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The location column lists where you can find things which you can not buy. If you can buy something, its location can be found in the shops list.

Antdt Remove Poison status --------
Antler Remove Poison status --------
Apple Recover 60 HP --------
A-Ptn Increase Agility by 1 point Usually found in Dressers on Houses
B-Stn Fry Magic --------
Charm Return status to normal --------
C-Nut Recover 20 HP Found by punching the Trees outside of Tunlan
C-Stn Frost Magic --------
Cure Recover all HP --------
Cure2 Recover all HP for entire party --------
D-Hrt Does fatal damage to Dragons (also affects Ryu) From lady in Tunlan (Center House straight up from the entrance)
DkKiss Rub Magic Dropped by Shadows
F-Stn Flame Magic --------
Herb Recover 50 HP --------
HrGlas Move time forward 12 hours In a Dresser in a house in Gant
Life Bring Ally back to life with 1 HP --------
Life2 Bring Ally back to life with full HP/AP --------
L-Ptn Increase Luck by 1 point Usually found in Dressers in Houses
M. Drop Recover All Status and HP 2 in Karma, 1 in Undersea Volcano, 1 in Tuntar
Mackrl Remove Poison status --------
Meat Recover 70 HP for entire party Found by Hunting Boars
Melon Recover All HP Found ONLY in Dragon Shrines
Mrbl1 Use in battle. Slam on next attack --------
Mrbl2 Use in battle. Slam on next attack --------
Mrbl3 Walk around for limited time with no enemy encounters --------
P-Fish Poisons an ally or enemy Get by fishing off Scande Bridge
ProtnA 2x Attack Power if used in battle --------
ProtnB 4x Attack Power if used in battle --------
Smoke 100% escape rate from battle, except boss fights --------
Sole Recover 100 HP --------
S-Ptn Increase Strength by 1 point Usually found in Dressers in Houses
Srdine Recover 50 HP --------
T-Drop Remove Zombie status --------
Trout Recover 150 HP and reverse Poison status --------
Vitamn Boosts all Stats for 1 battle (must use in battle) --------
V-Ptn Increase Vigor by 1 point Usually found in Dresser in Houses
W-Ant Recover 100 AP Found by Hunting White Deer
WMeat Recover Full HP for entire party Found by Hunting Birds
W-Ptn Increase Wisdom by 1 point Usually found in Dressers in Houses

(Items with a ????? are up for debate)
Clog 0 All ACT +10 Spring Inn (Cabinet)& Dig Spot SE of Scande
DarkBR 0 K Protection Against Death Attacks (Rub Magic)??? Behind Dragon Plate North of Auria
DreamRG 0 R, N, B, K, G, O Blocks Sleep Status In Krypt
LoveBR 0 N, Bl Recover 1 HP for every step taken Behind Dragon Plate Southwest of Gust
MagicRG 0 N, Bl Magic and Intelligence up (+???) Nabal Castle
MystSF 0 N, Bl Increases Magic Power (+???) Dig Spot East of Tyr's Tower
Ring 0 R Attack Power +10 Tantar Cave
Rod1 N/A R Fishing Pole --------
Rod2 N/A R Fishing Pole --------
Rod3 N/A R Fishing Pole ?????
Rod4 N/A R Fishing Pole Gust Dungeon
Rod5 N/A R Fishing Pole. Needed to obtain Dragon Equipment Tunlan Basement
RubyBR 0 N, Bl, M Protection from Fire spells ??? In a house in Carmen (In a Cabinet)
Sash 0 N, Bl Attack +10 In a Cabinet in Gust Inn
Shell N/A R Fishing Bait --------
SilverBR 0 R, N, B, K, G, O Protection against Zombie status ??? Wisdon
SkullRG 0 R, N, B, K, G, O Defense +10 Nabal Castle
SmartRG 0 R, N, B, K, G, O MAG +6, INT +8 Left-most house in Auria's Main Square (Cabinet)
Urchin 0 R Fishing Bait --------
WindBR 0 N, Bl Protection from Wind Spells ??? Behind Dragon Plate Northeast of Carmen
Worm N/A R Fishing Bait --------
Worm2 N/A R Fishing Bait --------

Bolster Used to enter dreams Tunlan Dungeon
Book Gives Karn confidence in his Theivery Krypt
B-Part Get this fixed in Gant Tower-climbing Man in the town of Spring
Cowl Understand the Tunlans Moguís Mom in Gramor
DkKey Third Goddess Key Dark key Tower
Egg Use to enter Nabal Castle Grimfowl Forest
E-Key First Goddess Key. Use in battle to cast 3.5 magic Nanai Dungeon
Fife Use to enter the Krypt Arad village elder
Fruit Reminds Cerl of Alan's love Large tree near a town ruins south of Carmen
G.Fly Food for Frogs Cave in town of Gust
G-Bar Trade for Icicle and GnPwdr Auria
Gills Entire party can travel underwater Prima Village elder
GnPwdr Use to destroy rocks Gobi
Goods Found in Gant. Bring to Auria to receive the Gills Gant village elder
Icicle For Desert travel Bleak village elder
I-Claw Lets Mogu get the party into Obelisk Female weapon collector
I-Ore Bring to Blacksmith in Tantar to get the Saw Cave to Romero
Key Opens the door to Lake Cave Tantar Village elder
KngKey Second Goddess Key. Can operate the Stone Robot Agua
List A list of Weapons Male weapon collector
LtKey Fourth Goddess Key Auria
Maestro Talk to the Tunlans Gust flutemaker
Map Found in Romero. Use the Start button to view Basement in a house in Romero
M-Cura Return to Human form when you are mouse From Mice in Gust Dungeon
Mirror Summon the ghost of Alena from the Netherworld Old Man in Dark key Tower
Note1 Note to a New Friend...... Male Weapon Collector
Note2 Response to a note from a New Friend...... Female Weapon Collector
Oil Ingredient for Healing Tonic Frog Elder in Frog Cave
OldEgg Put in the Ocean Volcano From Bleu
Parts Used to fix the elevator in Scande Gant village elder
Pass Permits entry into Scande Mysterious man in Carmen
Pouch Have in possession to prevent theft of your Gold Purchase from Item Shop in Auria
Remedy Use to heal the King of Winlan Obtained after beating Wizard of Karma
Root Ingredient for Healing Tonic Dead tree south of Gramor
Saw Use to enter the Forest of Despair Get from the Blacksmith in Tantar
SkyKey Fifth Goddess Key. Use it to unfreeze the town of Spring In Spyre
Slab Tells where to find Agni In a Well, west of Tantar
Sphere Allows Gobi to summon the Great Fish Prima Village Elder
Statue Use to enter Wisdon Prima Village Elder
Tablet Use to enter Agua Romero Village Elder
TmKey Sixth and last Goddess Key. Use to return time to normal in Carmen Receive from Cerl
Tonic Used to cure Amnesia Doctor in Carmen
WtrJr Fill with water to cure soil in Romero. Under gravestone in Romero
Wtzit Strange Item. Try bringing it to a collector...... Female Weapon Collector

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