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Chapter 2: In Search of the Stones

Sailor Mercury....

      Luna will ask you if you want to save the game before Chapter 2 begins. After you do or don't, you will see Sailor Mercury on top of a mountain in Europe. She will take a look at the view and be attacked by six youmas which manage to push her down the cliff. A man will find her lying there and will bring her back to his home for her to regain health and consciousness.

      After watching this scene with Sailor Mercury and Hans, Mercury will decide that it would be best if she would leave. Exit the house and the Zoicite 'Kage' stone will start glimmering. Head east to the item shop and stock up on Accessories. Sailor Mercury will only be on Level 6, so it is important for her to be aided due to her low defense / offense at this point. I suggest buying only what you need, probably two P. Earrings and one Bracelet. You could also buy some items for the trip you will soon go on, but at a high enough level these aren't truely necessary. At the next town, you will be able to buy better accessories, so hold off on stocking up completely.

      Continue east to the exit of this town, and Hans will rush out to stop you, telling you it is too dangerous to continue. When he returns to his house, follow him, and while inside talk to him. Sailor Mercury will volunteer to get the medicine which will cure Hans' mother, and to do so she must go to Andeng village. Leave the house and go east and exit the town. To the south is a dead end, so head north. Since Sailor Mercury is relatively weak, I suggest gaining a few levels before continuing. It will be difficult to defeat enemies but they will do little damage to you at this point if you followed my advice on the equipment. After gaining a few levels, you can switch one of your P. Earrings for either an Anklet or a Bracelet to even out your statistics. Once you feel comfortable, continue along the north path.

      Follow this path until you reach a fork that goes either east or north. From here, go east into the town of Andeng, where you should immediately go to the shop and buy some better accessories. If you talk to some of the locals, they will tell you that the doctor is not in the town and to go north to find him, so leave the town to the west and head north.

      Go north on this path and follow it until you come to a cave. Go inside and follow the path northward and to the east until you come to a fork. Take the fork north where you will find a Luna-P ball save point and a treasure chest which contains Sapphire earrings. Head back down and go east, continuing down the long path until you come to a laboratory. You'll know you've gotten there because a '!' will appear abouve Mercury's head. After the perverted doctor hits on Ami and joins her, go east into his lab and get the treasure chest which contains a Sapphire Ring.

      From here, go back the way you came to exit the cave. Take the lower path to the east, from the fork go down, and follow the path back to the entrance of Kainess village, where you should go left to enter.

      Go into Hans' house and the doctor will look at his mother. After the conversation, leave Hans' house and return Dr. Schwartz's lab and enter the cave in the back. When asked about Hans' mother, either answer will eventually accomplish the same thing, but selecting yes will be more beneficial. Return to Hans' house, watch the scene, and then exit. Now you must return to Dr. Schwart'z laboratory again, and from there, go north through the cave. Follow the path until you reach a Luna-P ball and save your game. From here, you might want to gain a few levels before you fight Nabu, but if you feel confident, you can fight her now by going down.

Boss Battle: Nabu
Recommended Level: Lv 16
Recommended Party Members: Mercury

      This battle is quite simple. Use a strong attack, like Shine Aqua Illusion, and Nabu will be defeated. Should you be injured, it will be for little damage and won't be anything to worry about. Nabu will fall very shortly.
      Nabu has a flashback and now you have to fight her for real.

Boss Battle: Nabu
Recommended Level: Lv 16
Recommended Party Members: Mercury

      Unlike the previous battle, this one is much more difficult. You will quickly run out of EP from continuously using strong attacks, so be sure to use an item to replenish them. It helps to have items to restore HP and to cure poison, and could be impossible to defeat Nabu without them depending on when she poisons you during the fight. If you have Mercury's special equipment equipped, healing items, and the ability to use strong attacks, you will eventually win.
      After this battle, Nabu will run away and Sailor Mercury will have completed her mission. Now it is time to play as Sailor Mars.

