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This list is based on this file, which I assume was compiled from a hex dump of the ROM. You may want to grab it, it includes info that can be used in cheat codes (I think), as well as dummy items and call beasts, which are left out here.

If it says a weapon deals '*something*' damage, it deals more damage to enemies weak against the named element, and less to monsters strong against it. It might even heal monsters strong against that element. *something* could be Fire, Ice, Lightning, Water, Wind, Holy or Poison.

Also, remember that this list was made based on the old patch for the FF5 ROM, so if you're using a recent translation or the PSX version of the game, some of the items' names may be different from the ones you're used to.

General Items

ID # Item Effect(s)
E0 Potion Recover 50 HP
E1 HiPotion Recover 500 HP
E2 Ether Recover 40 MP
E3 Elixir Recover full HP/MP
E4 FenixDown Recover from 'Wounded' status
E5 MaidnKiss Cure 'Frog' status
E6 HolyWater Cure 'Zombie' status
E7 TurtlShell Ingredient for Mix
E8 Antidote Cure 'Poison' status
E9 Eyedrop Cure 'Blind' status
EA DragnFang Ingredient for Mix
EB DrkMatter Ingredient for Mix
EC Soft Cure 'Stone' status
ED LuckMallet Cure 'Mini' status
EF MagicLamp Summons call beasts in battle, starting with Bahamut and working its way down to Chocobo Kick.  Can be recharged by returning it to the place you find it (behind a waterfall in the 3rd world).  (Thanks to Jon)
F0 Tent Rest a night to recover HP/MP
F1 Cottage Rest a night to recover to full HP/MP
F2 Giant Doubles max HP when drank during battle
F3 Power Raises attack power when drank during battle
F4 Speed Effect of 'Haste' when drank during battle
F5 Protect Raises defense power when drank during battle
F6 Hero Raises all abilities when drank during battle


ID # Knife Attack Power Special Effects


Knife 4 None
03 Dagger 11 None
04 Mithril 20 None
05 Kunai 26 +1 agility
06 MageMasher 28 +1 magic power, occasionally mutes enemies.
07 Guardian 33 Randomly blocks physical attacks.   (Thanks to Keester)
08 Kodachi 43 +1 agility
09 Orialcon 38 None
0A Air Knife 53 Deals 'Wind' damage.
0B Assassin 78 +1 agility, Randomly casts 'Death'.   (Thanks to Dan)
0C Sasuke 96 +1 agility, Randomly blocks physical attacks. (Thanks to Onion Kid)
63 Chicken 3-127 Causes you to run away in battle.  Takes a few runaways to get its attack power up, using !Capture will prevent this effect.  (Thanks to Jon)
6B ManEater 86 +2 magic power, vitality, strength, agility, effective against humanoid enemies.
6C Thief 63 +1 agility, chance of steal
6D Dancing 48 +1 magic power, agility, usually does random dances.


ID # Sword Attack Power Special Effects
0D Broad 12 None
0E Long 19 None
0F Mithril 28 None
10 Coral 34 Deals 'Water' damage.
11 Ancient 40 Occasionally causes enemies to age.
12 Great 54 None
13 Slumber 46 Occasionally puts enemies to sleep.
14 Defender 96 Randomly blocks physical attacks. (Thanks to Onion Kid)
15 Excalibur 107 +5 strength, deals 'Holy' damage.
16 Ragnarok 137 None
55 Blood Sword 81 +5 magic power, Drain HP from enemies. Do NOT use against undead. Misses often.  (Thanks to Jon)
56 Rune Edge 47 Consumes MP to do a critical hit with every attack.
57 Flame 60 Deals 'Fire' damage.
58 Ice Brand 62 Deals 'Ice' damage.
5C Excalipur 0 Says 100 attack power in game but acts as 0. Still has 100 attack power when Thrown.   (Thanks to Dan)
61 BraveBld 144-23 +5 strength, decreases in attack power by +/- 20 points if you run away, permanently.   (Thanks to Jon and Dan)
6E Enhancer 99 +3 magic power


ID # Spear Attack Power Special Effects
17 Javelin 52 +1 strength
18 Spear 22 +1 agility
19 Mithril 27 None
1A Trident 34 Deals 'Water' damage.   (Thanks to Dan)
1B Wind 41 Occasionally attacks with 'Aero 2'
1C Partisan 59 None
1D Heavy 51 None
1F Holy 106 +3 strength, deals 'Holy' damage.  (Thanks to Dan)
20 Hiryuu 119 Dragons are weak against this weapon. (Thanks to Filter)


ID # Axe Attack Power Special Effects
21 Battle 20 None
22 Mithril 25 None
23 Ogre 30 None
24 Warhammer 35 None
25 Poison 45 Deals 'Poison' damage.   (Thanks to Dan)
26 Earth 55 Randomly causes an earthquake.  (Thanks to Jon)
27 Rune 68 +3 magic power, consumes MP to do a critical hit with every attack.
28 Thor 78 Deals 'Lightning' damage.   (Thanks to Dan)
69 DoomCut 40 Randomly kills enemies.  (Thanks to Jon)
6A Giant's 88 None


