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Techniques (Enemy/Item)


You can see a full list of enemy techniques in the Techniques page.

Enemies take up a certain size (measured in squares of the battlefield). If an enemy has size 2 x 3, they're 2 squares wide and 3 squares high. Also note that if an enemy uses a technique that (for example) uses the Plus pattern, and they're wider than 1x1 squares, the Plus will extend from *all points* of the enemy (i.e. for a 2x3 enemy, it'll be 2 squares wide vertically and 3 squares wide horizontally).

Enemies with higher HP are generally stronger overall (though there are a few exceptions). In chapters with random or pseudo-random encounters, enemies marked with a * are bosses or other one-time fights. Many enemies appear only with other enemies, so the items they drop are listed by both enemies since it's quite hard to discern which one drops which.

Techniques with a (C) are counter techniques. Techniques with a (+C) can be used normally as well as counter techniques.

EXPERIENCE: Big thanks goes to Turd Furgeson, who computed how the experience works in LaL. The experience list for each encounter is given on the enemy pages. Note that the Present, Sci-Fi, and Old West chapters' enemies do not give experience, nor do the enemies in the "outcast" segment of the Bakumatsu chapter. Here's what the author has to say about experience:

In Live A Live, the experience needed for each level is a constant 100, but the amount of experience you recieve from encounters changes as you increase in level.

Experience is not awarded based on the individual enemies you defeat. It is a fixed number based on your encounter.

The formulas here are of my own creation, and they may not be exactly how the game does it, but they have been thoroughly tested and work for all situations that I have encountered. The actual numbers were found by looking at the active memory with ZSNES. (Experience is located at 7E0355xx)

If (Exp = 0) or (Level = 99)
ExpGained = 0;

If ((Exp - Level) > 0)
ExpGained = ((Exp - Level) * 16) + 8;

If ((Exp - Level) < 1) or (No action is taken by character)
ExpGained = [16 / Level] + [Exp / 2];

[Exp means the experience value for that enemy encounter as listed in the shrine, and ExpGained denotes how much experience a character will get after battle. This basically means that if the experience value for the encounter is higher than your current level, you'll get a whole lot more EXP than otherwise.]
Taking an action in battle means either using one of the character's attacks or an item. Moving and passing do not count as actions.
In the encounter list, (Repeatable) refers to a fixed encounter that can be fought an infinite number of times.

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