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Walkthrough: Prehistoric Chapter

At the start, hit your gorilla friend Gori to wake him up and have him join you. Open the chest of drawers for a Stick (you already have one of these). Head out and poke the caveman to wake him up. The room to your right has a HardStone, Stick, and Pelt (equip the Pelt on Pogo). Now, this caveman dude running around isn't just for show. Catch him and another caveman dude will run in. Catch one of the two and another one will run in. Do this a few times and you'll have quite a crowd. Now stand in front of the door and keep pressing A to talk to the caveman just coming in. If you talk to the 20th caveman, you'll get a Stick, Bone, Horn, Fang, Pelt, Leather, and HardStone. If you talk to any other caveman once 20 are already in the room, though, 19 of them will run out and you'll have to start all over again! ^^; Exit (you can do it if you're patient) and go to the next room to the right. Talk to any of the three stooges to get them to leave and let you pick up the Bone and Stick. Now exit this room and exit to the lower left.

This is the caveman commons, you might say. Nobody has anything interesting to add, although some of them are pretty funny (one seems to have eaten too many beans last night). The lower-left cave has a combiner person. (See the full list below.) Give him two items to have him combine them into one more. Easy way for easy attack power: First give him a Bone and HardStone to get a JurassicKnif. Then combine a Stick with the JurassicKnife to get a BusubusuStick, the best weapon in this chapter. You should also combine a Bone and Horn to get a GigigagaWaka, which can be either an accessory or boots (it gives better stats as an accessory). Finally, combine a Bone and Pelt to get a BeastKaburi, which can be equipped on Gori. That's about all for now.

You can try entering the two doors at the top for some caveman fun, but you can't go in. Go to the top left door (with the ram skull over it). Pick up the Stick, then talk to the old guy. Follow him into the top center door and exit to the lower right. Talk to the rightmost caveman to see what you're about to do. Once he's done, talk to the old guy again. Now, hit the Y button to use your schnozz to sniff out animals. Little white clouds will emit from wherever the animal is, so continually use Y to narrow down where they are (they do move around). A battle will begin when you find them, but with your new equipment it shouldn't be very hard. Find all the battles (there are three, I think, and you get a Meatbone after each one) then return to the elder.

Go back inside and you'll notice all the cavepeople are gone. Guess it's time to go to bed, eh? Go to the lower right entrance and take the first door; hop into bed. You'll awaken in the middle of the night and Gori will be missing. Go back out (you'll see a sleepwalking caveman). First head into the elder's cave at the top left, and enter his bedroom. Pick up the JurassicKnif and Strips. (You can't get this later, so be sure to pick it up now!) Next go into the food storage at the top right, where you'll find Gori snoozing.

Talk to him and he'll rejoin you, but you'll see something move. Examine the bone, then exit the room and re-enter. Another meatbone will be gone. First examine the bone one more time to get a Bone, then step away from the haystacks and hit Y to smell someone! Examine the haystack the smell comes out of. Do this a few times and the haystack will move to the right. Approach it and throw it a Meatbone. Leave it there, exit the room, and re-enter again. Approach the haystack again and Beru will join you! Talk to Gori to get him to rejoin you as well, then head back to your room. Before entering, equip Beru with the best weapons and armor that you have, because she'll be quite weak and you won't have a chance to change her equipment before her first fight.

Upon entering the lower right cave, try to sneak past the sleeping caveman; you won't be able to before he wakes up. Return to the upper right cave (food storage) and examine the lone haystack on the right. Beru will jump in. You can now return to your room and enter your bed for a hilarious sequence. 8-)

When you wake up, Beru will be in the haystack and you can give her some items. 8-) If you try to give her a TsukeDown or KachinkoCase, you'll get slapped. 8p You'll get the kiss treatment from a Meatbone, HugeMeatbone, or GigigagaWaka. If you give her a WildDress, WildBag, BoinVenus, or FangNecklace... HOO BOY! Pogo gets a nosebleed. 8p However, if you do this you'll lose the item, which you really DON'T want to do. O_o Anyway... give her any item that gets you a kiss or a nosebleed and you can advance the storyline.

Before doing so, though, you'd best do some more leveling up outside. (If you defeat all the monsters, just go back into the cave and out again and they'll reset.) You'll want Pogo at at least level 6, so he knows Bunbun. You'll also want to make some equipment for Beru... with your new Strips, you can either make a WildBag (with Leather), or a WildDress (with Pelt). You can also get another Strips by combining a Pelt and JurassicKnif (you can get the knife by combining a Bone and HardStone). If you only can get one Strips, I'd go for the dress.

Once you're done leveling up, and have gotten all the items you might possibly need, save and then talk to the caveman at the very north of "town", looking upwards. Go down for a scene. After the scene, head down and examine any of the little scooters to start a fight with a bunch of KuuTribe. They're not very tough, but keep Beru far away from them. Use Gori's normal attack and Pogo's Bunbun attack. Then Zaki will attack. He has much stronger attacks, but Bunbun will prevail! 8p Gori's Ukii can also be useful. Keep Beru away from him! Use Meatbones if you must.

