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Item Picture Effect Cost Notes
Healing Pot Heals Giles; Restores 30 HP 10 gold (Atland)
50 gold (Voloh)
Do not use the first Healing Pot you get! Save it for Giles, who needs it more and who will be the one who continues your storyline. You can get another Healing Pot for private use later on at the shop in Atland.
Shiny Stone Restores 20 MP 20 gold (Atland) Use this item to regain 20 MP instantly.
Samson's Key Opens Samson's Door N/A Use this key to open the mysterious door you otherwise couldn't open. Opening the door will result in an immediate battle with the boss Samson, so be prepared.
Shiny Ball Speeds up healing rate 10000 gold (Voloh) Using Shiny Ball in a battle area will cause your healing rate to go up, increasing your chance of survival in trecherous territory. Makes you practically invincible, in fact, if you're standing still.
Elixir Fully heals Nasir 700 gold (Voloh) Use the Elixir for a complete heal on Nasir.
Movable Mantle Rescue townspeople N/A Use the Movable Mantle on the people in Philips castle in order to rescue them.
Tablet of Faith Mystical Tablet N/A One of the three tablets required in order to get the spell needed to unlock the doors to Philips Castle.
Tablet of Wish Mystical Tablet N/A One of the three tablets required in order to get the spell needed to unlock the doors to Philips Castle.
Tablet of Hope Mystical Tablet N/A One of the three tablets required in order to get the spell needed to unlock the doors to Philips Castle.
Key of Prison Rescue townspeople N/A The Key of Prison is located in a chest within Philips Castle, and is requried to rescue the townspeople trapped within the castle.
Key of Philips Allow access to second floor of Philips Castle N/A The townspeople you free give you this so that you can fight Natela, and open the side door to the castle and head to Denegul.
Thor's Pendant Give it back to Thor for a reward N/A Thor lost his pendant! Retrieve it from an NPC in Voloh for an item that will help you on your quest.
Powerful Mirror Used to smash rocks outside Dwarf Cave N/A This is the item that Thor gives to you when you give him his pendant.
Moon Stone Mystical stone needed to make the Moon Blade N/A The object of your quest in Denegul, the Moon Stone is located in Silence Cave within Dwarf Cave.
Freezing Pot Cold substance that can freeze lava N/A A lava path in the Dwarf Cave can only be made possible to travel across using this item for showing an old man the moon stone.
Mint Curative plant that can reverse a plague N/A Only this plant can cure the epidermic in Poper. Find it in a chest in the second part of Siegfried Castle.
Duma's Key Access to Duma in Siegfried Castle N/A Given to you by the eighth spirit in Poper, the key allows you to open the silver doors you couldn't before.
Key of Siegfried Full access of Siegfried Castle N/A Acquired after defeating Duma, this allows you to travel to the third floor of Siegfried Castle so you can do your evil-thwarting thing.
Angel's Bell Summons nymphs N/A Acquired from a gnome in Lilaty, the bell allows you to summon the aid of nymphs after you defeat all the demons in Ice Cave.
Truth Fire Forces person spoken to to tell the truth N/A Acquired from a gnome in Lilaty, the Truth Fire is used to get the Fur Mantle from the village liar.
Fur Mantle Allows access into Ice Cave N/A Acquired from a the village liar in Lilaty, if you use the Truth Fire while talking to him he will give you the Fur Mantle.
Bright Stone Fully restores MP N/A Found in Ice Cave in a chest in the northern part of the dungeon.
Life Ball Revives Nasir on death (once only) N/A Once you defeat Thimale, you will get this item as part of your loot.
Statue Use it to rescue Princess Felicia N/A Find this item in a chest on the second floor of Lagoon Castle.

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