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Regular Items

Regular Items can only be used once, unless stated otherwise.

What it's for
Acorns of Life - 150 G Permanently raises 1 character's HP by 3-5.
Found in Dwarf Cave, Reinhart Castle, Granvania, Port Selmi and Torokko.
Dropped by Dragon Pup, Flare Dragon, Ganesha, Kemkemubeth, Mudslough and Plesiosaur.
Acorns of Magic - 187 G Permanently raises 1 character's MP by 3-5.
Found in Reinhart Castle, Southern Tower and Ruraphin.
Dropped by Imposter, Laughing Grass, Mad Plant, Ogre Head and Shadow Satan.
Agility Seed - 75 G Permanently raises 1 character's agility by 1-3.
Found in Dwarf Cave, Santa Rosa Cave (2nd Gen), Ruraphin and Path from Chizod
Dropped by Goblin Rat, Great Mamoo, Longneck Weasel, Mamoo, Metal Slime and Whip Man.
Angel's Bell 500 G 375 G Cures confusion. Supposedly can be used infinite times.
Bought in Port Selmi.
Dropped by Baloon.
Antidote Herb 10 G 7 G Cures Poison for 1 Character.
Bought nearly everywhere.
Found in the Cave NE of Reinhart.
Dropped by Babble, Demon Toadstool, Gabott and Gasling.
Bomb Stone 450 G 337 G Use it in battle to cause a fire attack to hit all enemies.
Bought in Granvania and Shahanna.
Found in Path from Chizod.
Dropped by Bomb Baby, Bomb Crag and Manuhan
Defense Seed - 45 G Permanently raises 1 character's defense by 1-3.
Found in Alcapa, Oracleberry, Volcano, Telepador, Granvania and El Heven.
Dropped by Bazocks, Clay Doll, Grabshell, Killer Shell, Mud Looper, Mystery Doll, Saruslord, Tortragon and Walking Statue.
Elven Medicine - 165 G Fully restores 1 character's MP.
Bought in the Casino in Oracleberry (300 Coins).
Found in Cave NE of Reinhart, Waterfall Cave and Forest of Illusions.
Dropped by Evil Spirit and Silver Devil.
Fighter's Hair 600 G 450 G Use it in battle to double 1 character's attack power.
Bought in Granvania.
Found in Chizod.
Dropped by Boss Garm.
Fragrance Bag 80 G 60 G Use it to temporarily raise the rate you're randomly attacked.
Bought in Alcapa, Reinhart, Oracleberry and Shahanna.
Dropped by Lintbloom and Tonguella.
Full Moon Herb 30 G 22 G Cures Paralysis for 1 Character.
Bought in Reinhart, Oracleberry, Port Selmi, Ruraphin, Salabona and Mountain Village.
1 Found in Faerie Village.
Dropped by Man o' War, Necrodain, Red Eater and Snakebat.
Holy Water 20 G 15 G Use it to repel enemies weaker than yourself temporarily.
Bought nearly everywhere.
1 Found in Faerie Village.
Dropped by Ghost, Gregor and Yeti.
Intelligence Seed - 67 G Permanently raises 1 character's intelligence by 1-3.
Found in Ice Mansion, Santa Rosa (2nd Gen), Salabona, Granvania and Farthest Shrine.
Dropped by Flamer, Green Worm, Mad Dragon, Metal Hunter and Tonguelord.
Leaf of the World Tree - 375 G Revives 1 dead party member.
Bought in Oracleberry's Casino (1000 Coins).
1 Found in Path from Chizod, Demon's Tower and Sky Tower.
Dropped by Barbarossa, Curer, Ghoul and King Slime.
Magic Water - 90 G Restores ~10 MP to 1 Character.
Found in Southern Tower, Ruraphin, Demon's Tower and Torokko.
Dropped by Centaurus, Death Spark, Elder Mage, King Tortragon, Lava Savage, Magician, Wizard and Zaile.
Medical Herb 8 G 6 G Restores ~35 HP to 1 Character.
Bought nearly everywhere
Very commonly found.
Very commonly dropped by enemies.
Monsture Lure 200 G 150 G Use it to temporarily raise the rate you're randomly attacked.
Bought in Ruraphin.
Found in Cave NE of Reinhart, Oracleberry and Chizod.
Dropped by Brownie, Horse Devil, Mother Octo and Rampone.
Restoration Orb - 750 G If a character dies with this in their possession, they will be revived with full HP.
Dropped by Great Dragon and King Healer.
Ring of Prayer - 1875 G Restores ~20 MP for 1 Character; Breaks after several uses.
1 Found in Path to Chizod and Granvania.
Dropped by Dancing Jewel, Messala and Necromancer
Sap of the World Tree - - Restores all party members' HP.
Search the pool in Zenithia Castle
Stone of Life - 225 G Having this in a character's inventory will protect them from instant-death spells.
Found in Path from Chizod, Granvania and Farthest Shrine
Dropped by Farewell Crag and Stoneman.
Strength Seed - 112 G Permanently raises 1 character's strength by 1-3.
Found in Santa Rosa, Santa Rosa Cave (2nd Gen), Kabochi, Granvania and Demon's Tower.
Dropped by Big Sloth, Black Dragon, Boss Ghost, Dark Mammoth, Dentasaurus, Gigantes, Golem, Marzonician and Trumpeter.
Wing of Wyvern 25 G 18 G Use it on the World Map to return to the last city you visited.
Bought nearly everywhere
Very commonly found.
Very commonly dropped by enemies.

