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Characters & Techniques
Techniques (Enemy/Item)

Hacking List

Pro Action Replay Codes

7E2A1E64: 100 EXP for all characters (they will level up after every battle as long as they can "take" EXP from it)
7E11F663: Sets escapes to 99 in the final chapter (run away once more and you'll fight DeathProphet).

HP CODES: The following codes set HP to 500 - in other words, you're always invincible. You won't see the HP value in battle until someone (you or the enemy) takes an action. See below for notes on the characters affected by these codes.

Orsted: 7E0D08F4, 7E0D0901
Pogo: 7E0D48F4, 7E0DF901
Cube/Captain Square: 7E0D88F4, 7E0D8901
Shinsanken Inheritor/Ro: 7E0DC8F4, 7E0DC901
Sunset: 7E0E08F4, 7E0E0901
Masaru: 7E0E48F4, 7E0E4901
Akira: 7E0E88F4, 7E0E8901
Oboro: 7E0EC8F4, 7E0EC901
Second Character: 7E0F48F4, 7E0F4901
Third Character: 7E0F88F4, 7E0F8901
Fourth Character: 7E0F08F4, 7E0F0901

Hex Editing

Using a hex editor, you can change the values stored in your game's ZST save file. (These files are only for the ZSNES emulator, sorry to all the SNES9x users out there!) ShaheenJim has written a great overview of how to hack save files; check it out here.

Remember that to input any large number you have to put it in with the sets of digits backwards; enter 01 63 as 63 01.

Character Order

All character stats given are for the first character in the list (Orsted). To get to the next character, just add 40 (Hex) to the offset. (If you're using Hex Workshop, you can actually see the character's name at the right towards the bottom of the chunk dealing with that character.) The order of characters is as follows:

  • Orsted
  • Pogo
  • Cube/Captain Square
  • Shinsanken Inheritor
  • Sunset
  • Masaru
  • Akira
  • Oboro
  • Second Character
  • Third Character
  • Fourth Character

The Shinsanken Inheritor will be Ro if you're in the Kung Fu chapter, and whoever you chose as your inheritor if you're in the final chapter. If you're in any chapter but the final chapter, the last three chunks of data will be reserved for whichever characters are currently helping out your hero. Also note that Cube and Captain Square have the same stats.

Character Offsets

If you see two offsets mentioned, you'll see that they're backwards; that's another reminder to do it in the opposite order of the real number. 8-) It's sometimes possible to go beyond the given maximum amount, but the effect is unpredictable; you may start back from 0, or you may totally screw up the game. The stats given are for Orsted; add 40 to get to Pogo, 80 to get to Cube, etc. For item values, see below.

1919: Level (max of 99 or 63Hex)
191C, 191B: Current HP (Max of 999 or 03E7) - Note that unless you're in battle, this will always be equal to max HP.
191E, 191D: Max HP (Max of 999 or 03E7)
1924: Power (Max of 99 or 63Hex)
1927: Speed (Max of 99 or 63Hex)
192A: Constitution (Max of 99 or 63Hex)
192D: IQ (Max of 99 or 63Hex)
1931: EXP (Max of 100 or 64Hex)

Item Offsets

Item Offsets: 1714 through 1813
Item Amounts: 1814 through 1913

To get to the amount of an item, just add 100(Hex) to the offset. Now... the item list is actually divided into chunks based on chapter. Whenever you start a chapter, its chunk will be reinitialized to all zeros, so you might have to edit it again if you already gave yourself all the items. The final chapter treats the entire list as its "chunk", so when you start it you'll automatically have no items left. The main use for the item is in brackets, though I didn't double-check the uses, and I have no intention of doing so. 8p That's what the item/armor/whatever pages are for!

