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Walkthrough: Old West Chapter

Just a note: whenever you have a choice in this chapter, picking "..." usually just means the choice comes up again. ^^; It doesn't do anything.

Start by blasting the heck out of Maddog (if you can't do that, go take up basket weaving or something). You'll end up in a town. You can't leave town, and all the doors are locked besides for the bar. Enter.

All the doors here are locked, as well, besides for the upper middle one (you can enter it for an, er, interesting scene, but it'll be locked afterwards). Pick up a Bourbon in the jar behind the counter, then go opposite the bartender and talk to him. A longish scene, then a choice. Send back the drink (if you drink it, you'll just keep getting another one. Although it's kinda funny to keep drinking and imagine how bad Sunset has to go to the bathroom. 8p) Next pick "Get lost". Beat Pike (he's a joke). Another scene, pick "It's true." Go outside. After the scene, talk to everyone in the bar, then talk to Maddog (twice if necessary). Another scene, in which you'll get the SherrifBadge.

After the scene, time will start to run out. You have eight bells to pick up as many items as you can to use as traps for the Crazy Bunch. You then have to give the traps to people inside the bar to set. Note that many of the items can also be used in battle as items. Giving people more than one of the same trap is pointless. So you can choose - do you want to set ALL the traps? Doing so means you'd only have to fight the boss alone. Or you can set none of the traps and have to fight the entire Crazy Bunch! It's doable, but quite difficult, and requires a whole lot of luck. O_o

If you're slow, you should take a break while collecting items and give traps to the slowest characters in the bar, then return to collecting items; they'll be back in time then. However, if you're fast you should be able to get all your items before the fourth bell rings, and that's all the time you need.

No matter what you do, you should collect all the items possible. You're in the bar, so that's a good spot to start. Talk to Billy to get a Pachinko. The lower right room has an Oil, Bourbon, and Tequila. The room behind the bartender has a Bourbon. In this room, go to the left of the lower bookcase, face right, and hit A to move it. Go in the door. Examine the bookcase for a Jacket, and pick up an Oil and EmptyBottle. Maddog will offer to make a Molotov from them. Tell him to go ahead, since they're useless as is. ^^;

On the upper floor, start on the left door. Pick up a Cigar in the chest. The middle door is Annie's room. Examine the dresser (no, really, you should do this) and Annie'll kick you out. Now go to the right room. Ignore the money bag, but look into the wardrobe to get a SexyPoster.

There are several buildings to visit now; let's go clockwise. East of the bar is a nondescript house. There's a slightly hidden door behind the staircase; enter for a very useful Cigar, then go left through the door and right to get another EmptyBottle (and ergo a Molotov). Go back out and go upstairs. The upper right door is empty, but the one facing down has another Bourbon.

At the far upper right of town is the Sheriff's house. Examine his desk for a Cigar, pick up a Dynamite in the chest, then examine the weapons rack for a Peacemaker. Go upstairs and into the room. This weapon rack has a BurntLine; the chest is empty. South is a dead end.

At the lower right of town is another EmptyBottle in a chest. The house left of that is some kind of barn. Examine the cart for a Shovel. The house left of that is a store. Pick up the Oil behind the counter and make another Molotov, then go south. Get the FryingPan hanging from the wall, then pick up the Carrot in the jar.

The house left of that is an inn. Go south. There's another hidden door behind the staircase that has a Rope. The other doors are all empty, so exit. Left of that is another barn. Get the Carrot from the chest (it's actually useless, since you can only use one Carrot), then examine the furthest south haystack (or whatever it is) for a HorseShit. O_o Go upstairs and pick up another EmptyBottle.

The house at the top left is yet another barn. Examine the barrel to the right of the cart for a CoalTar. The chests at the top left have two more superfluous Carrots (the other one's empty). Head right and into the house. Yet another door behind a staircase leads to an Oil (and therefore another Molotov). The other rooms are all empty. Head right for the last house, which is one more barn. Get the Tequila from the chest, then return to the bar.

Talk to the Sheriff twice and you can talk to everyone in the bar and get them to set traps. Here are the traps you can set:
Molotov, CoalTar, Dynamite, Pachinko, FryingPan, Rope, Shovel, SexyPoster, HorseShit, Carrot.

And in order from slowest to fastest, here's the people:
(Delos), Cesar, Billy, Pancho, Sancho, Clint, Wayne, Wayne's Wife, Genma, Bartender, (Delos), Annie, Sheriff. Note Delos randomly is either very fast or very slow. Giving Annie the AnnieChemise to set for a trap gets yer face slapped. 8p Also note that there are 12 people but only 10 traps, so don't bother giving Cesar or Delos anything. Final note: The Dynamite can get rid of four gang members at once if set as a trap, but it can also do some major damage in battle. Your choice.

Other points to note: Giving the musicians traps will remove instruments from the background music. 8-) Only Billy can take Pachinko, and only Annie can use the FryingPan. Also, when Annie is gone from the bar, quickly enter her room and examine her closet to get an AnnieChemise. One last note - if you've given all the traps to people, you can make time go faster by getting a drink from the bartender (first pick "..." then "Yeah", and in subsequent talks you'll have a third option to pick right away).

Before the eighth bell rings, give Sunset all the best armor and weapons. When the bell rings, you'll have two choices. Choosing "..." in the second choice will slightly change what happens later, but nothing major. Then the boss fight with the Crazy Bunch (whoever wasn't derailed by traps) will begin.

If you've got a bunch of people to hit, Sunset's PierceShot can be useful. Otherwise, stick to DoubleShot. Have Maddog use InazumaBeat whenever he can. Note that all attacks are Firearm-based, meaning they'll hit anybody in front of the target rather than "jumping" and hitting the target. When your HP dips below 70, use a Cigar (this ups your stats quite a bit), then a Bourbons or Tequilas. Watch out with the drinks, though - if you get drunk, you can only use SingleShot for one round! I believe that if you still have three or four gang members left, Dio won't use his worst attacks, so you should concentrate on him then. Use your Molotovs (even if you used it for a trap, you should have three left over) and Dynamite, if you still have that. Under no circumstances position yourself diagonally from Dio; you'll get crushed by a GatlingGun, and you have only one multi-heal item! Note that if Dio is by himself, you'll have two rocks on the battlefield as well. They block your shots, but not his, so watch out! The safest place when Dio is alone is actually right next to him; he'll use Molotovs, which don't do much damage at all.

After this, you'll fight Maddog one last time. He's easy to beat (it's actually quite difficult NOT to beat him). However, you can get a different ending (read: same as before, but longer) by running away from this battle. After the credits roll, you'll fight Maddog again (again, ridiculously easy) and a short scene will play out. Congrats.