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     Finally! The first worthy update submission in over a year! :D Thanks to Flamefury for the new Hunting Tip now located in the Secrets sections at number 6! w00t! :D

     Damn it's been awhile. Yeesh. But anyway, the Enemy and Boss pages have been totally redone and even updated (to the best degree possible) with item drops! Also, Sara's Character page now has a picture! YAY! :D
     A very BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG thanks to Rirse for submitting them to me for your viewing pleasure. Hehe, and the GBA Section is almost finally done...yay.

     I updated the shrine's coding (which really sucked, lol...) and also entirely redid the file structure, layout, and amoung other things, also made a downloadable text file version of the walkthrough as well as lay the ground work for the GBA BoF stuff.

      Thanks to all of you who have offered to help. KenTaR is now in charge of this shrine until Jan 1st, or until I get my stuff done. Thanks again KenTaR! (^_^)

      Due to the mass amounts of time I no longer have, I am looking for someone to temporarily help me in maintaining my shrine. If you are interested, please email me.

      I made some altercations to the site's layout and I also updated the Game Genie Codes page with the donator's email address. Sorry it took so long Pill.

Shrine re-opened in the New Format.

      I updated the helmets page to reflect an issue with the WolfHT (Thanks to Karen MacMullin) & I also added a Game Genie list courtesy of Matt Pillar to the secrets section. There is also a new Map Page to help out anyone having problems finding towns, etc.

      YAY! My first shrine!!! (^_^)

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