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Q & A

Q.  Where do I get the Genji stuff?

A.  Steal from Gilgamesh each time you fight him.


Q.  What's with that man in Kelb's well who asks for a frog?

A.  You'll have to give him what he wants, a frog. Go outside, make sure someone has the !Catch ability and walk around in the area south of Kelb until you run into the frog-like Conago. In order to successfully used !Catch on it, you'll have to reduce its HP until it has only 1/8th or less of its HP left. It will try to run when hurt, so you'll have to be quick. When you've successfully caught a Conago, go back to the man in Kelb's well. In return for the Conago and 10000 Gil, you'll receive the Conago Jar, which, when equipped, makes it so that to !Catch enemies you only need to reduce the enemy's HP by 1/2.


Q.  I can't get into the Phoenix Tower!  What am I doing wrong?
A.  Search the south side of the center wall (Face the wall and tap A all the way across). You'll find entrances eventually.


Q.  Where do I find the Braveblade and the Chicken Knife?
A.  Go back to the town of Mua in the 3rd world and enter the house on the southwest from the back. (This door was locked in the 2nd world.) If you can find your way through the maze behind it, an old man will give you a choice of the Braveblade or the Chicken Knife: You can't get them both.


Q.  What about that guy in Mirage who says to ride a chocobo around the world?
A.  Mirage has the black chocobo, so you just gotta be REAL careful not to go off the land, or over mountains, right? WRONG!!!! You gotta fly back and get Boco again. From Guido's cave, ride Boco south and around that mountain tip. Keep going, and you'll eventually pass Karnak, Surgate, Bal, and keep going south along the area formerly a chain of small islands. Then keep going up past Mirage and Crescent, continuing to pass by where Tycoon should have been. Do NOT go toward where Worus was. Just keep going and eventually, you'll find your way back to Guido's cave. Fly back to Mirage, and the guy who gave you that dare will give you a Mirage robe.


Q.  What about the magic lamp?
A.  Go back to Boco, and go north from Guido's Cave. Pass by Tule, and work around to a series of streams, that only Boco can run through. The streams will take you behind Istory Falls. When you enter somewhere, walk down one step, and check for the lamp. Also, after using it a few times, you'll notice that it's attacks wind down quite a bit. Check where the lamp was again, to get it back to full power.