Location/Treasure Guide

*Note: Treasure from the shrines where you find the Mashin are included in the list of their preceding dungeon (ie: items from the Fire Shrine are listed right with those in the Volcano section). Areas such as these will be surrounded by a pair of asterisks.

Clef's Place Items:
LifeCube x6 (infinite times...must use up first six to get more), Armor 1

Elel Woods Items:
"That" treasure chest

Town 1 Items:
Shop: Smoke (10g), PoisSeed (20g), PasaSeed (20g), LifeCube (30g)

Presea's Place Items:
Bow, Rapier, Sword

Forest of Silence Items:
LifeCube x4

Spring of Eterna Items:
Hikaru's scenario: LifeCube x3, StarCube x3
Umi's scenario: LifeFull x1, StarCube x2
Fuu's scenario: StarCube x3, WindCore x5
Sword 1, Armor 2

Town 2 Items:
Shop: Smoke (10g), SoftSeed (20g), PoisSeed (20g), PasaSeed (20g), LifeCube (30g), StarCube (80g)

Town 3 Items:
Shop: Smoke (10g), SoulCore (1000g), SoftSeed (20g), PoisSeed (20g), PasaSeed (20g), LifeCube (30g), LifeFull (100g), StarCube (80g)

Castle Emeraude Items:
FireCore x1 (2), FuseCore x1, WaveCore x1, WindCore x1 (2)

*Under the Sea* Items:
FuseCore x3 (3), PoisSeed x2, RootCube x1, Smoke x3, StarCube x2, StarCube x3, Sword 2, Armor 3

The Mountain of No Return Items:
FireCore x2, FuseCore x5, LifeFull x3, StarCube x3

*Maze of Wind* Items:
LifeCube x1 (4), LifeCube x3, LifeFull x1, RootCube x1, Softseed x3, Starcube x2 (2), StarFull x1, WindCore x3, Sword 3, Armor 4

*Volcano* Items:
FireCore x2, FuseCore x2, LifeCube x1, PasaSeed x2 (2), RootCube x1 (2), RootCube x2, Smoke x1, StarCube x3, StarFull x1, SoulCore x1, SoulCore x2,WindCore x2, Sword 4, Armor 5

Dark Cave Items:
LifeCube x1, LifeFull x1, PoisSeed x1, StarCube x1

Mirror Maze Items:
FuseCore x2, LifeFull x2 (2), SoulCore x2, StarFull x1, StarFull x2 (2)

Zagato's Castle Items:
LifeCube x2, LifeCube x3, LifeFull x3, RootCube x3, StarCube x3, StarCube x5, StarFull x3

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