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Walkthrough: Science Fiction Chapter

When you come to, just move in any direction and Kato, your creator, will jump. 8-) Remember his first attempt at naming you (Koro). Koro is Japanese for "round", but it's also a dog's name, hence Kato's quip. You can now move around. Note that in the menu you can't see your armor or skills, because you don't have any for basically the entire chapter. There are no real fights.

Those little purple round things are computer terminal interfaces; examining them gives you helpful information. Kato's, for example, is a diary about how he created you. Each crew member's terminal interface has intriguing information about their desires and psychology. I'll be calling these "terminals" throughout the chapter.

Go up through the door and into a corridor. There are four doors here and interfaces next to each door. You've just come out of Kato's room, and he's to your right. All the other doors are locked, so just talk to Kato for now. You'll end up at the main computer terminal. Pick a name and you'll be registered as a crew member. Talk to the computer again and it'll profess to Be Your Pal. 8-)

You can now explore the ship, although there isn't anything really interesting just yet. This is a good time to check out the map of the ship. 8-) You're on floor 2 (the main floor), Main Computer. If you check out the Cockpit on floor 3, everything seems to be functioning normally. Storage at the far south has a machine that looks just like Cube, but is inoperable. Nothing else of any value, so head to between the Sick Bay and Cold Sleep rooms. Talk to Kato and enter the Cold Sleep room.

Examine the panels on each capsule in turn and press the buttons to wake up the crew members and passenger. Kato will re-enter and the crew members will schmooze. Go up to the last sleeping person and talk to him to wake him up. Everyone will repair to the Refresh Room, so follow them.

You can do several things here. For one, you can talk to Kirk and play the Captain Square game. It's interesting, but has no actual value on the storyline and whatnot. I'd tell you to wait a bit before playing it, because later on you can save your progress in it. ^^; Talk to Huey, then talk to Kato. Go left of him and examine the machine to get a Coffee (it holds unlimited amounts of these, but you can only carry one at a time). You can give some coffee to Kato, Rachel, and Kirk, if you like. Try to give some to Darth (or just talk to him) and another scene will take place. Kato will leave for the Main Computer, and Huey to the Cargo Bay.

More exploration. The message in the Main Computer on floor 2 has changed. You can now enter Rachel's room. Examine the terminal next to it, and enter your name. She'll leave for the Cockpit. First, head for the Main Computer on floor 3. Enter (you usually can't do this) and talk to Kato. Choose "No" when he asks if you want to come with (this opens up some more conversations later). You can now either go to the Cargo Bay or the Cockpit, your choice. The Cargo Bay has far more interesting conversations, though. When you're done there, you can examine the Behemoth's body and voice from the computer.

Head to the Cockpit. Talk to Kato, Huey, and Kirk, then Rachel, then Kirk again. Everyone'll leave. Talk to Rachel one more time, then head to the airlock on floor 1. Talk to both Kirk and Huey. You can examine the panel, but DO NOT press both switches, or it's game over!

Head back to the Cockpit and talk to Huey. Note the password? 8-) (Checking the lower right panel will also yield the same name.) Go back to floor 2 and into the Sick Bay. Speak to Darth and Rachel (in any order). First head to Rachel's room and talk to her. Next go to the Cargo Bay and talk to Darth inside the Behemoth's room. Finally, return to the Cockpit and talk to Huey, then Kato. You'll end up back in the Refresh Room.

Make some coffee and give it to Huey. After the scene, you can talk to Huey in the airlock if you like. Go to Kirk's room. Examine the terminal outside his room and enter your name to gain access to it. Examine the terminal inside the room and enter the password "Warp". Examine the bottom of the bed to get a Memory Card; this lets you save your progress in the Captain Square game. Now's a good time to check it out. If you want to restart the video game while still saving your progress, examine the panel to the left of the game and reformat your card. 8-)

Try to re-enter Rachel's room and the door will be locked. Return to Sick Bay and some rather odd music will start up. Return to Kirk's room. Talk to Kato or Darth. Return to Sick Bay and watch the scene. Go to the airlock if you like, then head south to the Cargo Bay and enter the Behemoth's dwelling. Now some freaky music starts up and around now is when everything starts to heat up. When you exit, the Behemoth will start chasing you! Don't ever let it touch you, or it's Game Over! Luckily it's fairly slow; if you run you can get around it. Go back to the airlock and talk to anyone but Rachel. You'll end up in the Refresh Room.

Make some coffee and give to everyone. A scene will play out. Wait for a few seconds and Kato and Darth will rush out; follow them south and into the corridor south again. Return to the Main Computer on floor 1, but watch out! The Behemoth is guarding it! You'll have to maneuver around it and into the door of the main computer room. Talk to the computer and it'll give you a password: OAKFDE. The Behemoth is gone when you walk outside, but when you walk north to the Sick Bay/Cold Sleep area, he's back! What's more, the door you came in as well as the door forward will lock themselves! You'll have to maneuver around him and into the Cold Sleep room (top door).

You'll end up in the Captain's room, and Kato will give you 10 PowerJacks. Check out the Captain's terminal for some gruesome details. You can explore again now. The Behemoth is just north of the Cold Sleep room (and he's gotten faster), so don't go in there! Head to Darth's quarters (the alarm's going off). Talk to the terminal next to it and enter your name to get in. Examine the terminal to advance the story.

Return to the Captain's room and talk to Kato. You'll end up in the corridor north, being chased by the Behemoth! Run up and examine the door; use a PowerJack on it and it'll open. Make your way to the main computer on floor 1 and talk to it. All the other terminals and whatnot (besides for personal logs inside cabins) will now display a message more akin to the Borg than a cargo ship! AAAAHHHH! Speaking of which, the last cabin (Huey's) is now open, and you can read his terminal if you like.