Medieval Chapter

01: NaoriGrass (heal)
02: JoshuaSeed (heal)
03: AlisBiscuit (heal)
04: UnicornHorn (heal/accessory)
05: BlueGate (attack/accessory)
06: EdenApple (attack)
07: SolomonSkill (attack/accessory)
08: EyeofArgos (attack/accessory)
09: Akimi (heal)
0A: AmonBlood (attack)
0B: BaalBlood (attack)
0C: DemonCloud (attack)
0D: NuidaClothes (body)
0E: LeatherArmor (body)
0F: MorganRobe (body)
10: FlameArmor (body)
11: IronSuit (body)
12: HolyArmor (body)
13: DeathDress (attack/body)
14: Sarleet (head)
15: IceHelm (head)
16: NightmareHlm (head)
17: LeatherWrist (LArm)
18: Gauntlet (LArm)
19: RockFist (LArm)
1A: LeatherBoots (feet)
1B: BlacCatBoots (feet)
1C: CharioBoots (feet)
1D: GotahlRod (RArm)
1E: HashibamiCne (RArm)
1F: GnomicSword (RArm)
20: ArcShineSword (RArm)
21: MarvelSword (arms)
22: Defender (LArm)
23: Bryon (RArm) - Hash only
24: Bryon (Rarm) - Hash and Orsted
25: HeroShield (LArm)
26: AmegistShld (LArm)
27: KingShield (LArm)

Prehistoric Chapter

28: Meatbone (heal)
29: HugeMeatbone (heal)
2A: Stick (arms/combine)
2B: Bone (arms/combine)
2C: Horn (head/combine)
2D: Fang (accessory/combine)
2E: Pelt (body/combine)
2F: Leather (combine)
30: HardStone (attack/combine)
31: Strips (combine)
32: JurassicKnif (attack/combine)
33: PointedStick (arms)
34: BakibakiClub (arms)
35: MerameraClub (arms)
36: DokadokaAxe (arms)
37: PesipesiStik (arms)
38: BunbunBone (arms)
39: BusubusuStik (arms)
3A: BunbunKnife (arms)
3B: Boora (accessory)
3C: BiribiriShok (attack)
3D: PokopokoDrum (LArm/attack)
3E: GatsunGlove (LArm)
3F: FlowerCirclt (accessory)
40: BeastKaburi (head)
41: UhohoMask (attack/head)
42: TsukeDown (body)
43: KachinkoCase (body)
44: WildArmor (body)
45: WildDress (body)
46: GigigagaWaka (feet/accessory)
47: FangNecklace (accessory)
48: WildBag (arms)
49: Rock (attack/accessory)
4A: Soda (attack/accessory)
4B: KingFang (accessory)
4C: BoinVenus (heal/accessory)

Old West Chapter

4D: Bourbon (heal)
4E: Tequila (heal)
4F: Cigar (heal)
50: Molotov (attack/trap)
51: CoalTar (trap)
52: SherrifBadge (accessory)
53: Poncho (body)
54: Jacket (body)
55: Dynamite (attack/trap)
56: CrudeCap (head)
57: NewCap (head)
58: EmptyBottle (special)
59: WornGlove (LArm)
5A: AnnieChemise (body)
5B: Pachinko (trap)
5C: OldBoots (feet)
5D: NewBoots (feet)
5E: FryingPan (trap/accessory)
5F: Peacemaker (arms)
60: BurntLine (arms)
61: Oil (special)
62: Rope (trap)
63: Shovel (trap)
64: SexyPoster (trap)
65: HorseShit (trap)
66: Carrot (trap)

Bakumatsu Chapter

67: SteamedRice (heal)
68: Kasuteira (heal)
69: Inrou (accessory)
6A: SurprisedGuy (feet)
6B: SakabaSword (attack)
6C: FuujinDart (attack)
6D: MerfolkScale (attack/accessory)
6E: IzanagiScrol (heal)
6F: WindGodScroll (attack)
70: TokenOfAcala (attack)
71: WarehouseKey (special)
72: GateKey (special)
73: BasementKey (special)
74: Koban (special)
75: Torimochi (attack)
76: GrappleHook (special)
77: GenjiArmor (body)
78: MariaVeil (body)
79: GenjiHelm (head)
7A: GenjiGlove (LArm)
7B: GenjiSocks (feet)
7C: ChainMail (body)
7D: Kotetsu (RArm)
7E: Yoshiyuki (RArm)
7F: Kanesada (RArm)
80: Muramasa (RArm)
81: Zenmai (special)
82: InvizCloak (special)
83: Topknot (head)
84: Maid'sObi (accessory)
85: Tekkou (LArm)
86: Uroko (accessory)
87: Abacus (LArm)
88: MerfolkSocks (feet)

