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Fuu's Magic

Spell MP Lv. Image Description
HealWind 2 Sp Heal with a holy wind (1A)
WindSong 2 5 Restore allies to normal (1A)
JadeGale 8 8 Slice with a whirlwind (AE)
WindFury 15 9 Blow with a fierce wind (AE)
WindVeil 5 12 Defend with a wall of air (1A)
WindSoul 15 15 Revive allies from swoon (1A)
DoomWind 20 18 Stop with paralyzing wind (AE)
FateWind 20 21 Release a secret attack (1A)
JadeWing 20 Sp Protect with wind from Windam (AA)
HolyWind 30 33 Recover with Windam's wind (AA)
JadeFury 35 36 Power up from Windam's fury (AA)
JadeRage 40 39 Cut with Windam's sword (AE)

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