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Walkthrough: Medieval Chapter

Note that you should save your file on a different save slot inside Orsted's chapter. Once you start this chapter, you can't redo any of the old ones any more!

Start off by killing Armstrong. Keep using VShine. Next, kill Straybow. After the scene, kill the Dragnon. See a pattern here? 8p When you get control of Orsted, you can explore the castle... however, do NOT take anything. Basically, the final chapter uses an altered version of this chapter's map, and anything you leave here you can instead pick up in the final chapter, where it's more useful.

...If you do decide to take stuff, though, here's what you can get. Just for completeness' sake. 8p
-The room to your right (a bedroom) has a Defender, HolyArmor, and two NaoriGrasses.
-The room to your left has an AlisBiscuit, LeatherArmor, GnomicSword, and KingShield. To your south is the exit to the balcony and the stairs down. If you go to the upper right of the balcony, you'll have a flashback of Alicia's kidnapping.

Downstairs: Go south to reach another section of the castle.
-The room to your right has two JoshuaSeeds, three KingShields, two GnomicSwords, two Sarleets, a CharioBoots, two LeatherWrists, a UnicornHorn, and four NaoriGrasses.
-The room to the left is a prison which you can't enter. ^^; Exit south.

Talk to all the villagers to get some items you should keep: Defender, BlueGate, NuidaClothes, NaoriGrass, and JoshuaSeed. Equip the Defender in your left hand and the BlueGate as an accessory. Straybow will join you as you exit Lucretia.

In the forest, enemies will attack randomly like a normal RPG! Your first destination is west and north. You'll enter a snowy mountain (Hero's Mountain). You can find a map here. The enemies are a wee bit tougher here, so I recommend being at least level 2 or 3. If you meet a big bear, RUN. Go north one screen and then hang left to see a hut. Enter and examine the shield, then exit the mountain south two screens.

Head to the lower left of the forest and enter the tiny village. Don't pick up the grasses here (there are six NaoriGrasses, but leave them for the final chapter). Enter the west house and examine this shield. After the scene, Uranus will join you! Pick up the HeroShield on the wall before leaving. Now head all the way back to the hut on the mountain. Yet another scene, then Hash will join you! Pick up the HeroShield on the wall, then exit the hut. Head north to the gravestone and examine it to get the Bryon; you need this to enter the demon's dungeon, and only Hash can use it. Give Orsted Hash's old sword.

Exit the mountain and go south and right. On your way right, look south for trees that are a bit more spaced out. You can maneuver your way through them and exit south to reach a clearing with ten NaoriGrasses. What's more, if you exit the clearing and re-enter, the grasses will grow back, so you can easily get 99 of these. 8p Continue east and north to the Forbidden Land. Examine the entrance and Hash will open it with the Bryon. Go in.

You can find a map here. The piles of bones here have treasures, but leave them alone so you can get them in the final chapter. For the record (again), they hold: EdenApple, two AmonBloods, three BaalBloods, NightmareHelm, EyeofArgos, FlameArmor, SolomonSkill, UnicornHorn, and Akimi. The enemies here are a bit tougher and leave no items, so be careful (although Hash and Uranus should make it near impossible to lose normal battles). Your goals are: 1) Upper left; 2) Upper right; 3) Upper left; 4) Right and around. Go up. The seven statues here should be very familiar to you! North is the battle with the Demon King, so save first! It's a good idea to give Orsted better equipment than Hash.

This battle will be quite tough. Keep everyone together and have Uranus continually use GodBless. Have Hash continually use DeathTrail. As long as you keep Uranus and Hash alive, you can ignore the other two characters. It might take a bit of luck to win.

When you do, you'll get a new Bryon that Orsted can equip. Equip it as soon as you can. De-equip Straybow as soon as you can, too. Exit the room. Now it's just you and Uranus. Exit the cave (don't worry, you won't be attacked any more). You will be attacked in the forest, but those guys are wimps. Make your way back west, north, east, and north to Lucretia Castle. Enter and talk to the king. De-equip Uranus of everything, then enter the left door and go into the bed.

Now everything goes straight to hell.

Walk out the door and confront the demon to the north. It has only 64 HP and can't attack you. After the scene, run south and out of the castle. If you try re-entering, you won't be able to. Return west and north and go all the way north to Hash's tomb. Watch out for pairs of NagiiBears; use DragonSoul if you have it. If you don't, run. After viewing the scene at the gravestone, go and visit the people in Famillia Village. After that scene, return to Lucretia Castle. You'll be captured and thrown in prison.

Go up and speak to Uranus. He'll open the door for you. Go up and speak to him again for some more flashbacks, then exit your cell. (There's a GnomicSword on the wall, but you a) should have one already, and b) should leave it for the final chapter.) Make your way out of the castle, beating all the wimpy Soldiers (InCage works fine). Head back south and east to the Forbidden Land. Stop off at the forest to the south and keep reentering it to make sure you have at least 50 or so NaoriGrasses.

There are stronger monsters in the Forbidden Land now, all named after various fears. And when you exit each floor, you'll be attacked by a boss, so save before you do so! You shouldn't have problems if you're at least level 9 when you enter (you'll gain levels quickly in here). Your first boss is Claustrophobia. She doesn't have much HP, but her attacks are deadly! HammerPower does the most damage, so use it. She'll drop a RockFist.

The second battle is with Scotophobia, who's much easier. Just keep using HexaFringe (if you have it) or any strong attack. You'll get a DemonCloud from her.

Next up is four Acrophobias and an AcrophobiaC. If you want to end this quickly, just beat the AcrophobiaC and the others will disappear. But if you manage to beat the Acrophobias, you'll get a FlameArmor. Use JumpShot and HammerPower, and use NaoriGrasses after they use Acrobat on you.

The last fear is Feminophobia. If you happen to have a NightmareHelm and UnicornHorn, equip them and this battle won't be difficult as long as you stay more than one square away from her. If you don't, though, this one's the toughest yet. I've never managed to beat it under level 13. Use NaoriGrasses constantly. She'll keep healing herself off of you, but don't worry, some of the damage you did will still remain. When you're not drunk, use JumpShot and/or HexaFringe, and hope your Spindle counter will keep working. It'll take a lot of trial and error.

Exit north to the last statue. Examine it and a path will open forward. Take it and examine the giant statue for a killer of a scene and the final battle. This is actually a bit easier than the last fight. Just don't get right next to him so he can't make you drunk. It will be a bit long, though: he has 999 HP. Enjoy the ending, mwahahahah...