Sailor Mars....

      As Sailor Mars, go north and enter the Takra Kuhp Temple. Follow the path to the left, up, and to the right. You will see a red jewel at the north side of the room. Examine it to fight a boss.

Boss Battle: Destroyer A x2, Destroyer B x2
Recommended Level: Lv 6
Recommended Party Members: Mars

      There is no real strategy to this battle. Once you enter the battle, use Burning Mandala and you will win instantly. Each time I fought the battle, Mars went first, so most times you won't even receive a single point of damage.
      After the battle and a scene, you will end up in Faregg's house. Leave the house and go to the item shop to buy accessories and items. When you are finished, go to the northeast part of the village and enter the largest building. After the conversation, exit the house and head west to exit the town.

      If you have some accessories equipped, now would be a good time to gain some levels with Mars. Once you have gained a few and can kill the enemies with ease, you can head north into the Northern Cave and fight harder monsters for more experience points. If you don't really care, head southwest and enter Lasa village.

      Once in Lasa Village, return to the Takra Kuhp Temple at the north end of town. Return to the place where you found the red jewel and examine the statue that is a different shade than the others, and you will have to fight Daisoujou.

Boss Battle: Daisoujou
Recommended Level: Lv 11
Recommended Party Members: Mars

      Now that there is only one enemy, you can use Mars Snake Fire and do quite a lot of damage to it in one round. If you run out of EP, use an IceShard or some other EP restoration item, and watch your HP. Mars normally has a high amount of HP, so healing items aren't as necessary. The enemy will die quickly with multiple attacks.
      After killing Daisoujou, and after some talking, return to Yaga Village. Go to the item shop, and then go to the elder's house in the top left section of the town. Be sure to pick up the Ruby Tiara and the Ruby Bracelet (RubyTiara and RBracelet respectively) that are in the treasure chests. Now it is time to go to the Northern Cave.

      To leave town, head west and once in the fork, head north and enter the Northern Cave. This is another good place to gain levels by using Burning Mandala on every enemy. Follow the path to the north and then to the right until you reach a fork. Taking the lower fork will bring you to a Luna-P ball, and following the northeast path will bring you to a thin wall which can be destroyed. Pick Yes to destroy it and advance through the whole.

      Now at Kritayuga, Head north until you enter the building. Walk up all of the stairs and save once you see the Luna-P ball. If you are not at at least around Level 16, gain a few levels while you are in this building and then save once you are confident. To face Nergal, go up one more floor and talk to her. In an attempt to save Faregg, you will now face Nergal.

Boss Battle: Nergal
Recommended Level: Lv 16
Recommended Party Members: Mars

      Because there is only one enemy, you can put Mars in the front with special items equipped and an attack accessory. To end the battle quickly, use Mars Snake Fire repeatedly. If you run out of EP, you can simply attack to do a fraction of the damage, but usually you won't run out of EP before Nergal falls. Be sure to be ready with healing items if you are confused during the battle, because if Mars hits herself with this incredible strength boost it won't be pretty. Healing items are suggested, but for this battle aren't necessary.
      After the disturbing conversation with Nergal and Faregg after this battle, Mars' quest will be over and it will be time to play as Sailor Jupiter.

Sailor Jupiter....

      Jupiter starts out at the Marine Lake cooking a fish. After a mysterious person named George is lured by the scent of the cooking fish, he will give Jupiter the pendant to allow her to enter Medias Village. If you don't have any accessories for defense, go to the item shop and buy some. If you talk to the women here they will be jerks to you and you will not find out why until you go to the house at the northeast end of the village.

      Once on the bottom floor, talk to the woman in the kitchen to the right. Then, head upstairs and talk to George in the hallway. From here, you can continue down the hall and talk to the mayor, George's father, but it really isn't necessary. Head back down the stairs and exit the house. Head to the east and go through the trees. Talk to the man there and he will give you a puzzle piece. Exit these trees, head south, and then head to the east to exit the village.

