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Walkthrough: Kung Fu Chapter

No, you can't name Ro normally, you'll have to leave his name as is. ^^; Glitch. When you gain control of Ro, first search the room you're in. The drawers hold KingShoes and KungfuShoes. Go north and pick up two Meats and a Jam from the jars, and two TrainingSuits from the drawers. Exit the house.

Outside the house you'll find two ShiroGrasses. North leads to Mt. Taishi, which is empty at the moment. Head south and left to pick up a BigLoinCloth, then head south to the next screen. You'll reach a signpost at a crossroads telling you directions for the forest, WongTown, and Yunfa Street. Each of these places has a student for Ro; you can tackle them in any order (the order doesn't matter in the least).

FOREST: Head straight west from the signpost to reach the forest. The tigers here are pathetically easy. Pick up all the grasses; they end up being: HealingHerb x4, ShiroGrass, and BigLoinCloth. When you try going north past the last bit, you'll be accosted by a female bandit. Choosing the first option will mean you can't get past this point; choose the second option to fight her. Lei will join after the battle. Go north and pick up another HealingHerb and PenPenGrass. Going north from here is a dead end, so head back to the crossroads.

YUNFA: Head east and south from the signpost to reach Yunfa Street. Just keep walking north and a scene will play out. Talk to the fatso to get a choice. Pick the second choice to fight him, or pick the first then second choice to avoid a fight. Either way Samo will join you. Now talk to everybody in town to get items. From the top: Orange old man: Bowl; Orange old lady: Meat; orange old man second from bottom: Jam. Exit the street.

WONGTOWN: Head west and south from the signpost to reach WongTown. You'll see six people crouching over and groaning here, and talking to them will open your item menu. Give them HealingHerbs in exchange for items. The top right one gives you Jam; top left is Wok. Below that is a grandma. A boy will rush by when you give her the herb (you must do this one). The one below her gives you Meat; below that will give you a CatfishWhiskr. The bottom one will wake up if you give her a Meat, but she won't give you anything when you do wake her up. ^^; Continue south and talk to the pigtail dude to see a scene. Talk to him again and pick the second choice. A battle will ensue (real easy). After the fight, pick the second then first choice to get Yun to join. Picking either the first choice or the second choice twice will have Yun run away; he'll stop you before you can reach your house, though, and you'll have to say yes at some point.

When you have all three students, you can level up in the forest, but there isn't any real point; besides, it makes the next battles harder. At this point you should choose your inheritor. Most people seem to like Lei, since she has some of the strongest techniques. However, she can't learn her upper-level techniques without learning the inheritance techniques first (she can't learn them all by training). Samo has more strength/defense/HP, but he starts at an even higher level than Lei does. However, he has more techniques to start with. Yun ends up with the highest stats (other than HP) at high levels, but has only two starting techniques.. Enter your house (north of the crossroads). You might want to de-equip your students of everything they have before you enter; it'll make the coming fights go faster.

Whoever you picked, you should keep talking to them and fighting them throughout the next scenes. Fighting with students who are not your inheritor is more or less useless, since you'll lose them. Your inheritor is automatically picked based on which person has the most fights, so you might as well fight all of 'em with the person you like. ^^;

About techniques: When you fight your students, they are the ones who'll gain experience. When they level up, they'll learn one of the moves you used on them during battle (if you use several moves, they'll learn the last one). So keep track of which moves the student you're fighting knows, and only use the ones s/he doesn't know! This way s/he will learn the maximum amount of techniques. Note that if you miss any, s/he will learn them normally by leveling up, but you can save some time this way. 8-) Students tend to level up every 2-3 battles. It's also a good idea to teach them the more useless techs first (MonkeyFist, LeagueLeg) so they can't use the good ones against you in subsequent battles. The exception to this is Lei: since she starts on a higher level, she won't be able to learn three techniques this way, so you might as well give her the best ones first.

