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Game Basics


Let me tell you about the party man of medicine; Greldon The Cleric. The Cleric is your essential (in party games, at the very least) man of healing, holy arts and exorcism. A temple knight of sorts. He can heal and support allies by using his spells and can banish certain undead to where they belong by using his Desperation Attack. (Hereby referred as "Turn Undead") Be wary of the fact that by Turning Undead, the enemies, their XP and their loot dissipate to thin air, so there are no rewards to be gained from enemies defeated so. He isn't that bad with his mace, and if you get your hands on a Warhammer or even the mighty morningstar, you can wreak some serious havoc with this guy in hand to hand. He is kind of slow, and the default Mace has a low range, but his strong points rule over such. Uses a shield, which always is a plus. A favourite of many solo players. The differences between the two clerics you can choose between are their appearance and both have two unique spells which the other does not.

Also, being a cleric has some restrictions on his weaponry, as he cannot use anything with a cutting edge on it, like swords, throwing daggers, axes, arrows, etc. Blunt weapons in this game are somewhat slow, too. A good idea would be letting the Cleric to get all the bigger money sacks so he can get his hands on a real weapon; Healing potions aren't that much worth the money in shops, since you have a medicine man. With luck, a thief can also rip some stuff off enemies that help to collect the $$$ for the cause. You're on a mission from an Immortal.

Default Equipment:

- Mace, Shield, Chainmail, Throwing Hammer x2, Burning Oil x2

Cleric Differences

- Greldon the Cleric is bearded and has a blue garb. He casts Sticks to Snakes as a level 4 spell and Holy Word as a level 7 spell.

- Miles the Cleric is bald and has a white garb. He casts Insect Plague as a level 5 spell and Earthquake as a level 7 spell. Select him by pushing START instead of A when selecting your character.

Special Moves
Button Combo Name Effect
A+B Turn Undead Destroys Skeletons and Ghouls; Small Lag in use and you won't receive any XP or loot from enemies so defeated.
Double-tap B Defensive Hop Hop backwards
Hold A, Back Guard Use shield to guard against frontal attacks.
Forward + A Smash Attack Smashes enemy backwards; Can stun.
Quarter Circle Forward + A Dash Attack Dashes forward and swings weapon upward; Knocks enemies out of the way
Down/Up + A Aerial Attack Bats closeby enemy into the air and then follows up with a slam to the ground
D (No Item Attack) Kick A small sideways delivered kick that knocks enemy backwards.

Cleric Level Stage Gained At? Spell Level and Usage per Day
2 3 4 5 7
LVL12 Starting Level 4 4 3 - -
LVL13 War Machine 5 4 3 - -
LVL14 Man Scorpion / Dark Warrior 5 5 3 - -
LVL15 Tel'Arin 5 5 3 1 -
LVL16 Manticore 5 5 4 1 -
LVL17 Displacer Beast 6 5 4 2 1
LVL18 Red Dragon 6 5 4 2 1
LVL19 Either Salamander 6 5 4 2 2
LVL20 Ezerhorden 6 5 4 2 2
LVL21 Dark Warrior 2 6 5 5 3 2
LVL22 Nagpa 6 5 5 3 2

Note that if you skip a boss, you may not undergo a level raise, but joining in mid-game usually ignores the fact.

Stuff to look for:
- Warhammer or Morning Star (if you can afford/find one..)
- Holy Hat for extra defense
- Bracelet for attack power or orb to defend against paralysis
- A better shield would not hurt

- Healing and Support magic make him the ultimate teammate, up to even being capable of soloing the game!
- Can fight alongside fighters and dwarves with 3rd best HP in the game, with striking and bless increasing his own fighting capability even further
- Can equip shield
- Good special moves (Which increase dramatically better with the Morning Star)
- Turn undead removes annoyances like skeletons and ghouls instantly
- Aids tremendously in uncursing weapons like Holy Avenger and Sword of Legend
- Low dexterity shows; Isn't as fast as other characters
- Can only equip/use Blunt weapons due to Cleric's oath of not drawing blood with sharp blades
- Needs teammates to fully appreciate his abilities

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