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Techniques (Enemy/Item)

Enemies: Prehistoric Chapter

The fight with Zaki is just a normal fight with the character; the techniques are viewable from the Characters page.

Experience Encounter List

ImageNameSizeHPTechniquesItem DroppedLocation
Alcosaur3x2224Snap, BiteLeather, FangPit
Archaeotelium2x268SandBath, Headbutt, SnapMeatbone, HardStone, Fang, StickOutdoors (any)
Bronto2x2304Headbutt, SandBath, EarthStomp, QuarrelLeatherOutdoors (3rd area)
FAlcosaur3x2192Snap, TailLeather, FangPit
Falralcos2x3272Dirty Trick, Bite, Ransack, BloodSuckHardStone, MeatboneOutdoors (3rd area)
FArchaeotelium2x256BodyBlow, HeadbuttMeatbone, HardStone, Fang, StickOutdoors (any)
FBronto2x2288EarthStomp, HeadbuttLeatherOutdoors (3rd area)
FFalralcos2x3240BloodSuck, Ransack, DirtyTrickHardStone, MeatboneOutdoors (3rd area)
FMammoth3x3480FlowerShip, PoisonTear, Coon, BodyBlowHugeMeatboneOutdoors (3rd area)
FMoa2x3128Sunstroke, DirtyTrick, PressureHardStone, Pelt, StickOutdoors (2nd area)
FNaumanElephant3x3352FlowerShip, PoisonTear, RecklessGlee, SandBathHugeMeatboneOutside (2nd area)
FPrimevalBison2x2128Corner, Quarrel, EarthStompMeatbone, Horn, PeltOutdoors (any)
FSabreTiger2x2100Snap, BiteFang, BoneOutdoors (2nd/3rd area)
FShintetrakes1x255DonkeyKick, Sunstroke, BodyBlowHorn, StickOutdoors (1st area)
KekeMole1x110Split, Hehehe, ThrustHardStonePit
*KingMammoth3x3992HugeEruption(+C), FlowerShip, FlameThrower; fire healSodaOutdoors (2nd area)
KuuTribe2x240LitheDance, BoneThrow, BoneAxeTsukeDown, BeastKaburiKuu Village
Mammoth3x3544Snap, FlowerShip, BodyBlowHugeMeatboneOutdoors (3rd area)
Moa2x3160DirtyTrick, PressureHardStone, Pelt, StickOutdoors (2nd area)
NaumanElephant3x3400PoisonTear, FlowerShip, RecklessGleeHugeMeatboneOutdoors (2nd area)
*O-Di-O3x3992Bite, Ransack(+C), ReverseCalm, BloodSuckXKuu Village
PrimevalBison2x2144Quarrel, Corner, EarthStompMeatbone, Horn, PeltOutdoors (any)
SabreTiger2x2128Trample, Ransack, BiteFang, BoneOutdoors (2nd/3rd area)
Shintetrakes1x298Corner, DonkeyKick, Quarrel, SunstrokeHorn, StickOutdoors (1st area)
TinyMammoth1x140Coon, FlowerShip, BodyBlowMeatboneOutdoors (any)
WolfPup1x110Trample, SplitBoneOutdoors (1st area)

Experience Encounter List

Most enemies can be found in more than one area. This just tells you where they first appear. Also, the enemies you encounter are based on some function of your party's levels, so you may not be able to find Wolf Pups when you're level 20.

Hunting Grounds
Wolf Pup x43Archaeotelium, FArchaeotelium6
Shintetrakes, FShintetrakes4FShintetrakes4
PrimevalBison7PrimevalBison, FPrimevalBison8
1st Outdoors Area
TinyMammoth x34SabreTiger x3, FSabreTiger x39
SabreTiger x2, FSabreTiger x29SabreTiger, FSabreTiger8
Moa, FMoa8FPrimevalBison, FMoa x28
Alcosaur5Alcosaur, FAlcosaur8
Alcosaur, FAlcosaur x310KekeMole1
KekeMole x125
2nd Outdoors Area
Archaeotelium, FArchaeotelium x67FMammoth x2, TinyMammoth12
FFalralcos, Falralcos11SabreTiger x3, Bronto, FBronto4
Mammoth, TinyMammoth11Mammoth, FSabreTiger x211
FMammoth, FBronto x212Bronto, FBronto7
Fixed Encounters
KuuTribe x52KuuTribe x15 (Repeatable)8
KuuTribe (Repeatable)1Zaki (Every encounter)0

Technique List