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Hikaru's Magic

Spell MP Lv. Image Description
FireShot 3 Sp Shoot a fire arrow (1E)
Red Bolt 6 5 Shock with red lightning (AE)
FireRobe 6 8 Envelop in flames (1E)
Meteor 10 11 Blast with meteors (AE)
SakaFire 10 14 Wrap in fiery pillars (1E)
Red Wave 18 1 Burn with hot waves (AE)
HellFire 20 20 Blast with hot lava (1E)
Flash 30 23 Consume in holy light (1E)
FireClaw 20 Sp Cut with Rayearth's claws (1E)
FireHowl 30 33 Attack with Rayearth's breath (AE)
RedHelix 35 36 Consume in a fire helix (AE)
FireEdge 40 39 Cut with Rayearth's sword (1E)

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