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Walkthrough: Final Chapter (as Orsted)

When you finish Orsted's chapter, you'll be brought back to the character select screen. Choosing one of the first seven characters starts the final chapter normally. If you've gotten this far, though, you'll already know that Orsted is actually Odio, so you can't have him beating himself. 8p Instead, you get to beat the GOOD GUYS! Who hasn't wanted to do this? 8p

This version of the chapter is understandably short and pathetically easy. Walk south to reach the room with the seven statues. Go up to each statue in turn and you'll be transported to the boss battle of each of the first seven chapters... but this time you'll be controlling the bosses! What's more, the characters all seem to have done no leveling up at all, since they're all wimps. 8p

There are two endings to this chapter. One is to use all seven statues, beat the tar out of the good guys, and... er, I dunno, make some kind of social comment, I guess. This'll trigger the Sad End, where Orsted visits the now-ruined medieval chapter (he goes into every spot where the other characters appear if you choose them for the final chapter).

There's one more way of ending it, though. If you let the good guys batter you enough in a boss battle (it takes quite a while to do, lemme tell you... and don't pick a boss with a counterattack), the option "Armageddon" will replace the defunct "Run" in the battle menu. Choose it and... WHOMP, there goes the world. Short, sweet, and to the point, I suppose. O_o

Now restart your game, pick a normal character, and finish the game the way you're supposed to! 8p