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Umi's Magic

Spell MP Lv. Image Description
W.Dragon 3 Sp Attack with a water dragon (1E)
Tornado 6 5 Ravage with a tornado (AE)
Sea Wave 12 8 Cover in a tsunami (AE)
Cascade 12 10 Consume in water (1E)
SeaBlade 18 13 Cut with sharp water (1E)
IceDance 25 16 Attack with an ice blizzard (AE)
SeaGuard 15 19 Defend with a wall of water (1A)
AnaChain 20 22 Stun with a chain of water (1E)
HolyFist 20 Sp Punch with Celes's fist (1E)
BlueHate 30 33 Attack with a ring of water (1E)
AokiYell 35 36 Attack with Celes's rage (AE)
BlueFang 40 39 Cut with Celes's sword (1E)

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