Near Future Chapter

89: FirstAid (heal)
8A: Konjouyaki (heal)
8B: PotionNo9 (heal)
8C: MatangoLight (heal)
8D: NapalmShot (attack)
8E: HandGrenade (attack)
8F: ThrowKnife (attack)
90: Lacquer (attack/accessory/LArm)
91: RockGun (attack/accessory/LArm)
92: AngelBootle (attack)
93: KintotoGun (attack/accessory/LArm)
94: ChickGun (attack/accessory/LArm)
95: BoyoyonGun (attack/accessory/LArm)
96: 100VLaser (attack/accessory/LArm)
97: PlasmaSpark (attack/accessory/LArm)
98: StunGun (attack/accessory/LArm)
99: PoisonJet (attack)
9A: Sweat (body)
9B: PunkJacket (body)
9C: LongUndrwear (body)
9D: BeastGodShrt (body)
9E: Cap (head)
9F: ShowerCap (head)
A0: TaekoPunch (RArm)
A1: PowerWrist (RArm)
A2: Misanga (accessory)
A3: Bash (RArm)
A4: Taiyaki (heal)
A5: IronFoot (feet)
A6: RiderBoots (feet)
A7: BowlingBall (arms)
A8: Glove (LArm)
A9: TaekoPanties (body)
AA: WatanabePnts (body)
AB: TaekoJeans (body)
AC: TaekoPants (body)
AD: DirectrBoxrs (body)
AE: PunkBangle (LArm)
AF: BananaCrepe (heal)
B0: SangoRing (accessory)
B1: Bracelet (accessory)
B2: GoldenGodPin (head)
B3: MagicPendant (accessory)
B4: MatsuLocket (accessory)
B5: BurikiBroach (accessory)
B6: MKBadge (accessory)
B7: Misawayaki (heal)
B8: Tattoo (accessory)
B9: RiderBelt (accessory)
BA: WeirdPearl (accessory)
BB: UpgradeParts (special)

Present Chapter

BC: Bandage (arms)

Kung Fu Chapter

BD: Jam (heal)
BE: Meat (heal)
BF: Peach (heal)
C0: Fukaheri (heal)
C1: Nata (arms)
C2: FukeiFeather (attack)
C3: Gourd (heal)
C4: TrainingSuit (body)
C5: DragonSuit (body)
C6: TigerSuit (body)
C7: Dekapan (body)
C8: ElialGlove (LArm)
C9: Wok (head/RArm)
CA: Bowl (arms)
CB: DragonHand (arms)
CC: TigerHand (arms)
CD: Tekken (arms)
CE: Shoes (feet)
CF: OldSake (heal)
D0: KungfuShoes (feet)
D1: PekingPot (body)
D2: PotLid (body)
D3: CatfishWhiskr (head)
D4: ArielHelm (head)
D5: ArielBoots (feet)
D6: ArielMail (body)
D7: ArielRing (accessory)
D8: Panda (accessory)
D9: Chouchou (accessory)
DA: ArtOfWar (accessory)
DB: ShiroGrass (heal)
DC: PenpenGrass (heal)
DD: BhuddaGrass (heal)
DE: BigLoinCloth (heal)
DF: HealingHerb (special)
E0: KingShoes (feet)

Final Chapter Only

E1: BuriburiAxe (arms)
E2: MasterNunchk (arms)
E3: 44Magnum (arms)
E4: Murasame (arms)
E5: BestBandage (arms)
E6: GutsGlove (arms)
E7: 17Diode (RArm)
E8: SilverDress (body)
E9: BloodyDress (body)
EA: ByakkoKey (special)
EB: SeiryuuKey (special)
EC: GoldTopknot (head/accessory)
ED: MiniGoddess (LArm)
EE: MantisHand (LArm)
EF: RabbitFoot (feet/accessory)
F0: MermaidBottm (feet)
F1: RustyKey (special)
F2: PhoenixTail (accessory)
F3: GenbuKey (special)
F4: MagicalWood (heal)

Science Fiction Chapter

F5: PowerDriver (special)
F6: MemoryCard (special)
F7: PowerJack (special)
F8: CommUnit (special)
F9: Coffee (special)

Final Chapter Only (cont.)

FA: ParasiteSwrd (LArm)
FB: SuzakuKey (special)
FC: IronBox (special)
FD: ???? (special)
FE: Parts (special)
FF: Battery (special)