The first three fights you don't have a choice as to who to fight; you'll fight each student in turn. Next you'll fight on a mountain; the student you fight will have his/her CON raised by 5 after every fight. Next is a forest; same thing except this's for SP. Finally you'll be in the dojo, where it's the same except you'll gain PW. Before fighting your last fight, make *sure* to de-equip everybody besides Ro.

After the last battle, Ro will end up on his own. Head back to Yunfa Street (lower right of the crossroads). Go all the way north and talk to the ruffians. This is actually exactly the same fight as before. After it's over, talk to everyone in town again. From north to south: The girls will give you a Chouchou, Panda, and Peach. The restaurant owner will give you a Fukaheri; the old man south gives you an ArtofWar, man behind the counter gives a Meat, the guy in red gives an OldSake, the old man west of him a PotLid, the purple guy a PekingPot, the next purple guy a Jam, and the old couple near the exit a TigerHand and TigerSuit. Equip the best stuff on Ro and return to his house/dojo.

You'll find your inheritor outside (if it's Lei) or inside (the other two) the dojo. Pick him/her up and go inside. Talk to the other two students. When you regain control, go north to the mountain and examine the graves. Your next stop? Gihamon Kung Fu Temple, north of the forest! Head west from the crossroads to get to the forest.

Your inheritor will join you sometime inside the temple. Lei will stop you before you get past the forest, Yun will join at the entrance, and Samo in a room near the start of the temple (but inside). If you have Samo, a very familiar boy gets scorched when Ro enters the temple... 8-)

The enemies here aren't very tough, but watch out for the Executioners with the red pigtails. It's a good idea to beat absolutely everybody so you can raise levels.

Go up to fight a barrage of enemies, then north into the temple. In this room, pick up a Jam, FukeiFeather, and KungfuShoes. Head north twice, fight a tiger, north again. In here pick up a Peach and KingShoes. There's a red Executioner in the next room. The jars hold two Peaches, and the table has a Fukaheri. The next room has a fight with five red Executioners, which can be a little tough; hopefully you've leveled up enough to not have any major problems. 8-)

The next room has another tiger, then a weird fight with five Chunchanpais. The table in the middle has 100 HP, but mostly acts to block your attacks, most of which will miss. When you beat them, pick up the Meat and Gourd in the jars. Another tiger in the next room, then you reach the final bosses!

Talk to any person in the room to start each fight. First up is Sanshi/Suushi. Get rid of Sanshi first; Suushi is a wimp. Next is Iishi/Arushi. Get rid of Iishi first, because his one attack is super-strong! Next is Toncha/Shaacha. Try not to be horizontal from Shaacha, because he can hit you with a powerful attack then.

For the next few bosses, don't hold back with your healing items. You shouldn't need very many, but use the ones you do need. Next is Nancha/Peicha. Spread out your attacks and have each character choose one fatso; keep attacking. Their counter techs aren't as nasty as their normal ones. If you're very lucky, you'll win a DragonHand from them. Next is Lin/Shan/Chan. A bit tougher; get Lin first from a distance, because she has the best techs, followed by Chan. Again if you're very lucky you'll get a DragonSuit from them. Keep trying, because it's an awesome item.

The last semi-boss is Iipeikou. Before fighting him, give your inheritor all the best equipment and accessories. Don't get too close to him and you'll have no problems. However, don't stand in a diagonal from him or he'll use a technique that can turn you to stone! Tghe best spot to stand is diagonal right next to him (not further away). Finally, talk to OdiwanLee!

You'll have a special one-time use of the Sengazanken technique, so use it at the start of battle; it'll knock off about half his HP. After that, stay close to him and keep healing yourself as you knock off his HP by using your strongest techs. He isn't one of the hardest final bosses. 8-) You might want to use Ryuuhawan a bit to lower his stats. You win when you beat him! Watch the ending and pay attention to the credits; you might see a familiar name in there. ;-)