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Blue Magic Strategy Guide

This guide explains exactly how to get all Blue spells, in the easiest and fastest way possible. Of course, before you can start collecting the spells, you'll need to have obtained the Blue Mage job from the Wind Shrine.

Note that in this document I'll be referring to "Learners" a lot. A Learner is a character who can learn a Blue spell after a battle if and when he/she feels the effect of that spell. Therefore, a Learner can be one of three things:
- A character who is using the Blue Mage job;
- A character who is using the Learning ability;
- A character who has mastered the Blue Mage job and is using either the Mimic job or no job.

Also, make sure that at the end of a battle in which a Learner got hit by a Blue Spell, the Learner is in a conscious state (i.e. not unconscious, turned to stone or removed from the battle) or you won't learn the spell.

Now the list of spells follows. All the Blue spells are listed in the order in which you can get them.



Goblin Punch

After you get the Blue Mage job in the Wind Shrine, give someone that job and re-enter the Wind Shrine. There, pick a fight with a Black Goblin. Kill all the other enemies that might be with it and wait. He'll use Goblin Punch fairly often. Kill him after he hits a Learner with it.


While you're in the Wind Shrine, be on the lookout for Mold Winds as well. These use Aero sometimes. It might take a couple of tries to learn it though, since they are only able to cast Aero about two times before they run out of MP. Of course, a sure way to learn it is turning all characters into Blue Mages before the battle.

Blood Suck/Vampire

In case you're confused, Blood Suck and Vampire are the same spell. It was called Blood Suck in the old translation and Vampire in the latest translation. There are more spells where this is the case, and these will be listed in the same format: Old name/New name.
Now, back to the spell. There are lots of opportunities to learn this one, since many enemies use it. But if you want it as fast as possible, go back to the Pirate Cave after getting the Blue Mage job. As you may have noticed when you were here before, the Steel Bats here use it, if you let them.

Frog Song

You can find Elf Toads in the secret waterway behind a waterfall in Worus Castle, or in the Worus Tower. When one of these becomes alone, it will start using Frog Song. So, kill all the other enemies that occompany the Elf Toad, if any, and it will use Frog Song for sure.


Strange name for a spell huh? Anyway, there are Wild Nacks in the forested areas near Karnak from which you can learn this spell. Note that when the enemy uses this spell, you don't see they are using a "????" ability at the top of the screen. Instead you'll see the enemy blink to indicate it is taking an action, and after a short pause, you'll be hit. This hit will have a slighty different graphic effect than a standard attack, and if you haven't hit the enemy yet, it will do 0 damage. So don't attack before your Learner gets hit by an attack which does 0 damage and you'll learn ???? at end of combat.


In the Steamship there is an enemy called Crew Dust. Follow the advise of a man in Karnak: "There is a monster called Crew Dust. When it becomes alone, it will use Flash." So, like you did when trying to get Frog Song from an Elf Toad, kill any other enemies that might be around in a group of enemies where a Crew Dust is present and it will use Flash.


Still in the Steamship, you've probably noticed that after some battles two Motor Traps come down from the ceiling. It is possible to learn Exploder from them, but there's only one way to make them cast it. Turn a character into a Blue Mage with !Black(any level) or a Black Mage with Learning. When you encounter the Motor Traps, have that character cast Bolt on one of them. It will retaliate with Exploder. Now all you have to do is defeat the other Motor Trap (don't forget to revive the character if he/she was knocked unconcious by Exploder) and you'll learn the spell.

Aero 2

It's kinda risky, but you can learn Aero 2 in Karnak Castle when it is about to explode. When opening treasure chests here, you may very well encounter a monster-in-a-box called Gigas. If you have the time, stand around for a while, and it will cast Aero 2 on someone. If you are unwilling to take this risk you will have to wait until the Ancient Library and learn it from Page 32.
NOTE: If you missed it before, you can learn Aero from Gigas very easily. Simply attack it, and it will often counteratttack by casting Aero on the entire party.

Death Claw

Pressure or no pressure, it is in your best interest to learn this at the exploding Karnak Castle. When you're about to exit the castle, you'll face Iron Claw, who uses Death Claw fairly often. Be sure to learn the spell here, because the next opportunity to learn it won't be until you reach Galuf's World. If you do miss it or you'd rather wait with learning it until Galuf's World, fight Statues in Castle Bal's basement and try to learn it from them.

