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Techniques (Enemy/Item)


Okay... almost everything in LaL revolves around techniques; characters, enemies, and items all execute them. There are several parts to a technique. Its Pattern is how you can move the target for a technique. There are several patterns, listed below. Its Range is how many squares you can extend in that technique, and its Effect is how many squares the technique will extend once you choose your target. An example:

If a technique has the Plus pattern, with range 2 and effect 1: you can move the target two spaces in any of the four directions. When you select your target, any enemy within a 3x3 square (the target plus 1 square in all directions) will be hit. Note that having an effect of 0 (the default) means it only affects the targeted square. Also note that a (common) technique pattern of Star with range 1 and effect 0 means you can target any enemy next to you in any of the eight directions (i.e. in a square around you).

The ranges can also "skip" squares. If a technique has a range of "3-1" and the Diag pattern, you can select targets diagonally from you, but only if they're exactly 2 or 3 squares away from you diagonally.

The "Self" pattern is a bit odd, since it has no range. Its effect can radiate out from the user (regular number). It can also cover an entire column or row; a "Self" technique with a range "6x1" will cover the entire width of the screen and three squares high (the height of the character plus 1 in either direction), and a range of "0x6" will cover the entire height but only one square wide. Finally, an effect of "A" means it affects the entire screen.

For enemies larger than 1x1 squares, the pattern will extend beyond *all parts* of the enemy. So the Plus pattern may actually have a target several squares wide.

A technique usually has an attack type (elemental or damage type) as well; however, it's not always easy to find out what this attack type is. ^^; Unless it's obvious, the space is left blank.

Many techniques also raise or lower stats, or cause status ailments. Because this is totally random, our information may not be 100% accurate. Usually it doesn't make a whole lot of difference. ^^;

The attack patterns are as follows:

  • Horiz: Only extends left or right from the user.
  • Plus: Extends left, right, up, and down from the user.
  • Diag: Extends diagonally up/right, up/left, down/right, and down/left from the user.
  • Diag+V: Diagonal as well as up and down.
  • Diag+H: Diagonal as well as left and right.
  • Star: Diag as well as Plus.
  • Self: Only the user can be targeted.

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