You'll be kicked out of the complex and must fend for yourself now! Worry not, though. If you *are* at least level 6, you should be able to survive out here. ^^; Keep Beru away from the enemies until she gains a few levels (if you have that WildDress, the going is MUCH easier). You'll be spending some more time leveling up here. At the top left is a caveman who'll combine materials for you. (However, the good ones can only be made with Strips or Leather, which monsters don't drop. You can, however, create your own Strips by combining a Bone+HardStone for JurassicKnif, and that with a Pelt.)

The difficulty level varies wildly here. Just hope you don't run across a bunch of SabreTigers or Moas and you can level up Beru a bit. (Note that if you flee battle and re-enter, the enemies will be different.) Once she reaches level 3 she gets a great multi healing tech which makes future leveling far easier. Beat ALL the monsters outside, then head into the cave at the upper right. (If you go back out, the monsters will be back. More leveling up, yay!) I highly suggest leveling Beru up to level 7; at that point she gains the strongest technique in the chapter, believe it or not. And once you enter the cave, she can't level up any more.

When you're ready, enter the cave and examine the dead fire. After the scene, it's a duel between Pogo and Zaki! Zaki is the same as before, but now you only have Pogo. Use the trusty Bunbun to knock his salamander out. 8p He'll run off into a cave, but shut it behind him, and Pogo isn't strong enough to open it. Head south, pick up Gori, and have him bust open the cave. Go north to fall into a trap! Just keep heading north here until you see a scene.

It'll be pitch black when you wake up. You can see a very little bit if you try real carefully. ^^; Use your schnozz again, but this time be sure to examine what's in the dust cloud! A meatbone indicates an item, but a skull and crossbones is an enemy! You might also see Zaki, which means the exit. There's a total of two Meatbones to be found (one to the lower right of where you are, one to the left, but you'll have to go around to get it). The exit is in the top left; hit A a few times to open it. You'll end up back in the cave with the fire.

Enter the top left cave again, jump over the hole, and exit. There are more enemies here, and stronger. The mammoths are quite tough, but they drop Leathers and HugeMeatbones, which are very useful. At the far left is the combining dude again. Continue north into the cave.

You can try sneaking past the sleeping caveman, but you won't be able to. Instead, head right and up. Gori will be... distracted. 8-) Leave him there and head south, and he'll make a path of carnage into the town. Don't enter the left two caves; you'll start a fight with a bunch of KuuTribe (just use UooUoo to beat them) and they'll keep chasing after you. If that happens, just run away south and then re-enter the cave again. Go into the top right cave. Pick up a JurassicKnif, Pelt, and HardStone. Talk to Gori three or four times until he comes to his senses.

Now, you can head to the right to finish the game, or you can do some sidequests. Head back to the pit, and you'll see a little scene. Betcha anything that caveman's name is Watanabe. 8p Head south and to the lower left. There's a little rock that looks kind of like a face. Go up to it and press the A button exactly 100 times and a sound like a door opening will be heard. (If you go over 100, the door will close and you'll have to do it again!) If you did it correctly, go left to see a cave opening. Examine the tablet in here. Give it a Bone (any other item will kick you out and you'll have to start all over!) to get a Rock (an awesome accessory that can also be used as an item unlimited times to see enemy HP).

You can also find a KingMammoth wandering around here. When you sniff for enemies, you might see a running mammoth sign instead of a deer. Be warned, he's extremely fast and hard to find! When you do find him, you're in for the fight of your life. You'll need to be at least level 16 to beat him and have the best armor and accessories you can get. Level up in the last area (outside the Kuu village) so you can get as many HugeMeatbones as possible. In battle, have Pogo keep using Dodege, and keep Gori using the HugeMeatbones (have him be further away than Pogo from the boss). If your HP is full, have Gori use Ukii, so at least you can slow his HP recovery. When you win, you'll get a KingFang. If you're lucky, he'll also drop a Soda! Using it in battle gives you unlimited BaribariDream moves, but equip it on Pogo so you can use it in the final chapter! (You won't need it for the final boss of this chapter.)

Return to the cave where you found Gori's friends and go into the cave to the right. Here, first go into the left cave for a Stick and Bone, then enter the right cave. KuuTribe will rush at you; they're very easy to beat, so just keep plugging onwards. You'll have to beat two or three at the very doorway before they stop coming (the music will change back when they're done). Go up twice. A scene will play out, then you'll fight Zaki one more time. You can't actually beat him this time; just hit him a few times and wait. A scene will play out, then you'll end up fighting O-Di-O!

Zaki will join you for this fight. If you leveled up Beru enough, you can just keep having her use Luuluu while Gori or Zaki use HugeMeatbones (you won't be needing them after this fight). He'll go down in no time. 8-) If she doesn't have Luuluu, have her use Furefure while the others attack. If she doesn't have THAT, she's pretty useless for this fight. ^^; Keep your fighters away from the boss if possible. Pogo should use Bunbun, Zaki should use Baritanku, and Gori should use Ukipu. Don't stand diagonal from him, or he'll let loose with a rather nasty attack. Good luck!

Combining Materials