Special Items

Dragon Orb
Found in the Tower of Boble.
Give this to Pusan so he can regain his true form.
Dragon's Left Eye
Found in the Tower of Boble
This, along with the right eye, is needed to continue deeper into the Tower of Boble.
Dragon's Right Eye
Found in the Tower of Boble
This, along with the left eye, is needed to continue deeper into the Tower of Boble.
Drum of War
Found in the Bonus Dungeon.
Use it in battle to double your party's attack power.
Faerie Horn
Given to you by Powan when you return to Faerie Village late in the game.
This is needed to find the Faerie Palace.
Final Key
Received after you defeat Buorn in the Tower of Viewing in the 3rd Generation.
Opens certain doors.
Flute of Springs
Found in the Ice Mansion after defeating the Snow Queen.
Return this to Faerie Village to restore Spring to Faerie Land.
Flying Shoes
Found in the chancellor's room in Granvania.
Use these to teleport yourself to Demon's Tower.
Glowing Orb
Given to you in Faerie Palace
Bring this with you to the past to exchange it for the Gold Orb.
Gold Orb
Found in Lenoire Castle; Received again when you travel to the past with the Glowing Orb.
This is needed to help levitate Zenithia.
Grappling Hook
Found in Zenithia Castle.
This is needed to help navigate the Tower of Boble.
Heaven Bell
Given to you after you give Pusan the Dragon Orb.
Use this to summon the Great Dragon. The Great Dragon controls like the Magic Carpet, but he can fly over mountains.
Holy Chamberpot
Found in Evil Mountain.
This is needed to continue deeper into Evil Mountain.
Ivol's Book
Visit Ruraphin during the daytime and you can buy this from a lady for 3000 G.
???? Can be sold for 3000 G.
Lamp of Darkness
Found in Santa Rosa Cave (2nd Generation).
Use this to turn day into night.
Magic Carpet
Found in El Heven.
Use this to fly around the world. However, you cannot fly over mountains with it.
Magic Key
Found in El Heven.
Opens certain doors.
Mirror of Ra
Found in Southern Tower.
Use this to discover the true identity of queen of Reinhart in the 2nd Generation.
Papas' Letter
Found in Santa Rosa Cave (2nd Generation).
Reveals some of Papas' past.
Reinhart's Key
Given to you in Reinhart Castle (2nd Generation).
Opens certain doors in Reinhart.
Ruramoon Herb
Found west of Ruraphin at night.
Give this to Bennet and he'll teach you the Return spell.
Sage's Stone
Given to you by Martha when you first enter the Demon World.
Restores ~50 HP for current party when used in battle. Can be used infinite times.
Sands of Time
Circle around the outside of Shahanna, and defeat a Kandar Henchman to find it.
Use it in battle and it may reverse time, going back a round.
Small Medal
See the Small Medal Section.
Trade these to the Medal King for some great stuff.
Symbol of Royalty
Found in the Cave of Trials.
You need this to prove you're the rightful heir to Granvania's throne.
Found in Lenoire Castle.
You need this to navigate the dark room in Lenoire Castle.
Wayfarer's Map
Go to Oracleberry at night, and buy this for 1000 G from the Merchant in the NW section of town.
Use this to view the World Map.

Dummied Items

Dummied items are items I've found in the ROM, but I haven't found in the game itself. If you know the location of any of these items, please tell me.

What it's for
Baron's Horn 0 G ????
Demon's Toy 0 G ????
Magic Bag 0 G If it's used in battle it says "Inside is a Cypruss Stick. Still can't use it". Weird...
Monster Munch 0 G It has the same effect as the Magic Carpet. o_O
Thief's Key 0 G Probably nothing. The "Thief's Key" you get in the game is not a tangible item, but you can hack this Thief's Key into your inventory...

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