Aqua Breath/Aqua Rake

There is an enemy called D. Chimera which is the only enemy you can encounter in the desert south of Karnak. When you pass this desert the first time, you will most likely not be strong enough to defeat it. But be sure to come back later, since you can learn Aqua Rake (or Aqua Breath, depending on which version of the translation you have) from it.
TIP: Try learning it before fighting the Sandworm in the Quicksand Desert; you can kill the Sandworm instantly if you cast Aqua Rake on it.


Now that you have obtained the Mediator job(or Trainer, if you have the older translation), have someone use it until he/she gains the !Control ability. Equip that ability on the character (you can change the character's job if you wish). Now, walk around in the forest surrounding the Ancient Library and fight a Mithril Dragon. They can use Fusion on their own, but you won't learn it that way. The only way to learn it is by using !Control on one of them until it works. You can tell it what to do now, so have it use Fusion on a Learner.


Now that you have !Control, go back to the Steamship, and find another one of those Motor Traps. !Control one, and have it use Missile on a Learner.

Level 5 Doom

This one's a little tricky. You have to make sure that you have at least one character with a level which is divisible by 5 (5, 10, 15, 20, etc.) but that this is NOT the case with all of your characters. Make one of the characters with a level which is a multiple of 5 a Learner. Now go fight a Page 64 in the Ancient Library and wait until it casts Level 5 Doom. This will kill all characters with a level which is a multiple of 5, so that's why this cannot be the case with all of your characters.(since if everyone is killed, it's Game Over. Duh ;) Anyway, revive the Learner and kill the Page 64. You'll learn Level 5 Doom at end of combat.
TIP: The Adamantium Turtle (Tycoon Meteor), the Launchers on the Sol Cannon (when attacking the flying Lonka ruins) and Archeo Avis' second form (inside the Lonka Ruins) are examples of bosses who can be killed instantly with Level 5 Doom.

Moon Flute

While you're in the Ancient Library, find a Page 256. Every once in a while he'll use Moon Flute on your party.

Guard Off

This is another Blue spell you can learn from Page 256, but he won't use it himself. You will need to use !Control on him, and force him to cast it on a Learner.

Magic Hammer

At the end of the Ancient Library, you'll fight Byblos, who can use Magic Hammer. So try not to kill him until he has used it on a Learner. If you miss it here, you won't get another chance until you reach the Valley of the Hiryuu(Galuf's World), where Drippys can use it on you.

Dark Shock

After obtaining the Steamship, set course for Crescent Island. Walk around for a while and you should meet some Black Flames, which have the ability to cast Dark Shock.
NOTE: They also use an ability called Sonic Wave which does exactly the same as Dark Shock, but you can't learn it.


This one's easy. When you attack the flying Lonka Ruins, you'll have to take out some Fire Cannons and Rockets. The Fire Cannons use Emission all the time, so it shouldn't be too hard to learn it. (if you don't have Missile yet, you can get it from the Rockets easily)

White Wind

This is a VERY handy Blue spell. You can get it inside the flying Lonka Ruins. An enemy called Whirldemon uses it, but since it's a healing spell, he's not going to be stupid and use it on your party. So you're going to have to pursuade him to do so by using the !Control ability on it and forcing him to cast it on your party.


This is another handy tool to have, at least in this stage of the game. Another enemy in the flying Lonka Ruins, Lamia, has this spell. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to want to use it. So, !Control it and have it use Blowfish on a Learner. This will most likely kill the Learner, so be sure to revive him/her before killing the Lamia.

Level 4 Gravity 2/Level 4 Quarter

First, you'll have to make sure that at least one of your characters has a level which is a multiple of 4, and make him/her a Learner. When you've done that, go to the very end of the flying Lonka Ruins, but don't talk to King Tycoon just yet. Instead, walk around in that area until a Hydra confronts you. When it dies it will cast Level 4 Quarter as a last ditch effort. It may not kill you, but everyone who has a level divisible by 4 will not be feeling very well afterwards.
After getting this spell, you have all the Blue spells you can get from World 1. You won't be able to get any others until you're about halfway through Galuf's World...




Time Slip

When you're in the Barrier Tower, you'll probably encounter some Travellers at one point or another. They can cast Time Slip, so make sure they cast it on a Learner before blowing the tower to smithereens.