ID # Two-Handed Sword Attack Power Special Effects
29 Ashura 39 None
2A Airblade 41 Occasionally attacks with a wind attack.
2B Kotetsu 55 None
2C Bizen 48 None
2D Kiku 84 None
2E Murasame 94 None
2F Masamune 104 Always attack first in battle.
30 Nimbus 117 Occasionally hits for double damage.  (Thanks to ShaheenJim)


ID # Rod Attack Power Special Effects
31 Rod 5 +1 magic power
32 Fire 13 Deals 'Fire' damage, casts 'Fire3' and shatters if used as an item
33 Ice 13 Deals 'Ice' damage, casts 'Ice3' and shatters if used as an item
34 Thunder 13 Deals 'Lightning' damage, casts 'Bolt3' and shatters if used as an item
35 Poison 29 Deals 'Poison' damage.
36 Lillith 27 +3 magic power


Wonder 0 +2 magic power, occasionally casts a random spell on the enemy, casts 'Return' if used as an item.   (Thanks to Dan)
37 Wizard 37 Increases the power of all Black and White spells by 50%.   (Thanks to Dan)


ID # Staff Attack Power Special Effects
38 Staff 6 None
39 Mithril 16 None
3A Power 0 Attacks with 'Berzerk'.   (Thanks to Dan)
3B Cure 0 +6 magic power, attacks with 'Cure2'
3C Light 42 +2 magic power
3D Sage 50 Increases damage of "Holy", very effective against Undead enemies. (Thanks to Onion Kid)
3E Judgement 57 +3 magic power, deals "Holy" damage. (Thanks to Onion Kid)


These can be equipped by anyone who can equip staffs; basically, they are staffs which do the same amount of damage from the back row.

ID # Cane Attack Power Special Effects
94 Flail 13 Same damage from back row.
95 MornStar 47 Same damage from back row.


ID # Crossbow Attack Power Special Effects
3F Flame 36 Deals 'Fire' damage.
40 Frost 36 Deals 'Ice' damage.
41 Thunder 36 Deals 'Lightning' damage.
42 Darkness 39 Randomly causes Blindness. (Thanks to Pootmonkey)
43 KillerBow 46 Randomly casts 'Death'.   (Thanks to Dan)
44 Elfin 53 None
45 Yoichi 98 +3 strength, agility
46 Artemis 108 None
65 Silver 35 None
66 Gust 66 Randomly does XFight (i.e. attacks 4 times at half strength).  (Thanks to Jon)
67 Mafuuji 0 Casts 'Quiet'.   (Thanks to Dan)
68 Avis 88 Double damage to any Avis.  (Thanks to Jon)

Bard Weapons

ID # Harp Attack Power Special Effects
47 Silver 12 None.
48 Dream 22 Occasionally causes enemies to fall asleep.
49 Lamia 32 Occasionally confuses enemies.
4A Apollon 42 Very effective against Undead.


ID # Whip Attack Power Special Effects
4B Whip 23 Occasionally paralyzes enemies.
4C Chain 49 Occasionally paralyzes enemies.
4D Blitz 39 Deals 'Lightning' damage, occasionally attacks enemy with 'Bolt'.   (Thanks to Dan)
4E Firebute 79 +2 strength, agility, deals 'Fire' damage, randomly casts 'Fire 3'.   (Thanks to Jon and Dan)
4F Dragon 89 None (?)
5D Beastkill 69 Occasionally paralyzes enemies.


ID # Elemental Weapon Attack Power Special Effects
50 Giyaman 21 Same damage from back row.
51 Earth 32 Same damage from back row, randomly casts "Quake".
52 Rune 42 Same damage from back row.
53 Tinker 52 Same damage from back row.

Ninja/Thief Weapons

(these can also be used by Mimics)

ID # Ninja/Thief Weapon Attack Power Special Effects
59 Crescent 32 Same damage from back row.
64 RisingSun 68 Same damage from back row.
1E TwinLance 58 Attacks twice, only counters once.  (Thanks to Jon)

Thrown Weapons

ID # Weapon













ID # Shield Defense Power Evade Special Effects
81 Leather 0 10 None
82 Bronze 1 15 None
83 IronShld 2 20 None
84 Mithril 3 25 None
85 GoldShld 4 30 None
86 Aegis 5 33 +1 magic power, randomly evades magic attacks. (Thanks to Onion Kid)
87 Diamond 6 35 None
88 Crystal 8 45 None
C4 Flame 7 40 +5 magic defense, blocks 'Fire' attacks.   (Thanks to Dan)
C6 Genji 9 50 +1 magic defense
CD IceShld 7 40 +5 magic defense, blocks 'Ice' attacks.   (Thanks to Dan)
CE Bloodied 15 1 +5 magic defense


