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Walkthrough: Present Chapter

Welcome to Masaru's lame excuse for a chapter. Set up like a fighting game; you fight each of six fighters one by one. If you're hit by their special move, you'll learn it. After beating all six, you fight the final boss and finis. O_o You have a healing tech (Taunt) which heals a bit of HP as well as status; you'll find yourself often having to run away from your enemy and keep Taunting until you're nearly at full HP before trying to hit them again. Luckily most enemies don't have more than 500 HP. Note that on the character select screen you can press X to go to the menu, but you really can't do anything here besides look at your techniques and save. Here's the order I recommend doing them in.

Not too tough. He'll use both his moves as counters, so keep using SpinKick (followed by Taunt) until you learn them, then pound him with GaleFist. You may be unable to move sometimes; just use Taunt to heal yourself.

He'll use Alohalight often. He can also counter with OgreGrip. Learning Daigekido (the SEKRIT TEKNIKE) is a bit tougher. Whittle down his HP a while (once you get hit by this, you'll want to beat him quickly), and also try using C.H.Hold as well as Armlock against him to cause Foot and Hand status. If you see him not moving, get in front of him (one or two squares away) and continually use Taunt until he unleashes this attack. Daigekido will hurt a lot, so be prepared to either heal up quickly or pound him into submission once he uses it!

His worst attack is Split, which keeps poisoning you. Luckily, he doesn't have much HP. Whittle him down with two GaleFists (if you're lucky you'll be hit by FSteiner during this time) then keep using Taunt to allow yourself to be hit. Keep far away from him if you want to learn TornadoPress. Split can also be used diagonally, so keep trying to stay in the "safe" spots. Diagonals are measured from his corners, so staying in a diagonal line from his middle will be safe. Use those spots to heal up.

He has very low HP, but makes up for it by having really high defense! First things first, learn Abisegeri. Try to get to a spot one square away from him; he'll keep using CatAttack, then (rarely) he'll let loose with Abisegeri. Keep Taunting in this position until he uses Abisegeri. Once you learn that, get right up close to him and keep Taunting until he uses Tsuda. Once you learn that, use it right back at him! If it hits, it'll lower his stats and any attack will finish him off, more or less. 8-)

Quite difficult. Don't hold back; you'll get hit by his attacks soon enough! Go close to him, get pounded, then keep running away and healing until you're near full power. If you missed one of his two attacks, get close again and pray you won't die. ^^; Once you've learned both attacks, go one square away and keep using Abisegeri. He won't be able to move this way. (This doesn't always work; be forewarned!) You might be able to keep him at bay by using C.H.Hold, but it's risky. While running away and healing, never try to do more than two Taunts at once, or he'll catch up to you and murder you. Keep going from corner to corner.

If you don't want to get Max's attacks this time around, here's another strategy. Use OgreGrip until you start running out of HP, then pull out the AlohaLight. These attacks are able to knock Max back, so he won't damage you. (Thanks to RalphTheRobopon for this tip)

It's fairly easy to learn his (yes, his) techniques. Go a bit far away from him and he'll use SpiralKnee fairly early. Get close and hit him with anything a few times and you're bound to get hit by a PunchamaKick counter (usually followed by another one). Keep using Tsuda once you learn his techs and he'll go down in no time. 8-)

Once you beat the six opponents, you'll have a chance to save, then you'll start the final battle.

OK. Whatever you do, don't stand immediately diagonal to him, or he'll kill you in one shot. What you DO do is go right up to him and use Tsuda 2-3 times, then stay away from him by one or two squares and keep using Abisegeri. Finito! 8p