      If you have accessories equipped, the enemies here are extremely easy. If you gain a few levels here, you can return to Medias Village and enter the Protection tree to gain a lot of experience points early in the quest. You will have an opportunity to return here later on either way. If you chose to continue east, you will arrive at Mishii village. Head immediately to the Inn to get the Puzzle Piece the is outside of it on the north side. Enter the Inn and check the pot for another Puzzle Piece. Next, head to the item shopa dn search the barrels outside of it for another puzzle piece. Finally, go to the mansion at the north end of the town and enter.

      You will be kept out of the mansion, but will be called up by Mary after getting the pendant over to the left of the entrance. Search the pots in the first room you are in to gain the Medias H. and the Premium Ticket. Go down the stairs and get the Emerald Earring from the treasure chest. Enter the doorway north of the south exit to get the Red Berry and the Blueberry. Finally, get the Puzzle Piece in the bucket to the left of the southern exit. Now that you are finished looting, exit through the south into the Ancient Ruins.

      The enemies in this section are a little harder than before but can easily be defeated by a Coconut Cyclone. Head down, and at the first fork head left as far as possible and get the Emerald Ring out of the treasure chest. Head back go towards the castle, and after a short conversation, Jupiter will take Mary to Marine Lake where she will meet with George. Since there is absolutely nothing here, use the shortcut George showed you early to return to Medias Village.

      Now is the time to enter the Protection Tree. This is the best place to gain levels in Jupiter's quest, and it is also right next to a village in case supplies are needed or the inn is needed. Talk to Marduk who is walking around in random directions on the bottom floor. She will vanish, so chase her up the stairs. Continue up each staircase and save at the Luna-P ball. You can beat Marduk on about Level 16, but if you approach her at a lower level you should have defense accessories equipped. Go right across the tree branch and find Marduk. If you answer yes to her question, you will fight her, but if you say no, you will have to descend the tree first. Either way you'll have to beat her up.

Boss Battle: Marduk
Recommended Level: Lv 16
Recommended Party Members: Jupiter

      The strongest attack for a single enemy that Jupiter has is Sparkling Wide Pressure, so use that repeatedly. Marduk will not be difficult if Jupiter is leveled enough, but if not, she will take some time to defeat. Be sure to watch Jupiter's HP and make sure it doesn't get too low before healing.
      Return to George's house after the battle (to the northeast of where you are) and talk to George's father. Then, return to Mishii Village (go southeast of your location, through the location where enemies will attack you, and then to the north part of the village to get to the mayor's house) After a bit of bickering between the mayors, save the game and play as Sailor Venus.

Sailor Venus....

      At the beginning of Venus' quest, you will find yourself in a cave. Head down the path to the east and grab the Bath Medic in the chest, then head down to get the Cologne. Then, head down, right, and up until you reach the room with Kunzite's Hi Stone. Artemis and Venus will talk about it for a moment, and when you have control of Venus again, get the Sariel Flower and Topaz Bracelet in the chests. Head back down the path you came: "So we fall down a hole..."

      Venus will be chased around the village by the crazed men until she is forced to hide in a house. After you get control of Venus, head north and watch the scene that takes place. Exit the house and head left and then north until you reach the temple. Inside, some guy tells you the preparations are not ready, and that you should prepare for the most loathsome part of the game in the mean time. You have to talk to EVERY SINGLE person that's walking around town. Some people have some interesting things to say, but its a pretty big waste of time. Once completed, Artemis will tell you that they should head to the temple, so do so and the party begins.

      With control of Venus, get equipped with 2 defense accessories and 1 attack accessory, and then, head north into the back room of the temple to find a mysterious woman controlling Youma. Venus decides to bust up her private party and you get to participate in your first Venus-boss battle.