ID # Helmet Defense Power Magical Defense Power Special Effects
89 Leather 1 1 None
8A Bronze 2 2 None
8B IronHelm 4 2 None
8C Mithril 6 2 None
8D GoldHelm 8 2 None
8E Diamond 10 2 None
8F Crystal 13 2 None
90 Feather 2 2 None
91 Tricorn 4 2 +1 magic power
92 Mitre 6 2 +2 magic power
93 Socklet 10 2 +3 magic power
94 Hairpin 0 2 Halves MP cost of spells in battle.
95 Ribbon 12 2 +5 strength, agility, vitality, magic power, prevents most status ailments.  (Thanks to Jon)
96 Headband 6 0 +3 strength
97 GrnBeret 3 2 +1 strength, agility
98 DarkHood 12 2 +2 agility
99 Lamian 3 7 +3 magic power
C3 TigrMask 9 2 None (?)
C7 Genji 22 2 None
CB Hypno 5 4 +1 magic power, raises !Control success rate.  (Thanks to Jon)


Thornlet 20 5 -5 magic power, causes character's HP to fall in battle.


ID # Armor Defense Power Magical Defense Power Special Effects
9A Leather 1 1 None
9B Bronze 4 2 None
9C Iron 6 2 None
9D Mithril 9 2 None
9E Gold 12 2 None
9F Diamond 15 2 None
A0 Crystal 20 2 None
A1 Copper 3 2 None
A3 Silver 7 2 None
A5 DiaPlate 13 2 None
A6 DarkSuit 17 2 +1 strength, agility
BF BoneMail 30 5 Gives wearer standard undead weaknesses. Beware!
C8 Genji 22 2 None


ID # Robe Defense Power Magical Defense Power Special Effects
A2 Training 5 2 +1 strength
A4 Stealth 9 2 +1 agility
A7 Cotton 2 4 None
A8 SilkRobe 4 6 None
A9 Earth 8 2 None
AA Bard 6 8 None
AB Lumina 11 12 +2 magic power
AC Black 14 14 +5 magic power
AD White 14 14 +3 magic power, vitality
AE Mirage 14 4 Causes first attack towards wearer to miss in every battle.  (Thanks to Jon)
B9 Strength 11 0 +3 strength
BB AngelGwn 10 11 +5 vitality, prevents most status ailments.  (Thanks to Dan)
CF Rainbow 18 3 Raises chance of Dancer's "Sword Dance".


ID # Ring Effects
AF Protect +10 defense, magic defense, +5 vitality, cast "Regen" on wearer.  (Thanks to Keester)
B0 Thief +4 defense, +1 agility, successful 'Steal' rate up.
B1 Giant +5 strength, vitality, -5 agility, magic power, +9 defense, +1 magic defense
B2 Elf Cape +3 magic defense, +1 magic power, agility, causes physical attacks against the wearer to miss occasionally. (Thanks to CyberTaco)
B3 Cursed +25 defense, +5 magic defense, cursed. (duh ;)
B4 Glasses +1 defense, magic defense, prevents 'Blind' status.   (Thanks to Dan)
B5 Hermes Casts 'Haste' on wearer.
B6 Mithril +3 defense
B7 Silver +2 defense, +3 magic defense
B8 Diamond +4 defense, +5 magic defense
BA PwrWrist +3 defense, strength.
BC AngelRng +5 defense, +10 magic defense, prevents 'Zombie' and 'Aging' status.
BD FlameRng +5 defense, magic defense, absorbs Flame attacks, causes weakness to Water attacks, protects against Ice attacks.  (Thanks toJon)
BE CoralRng +5 defense, magic defense, absorbs Water attacks, causes weakness to Thunder attacks, protects against Flame attacks.  (Thanks to Jon)
C0 Leather +1 defense, magic defense
C1 KaiserKn +8 defense, +5 strength, 'Brawl' attack power up.
C2 Gauntlet +6 defense, +1 magic defense
C5 ConagoJr Makes it so you only have to reduce an enemies HP to 1/2 instead of 1/8 to !Catch it.  (Thanks to Jon)
C9 Genji +12 defense, +1 magic defense
CA WallRing Casts 'Wall' on wearer.
D0 RedShoes +11 defense, +2 magic defense, raises chance of Dancer's "Sword Dance".   (Thanks to Dan)

Cool but Useless

ID # Item Description
F7 DrgnCrest

You get this for beating Shinryuu.  Does absolutely nothing.

F8 OmegaMedl

You get this for beating Omega.  Doesn't do a thing.



Efuefu is Japanese for 'Final Fantasy'.  It's unlikely it can be found in the game..

6F L. Hand A Monk's best weapon.
70 R. Hand The perfect compliment to the L. Hand.