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Using the power of Mana
a civilization had grown

In time, Mana was used to
create the ultimate weapon:
the Mana Fortress...

This angered the gods.
They sent their beasts to
destroy the Fortress...
A violent war rocked the
world, and Mana seemed to

Before all was lost, a hero
with the Mana Sword smashed
the Fortress...

Though the civilization had
been destroyed, the world
was peaceful again.
But time flows like a
river...and history

6/21/06 - Longest day of the year! I updated a few things, nothing too major. In the misc and walkthrough sections I've added a bit about how the goblin stew scene is triggered, and fixed a few scattered errors people have been kind enough to notify me of.

5/29/06 - It's done. It's been done for a few months, but it took some time to get it in place. It took a little bit just under three years to do, and oh! the mishaps and adventures it endured. Enjoy.

3/6/06 - Took care of that. Wasn't planning to, but I did. Should be done.

3/6/06 - Only thing left to do is to get images for Jema, Watts, Elinee, and Joch for the characters page. Oh yeah, I might add the Mana Spirits to the "Support" section, and I should find out the name of the blue-haired guy too, I suppose.

3/2/06 - Added weaknesses to specific spells to the bosses page (full version). Here's what's left besides:

  • A world map.
  • A characters/cast page.
  • A miscellaneous section with some glitches, secrets, and the like.

1/1/06 - Ooooh, we're getting really close!:

  • A cheats/hacking page
  • Add stuff to the Thanks page
  • Get an image of the Shadow Zero trap
  • Play around with some of the girl's magic images
  • Walkthrough - a note about the game's early divergence involving the Girl.

12/30/05 - Things are looking up. Here's what's left:

  • Bosses - two images needed and a comment
  • A cheats/hacking page
  • Enemies - add locations for enemies that have equipment/orb drops, fill in the Mimic's drops, and add another commment about enemies which drop orbs
  • Items - add an effect for the Barrel
  • Magic: Effects for Speed Down, Lunar Magic, Sleep Flower; images for Air Blast, Burst, and Mana Magic
  • Shops - rearrange the information and add more Neko locations
  • Weapon orbs - a few comments
  • Walkthrough - a note about the game's early divergence involving the Girl.

8/22/05 - Well, this update is long overdue.Take a look through the links at the side, and you'll see that I've done quite a bit. The Equipment, Items, Weapons, and Weapon Orbs sections are long finished. The walkthrough is almost complete, with only the bit about how you can take two slightly different routes early on in the game needed. I have all the info for the Enemies and Bosses pages, and all that remains is to finish puting them into page format.

Here's what's left to do:

  • Bosses - deluxe page
  • Enemies - light page
  • Enemies - add locations, make a few changes, find Mimic info
  • Status effect info, how-to-play/general info
  • Magic page
  • Miscellaneous (hidden areas, oddities)
  • Gather and obtain permission to post the various PAR and GG codes from various sources
  • Finish shop list

7/23/04 - Most of the way done with my first go-through. On one hand, I'm farther ahead than the incomplete shrine looks, because I have the enemies list mostly done - it's just a pain to put into page format. On the other hand, even after I finish the first go-through, I'll have to play through a second time to mop up the things I missed.

6/23/04 - I aten't dead.

1/23/04 - Es geht.

10/23/03 - Just...don't...ask. In any case, I put up a sample of what the enemies page will look like.

6/9/03 - Late Sunday update. I hope to update each Sunday night. Everything on the right has some content. I'm at about Kakkara, after only a little more than a week, and everything goes smoothely.

5/30/03 - Boogie, boogie, boogie. There's a curse to be broken.

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