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To use this section effectively, you'll have to know how to handle a hex editor. For those of you who do, here's where you can find the values for your characters' stats in zSNES savestates.

1st Character Job Level: 114D
Job Points: 114E - 114F
Strength: 1137
Agility: 1138
Vitality: 1139
Magic Pwr: 113A
Current HP: 1119 - 111A
Max HP: 111B - 111C
Current MP: 111D - 111E
Max MP: 111F - 1120
Experience: 1116 - 1118

Add 50 (Hex) for the next characters stats. For Example, Character 2's Job Points are at 119E - 119F.

Your party's amount of gold is located at 155A - 155C.

Items: The first item TYPE is located at 1253. The first item QUANTITY is located at 1353. The second item values are located at 1254 and 1354 respectively (yes, these numbers are in Hex). You can hold up to 256 items at once (I'm not sure about duplicate items though).

You can find the hex values for every item type in the Item List; the ID # of the item is the hex value you need to use for that item.

Values that take up more than one byte are in little-endian mode (the least significant byte is on the left). For example, if bytes 119E and 119F are E8 and 3 respectively, character 2 currently has 1000 job points, not 59395 job points.

Please note that I did not collect this info myself, so I may not be able to answer any questions you may have about this list. However, any corrections or additions to the list are always welcome.