Li'l Melody/Tiny Song

In the Forest of Mua, find a Tiny Mage. These will cast Tiny Song if you give them enough time to do so. It goes without saying that you have to let them hit a Learner with it.

Aero 3

In the Oldest Tree at the end of the Forest of Mua, The Sealed, four crystal-like creatures, will attack you. Be sure to have a Learner in your party before battling them. They will only use physical attacks, until they run low on HP. Then they will start casting high damage Wind, Water, Fire and Earth spells on your entire party. The one that's all the way to the left will cast Aero 3 when it gets low on HP, so reduce its HP but be sure not to kill it before it gets a chance to cast the spell. It would be a good idea to use Golem before attempting this, to avoid getting killed by the attacks of the other Sealed when your party is hit with Aero 3.
NOTE: Just in case you were wondering, when they get low on HP, the bottom crystal will use Ground Shaker(use Float to avoid the damage), the top crystal will use Fire 3(just hurts a lot;), and the right one will use Aqua Rake, so if you haven't learned that yet you can do so now.

Level 2 Old

In Exdeath's Castle, you may encounter a Magic Dragon. Level 2 Old is one of its attacks. Remember that the Learner's level must be divisible by 2 in order to learn the spell.
NOTE: If you !Control it, you can't target your party with Level 2 Old, so he'll have to use it voluntarily, or you could cast Wall on it and have it use the spell on himself, hoping it will bounce back at a Learner. Also, you can learn Guard Off from it if you missed it at the Barrier Tower.

Level 3 Flare

Still in Exdeath's Castle, stay on the lookout for Red Dragons. If you cast Wall on one and !Control it you can have it cast Level 3 Flare on itself, bouncing it back at one of your characters. Hopefully, it will bounce back at a Learner. In order to learn this spell, the Learner's level must be divisible by 2. You can't have the dragon target the party directly with Level 3 Flare, so this is the only way.


At the very end of World 2, you'll have to beat Exdeath. Be sure to have a Learner and someone who can use Level 4 Dimension magic(that's Jikuu magic for those who have the old translation) in your party before facing him. Now, the first thing he'll do when you fight him is either attack someone or cast Condemn on someone. What you want him to do is cast Condemn on your Learner. He rarely uses it at any other point in the fight though, so if he doesn't do what you want him to do, cast Reset(it's called Return in the old translation) to start the battle over from the beginning. Keep doing this until he does cast Condemn on your Learner. If you think this is too much trouble, wait until you reach the Quicksand Desert Pyramid in World 3. Cursed One, a monster-in-a-box, can use it if you !Control it.




Mind Blast

The final World, and only three more Blue spells to go! Mind Blast will be the first Blue spell of those three which you can obtain. When you're about to get the Second Tablet in the Island Shrine on Solitary Island, Stalker will attack you. If you leave him alone for a while, he'll probably use Mind Blast at one point or another. So, wait until he uses it on a Learner before killing him.


While visiting the Phoenix Tower, keep your eyes peeled for a Bella Donna. This Lamia-like foe can use Roulette, but only when it wants to: You can't force it to do so with !Control. If a Learner gets killed by Roulette, and you revive him/her before combat ends, you'll learn the spell.

Big Guard

This is without a doubt the most annoying Blue spell to obtain. You have to land the airship in the lake where Worus Tower used to be and sail around, preferably as close to the exact area where Worus Tower sank as possible. Be sure to have a Learner in your party, and someone with the !Control ability equipped before starting to sail around. Most likely, you'll fight some wimpy enemies whenever you get into a battle. But if you're lucky, a Stingray will show up. !Control it immediatly and have it cast Big Guard on your party. Then you'll have to kill it, which could take a while since it has a lot of HP. But when you do, you'll have gained the last Blue spell you were still missing!
NOTE: Encountering Stingray can be a pain. I've heard some people spent hours on that lake before finally encountering one. I myself have never had to spend more than 10 minutes searching for one, but apparently not everyone is that lucky. So know what you're getting into before trying to get this spell. If all else fails, there's always Apocalypse in Dimension Castle... he'll cast Big Guard on himself after a while, so if you cast Wall on him at the right time, you may yet learn it.


And there you have it. If you follow this guide, it's possible to gain all Blue Spells before even entering the Cleft of Dimension! Good hunting!