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Game basics
Location/treasure guide


Key: 1A = 1 Ally, 1E = 1 Enemy, AE = All Enemies

Recovery Items

Item: Function:
LifeCube Recover some HP (1A)
LifeFull Recover all HP (1A)
RootCube Recover HP and MP (1A)
PasaSeed Recover from paralyze/mute (1A)
PoisSeed Recover from poison (1A)
SoftSeed Recover from fossil (1A)
SoulCore Revive from swoon (1A)
StarCube Recover some MP (1A)
StarFull Recover all MP (1A)

Attack/Battle Items

Item: Function:
Earring Call for Ferio's help (1E)
FireCore Attack with fire power (1E)
FuseCore Attack with light power (1E)
Max Orb Summon a monster (AE)
Smoke Hide from enemy (AA) (Note: automatically run from battle)
WaveCore Attack with water power (AE)
WindCore Attack with wind power (AE)

Special/Story Items

Item: Function:
Candy The candy Hikaru brought
Gate Key The key to the mountain gate

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