Head to the third floor via the north elevator. Head down past the main computer and water will spurt out, blocking your way (if you touch it you die). Go back up and use another PowerJack to open the door, then again at the next corridor. Go to the first floor and enter the Cargo Bay; whoops, the Behemoth is HERE now! Run away!

If you (for whatever reason) head all the way back to the bottom of the third floor, you'll find out that the Cube replica inside storage has disappeared! If you visit the Cold Sleep room and examine Rachel's pod, you'll see that the power's off, too. To find out where the Cube went, go to the north elevator and take the corridor the Behemoth used to be in, heading south; enter Kato's room.

Talk to the other Cube. A name screen will open up; enter "Koro". You'll end up by the Main Computer on floor 3. The elevators don't work any more; go north and on the same screen as the elevator entrance is a small square with a triangle on it. Go up to it and use a PowerJack to open it. You can go up and down floors with this (two of these floors equal one normal floor). You can explore the vents and whatnot, but there's absolutely nothing there. This is the last chance you have to play Captain Square if you want.

Go down two "floors" to reach floor 2. Go south to Kato's room and talk to him. When you exit, there's the Behemoth again! Run around it and north. Return to the vents (you'll have to use another PowerJack) and go back up to floor 3. Talk to Darth by the main computer. You'll get the CommUnit.

Go north to the corridor. Darth will call you; use the CommUnit. Go back to the vents and down again to floor 2; go to the Main Computer on this floor. Talk to Darth, then exit; when you go left, you'll see the Behemoth again! He's north, so you've got to go south. When you try going up the left side, Darth will call again. Use the CommUnit again.

The place Darth is referring to is none other than Captain Square in the Refresh Room! Head there! Examine it and use the CommUnit. The final boss battle will begin!

Start by using UpGreat several times. Next, use MazerCannon against the Stabilizers, picking them off one by one. (You can use MindHack to get the top ones, which are hard to get by the end, because MasterCOM will be attacking more often.) If you use Research on the boss, he'll change graphics and his counter attack will be a bit nastier, but he'll no longer be able to heal himself. 8-) Once the Stabilizers are gone, just go up right next to him and keep healing yourself; whenever he attacks you'll counter with Antifield, and he'll die in no time. 8-)

Darth will ask you for some coffee, but before you give it to him, you can explore the ship a bit. Kirk's terminal has a new message from his diary. You can talk to Kato in his room. The Main Computer on the first floor will give you the password JUDGE. You can still kill yourself on the airlock. 8p You can now see the terminal in the storage room if you like (it basically just says "Storage").

Finally, head to the main computer on floor 3. Examine the terminal in front of it and enter "JUDGE". Go in and talk to the system. 1) just gives you a systems check; hit 2). Enter "OAKFDE". Interesting, ne?

Return to the Refresh Room, make a coffee, and give it to Darth to end the chapter.

Map Of The Cogito Ergosum


Cockpit  Elevator
  |       |
Main Computer 


            |       |
         -----      ------
         |   |      |    |
Refresh Room |      | Cold Sleep
         |   |      |    |
-------------        -----------
   |     |   |      |    |  
  Hal   Huey |      |  Sick Bay
             |      |
Kirk  Rachel       Main Computer
 |      |               |
---------------     ---------
 |      |     |     |
Darth  Kato   |     |
              |     |


Airlock  Elevator
  |       |
  Cargo Bay

Captain Square

For Mercury and Venus, just keep using TachyonSword against the baddies. Earth is tougher. The Waters aren't tough, but the only real way to beat the Fire is to push it onto a Water field generated by the Waters. SpinningStar is a good way to do that. Alternatively, you can just keep using SpinningStar from a distance; 7 hits will kill it, and then you can go after the Waters yourself.

Mars: The easiest way to beat them is to keep using QuarkSword (and heal if necessary) only against the MotherTale. Her healing technique only heals those around her, not herself. When you beat her, the others will die automatically.

Jupiter: The slow but steady way is to keep using TachyonSword against them. You'll keep your HP up and slowly whittle theirs down. If at all possible stand exactly above or below the one you're hitting, so he won't hit you back.

Saturn: These guys are TOUGH. You have to take advantage of the fact that they're bigger than you. Let yourself be hit by one technique by the lower right enemy. Notice how there's a single space between the diagonal and the horizontal/vertical range? Stand there and use PlasmaBall agains the enemy. He can't counter you this way, and once you finish with him heal up and do the same to the other two. (The other two are easier once the lower right one is dead.) Remember that they don't move much, so if you need to heal up just move beyond their range (both their moves have Star pattern: regular move with a range of 2, and counter with full-screen range).

Uranus: Weird one. Emulator users, hit the "1" key to expose them! 8-) The Pimuris can duplicate, as well as hide each other and the ElectricMirage as well. The only way to do this is to keep using SuperNova (the Mirage can only really be hurt by a fire field). Once the Mirage reveals himself it's even easier. Just try to get him alone (so the Pimuris don't use ShockMirage) and use SuperNova. You might find it easier to kill off a few Pimuris first using QuarkSword or (better) PiMesonShot, but since they multiply, it might not make much of a difference. ^^;

Neptune: These guys are extremely strong, but they have only 1 HP! Unfortunately, fast techs won't do any damage at all. PiMesonShot seems to be the best to beat them. However, the actual best way is to beat RaRu first (he's one square down and right from the top left corner). Use TachyonSword three times against him and everyone will die. 8-)

Pluto: Ouchie. PlasmaBall is your best bet against these guys; it has the best speed-to-damage ratio, with PiMesonShot a distant second. Don't get close to them! You'll have to heal often (whenever your HP gets below 150 or so). Luck plays a MAJOR part in this battle. Good luck!