Boss Battle: Henchman 1 x2, Henchman 2 x2
Recommended Level: Lv 16
Recommended Party Members: Venus

      Even though Venus is only on Level 6, she has enough power to take down this whole group with one blow. All that needs to be used is a Crescent Beam Shower and each one will fall. If for some strange reason this doesn't work, keep using the attack, and if that fails, you should be able to keep attacking until the battle is over. A healing item is VERY rarely used in this battle and shouldn't be needed.
      After the battle, that idiot Ishtar will knock the statue of Kunzite back and turn everyone in Rias into stone. Exit the temple, and after the scene head south to the exit of Rias. From her, head west, and at the fork go southwest. Continue west and take the west path at the fork to enter the town of Sariel, and head to the west end of the town. Go south, and enter the house just about the house all the way in the southwest corner. Inside, search the large jar to find a puzzle piece. Enter the house who's entrance is just next to you and meet Verna, someone who seems to know you already. Follow her to the temple, and after the scene, exit the town. Head north and enter Zagsen.

      Once inside of the building, head north, then east to the Luna-P ball and save. This is a great place to gain levels for Venus, as the enemies here drop Orange Juice which is enough to replenish your HP should you need to. When you are at about Level 10 (I reached 14 just exploring the building, but 10 is adequate), head west, then south, then east and up the stairs. You can save at this Luna-P ball if you'd like to, but at any rate head north and then east and talk to the woman, who will actually be the boss Radina.

Boss Battle: Radina x1
Recommended Level: Lv 10
Recommended Party Members: Venus

      At level 10, Venus should have full EP, and thus the ability to use Venus Love-Me Chain four times. If you are a little higher, you can defeat Radina by using Venus Wink Sword twice, but most likely you will have to use the Venus Love-Me Chain 4 times. Radina has an ability called Toxic Mist which, when effective, poisons Venus and drains HP quickly. Be sure to have some items handy to remedy that or at least some HP restoration items to restore HP until the battle is over. Overall it shouldn't be difficult.
      After the battle, head west and back down the stairs. Head west, north, east, at the fork south, and continue south until you exit. Bring Radina to the Rias village Temple and head to the Kunzite statue. You will find Ishtar, and she will make you battle a henchman.

Boss Battle: Henchman x1
Recommended Level: Lv 12
Recommended Party Members: Venus

      This battle also lacks difficulty. All you have to do is use Venus Wink Sword once and the enemy will fall. There is absolutely no need for healing items whatsoever in this battle, and if there is, Venus is severely underleveled. The battle should end in a single round
      Venus will use the Crescent Beam which will restore the Rias villagers to normal. They will lavish Venus with some useful items and then chase Venus back to Darcy's house. After a scene, exit the house and head west and take the fork north. Continue past the couple to the east and then enter the cave. Save at the Luna-P ball and then board the green pad onto the ark.

      In order to defeat Ishtar, it would be wise to be on a moderately high level. On the deck of the ark, Taiyans appear in random battles and can be used as a last resort to build your level up high enough to beat Ishtar. Once on the ark for the first time, head to the left and get the MoonShard, Red Rose, and Topaz Tiara (which you should immediately equip). Then, head right and then down the stairs. Then, head east and get the Toilette and Bentou Set. Go back up the stairs and prepare to battle Ishtar!

Boss Battle: Ishtar x1
Recommended Level: Lv 15
Recommended Party Members: Venus

      This battle isn't too difficult either, but it is nice to be on Level 15, not only to match the other Senshi but to make this battle less difficult than it should be. Use the Venus Love-Me Chain for a few rounds and heal when necessary. If EP gets low, you should be able to use regular attacks to finish Ishtar off. Overall, the battle should not be difficult.
      Venus will use the Crescent Beam which will restore the Rias villagers to normal. They will lavish Venus with some useful items and then chase Venus back to Darcy's house. After a scene, exit the house and head west and take the fork north. Continue past the couple to the east and then enter the cave. Save at the Luna-P ball and then board the green pad onto the ark.

Proceed to Chapter 3: The Barazuishou

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