then jump upwards spinning your weapon around you, causing lots of hits and damage. A dragon-killing move if there ever was one.
D (No Item Attack) Skull Bash Perform a headbutt that knocks enemies backwards.

Stuff to look for:
- A better weapon
- Helmet
- Bracelet for Attack Power or a Necklace for sturdier magical defense
- A better shield in case you carry one
- Any extra Rings of Curing

- May equip most Weapons in the Game, including the most powerful
- Highest HP in the game which is maxed out fast
- Powerful special moves
- Able to equip shields
- Able to produce extra treasure from opened chests

- No natural spellcasting ability
- Dependant on Equipment
- Defensive Maneuvres are somewhat lacking outside of shield use
- No real growth in later stages of the game

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