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I am sure that there are many more secrets that I don't know about and there are alot that I lost in the conversion period. If you have any info that you can submit, please let me know by emailing me.


Secret #1: Finding Chun Li
     Would you ever expect to find a chick from the game Street Fighter 2 in Breath of Fire? Well, she is!!! To find Chun Li, go to Bleak and talk to the magician in the house to the upper left. Say yes to him, but when he tells you to look behind you, say "No" twice. Then say "Yes" the third time. Can you say 100-Kicks!!!!!!!!

Secret #2: The Mallet
     To actually get the Mallet, Gobi must open his own Flea Market. You can do this in Winlan and Tunlan, but do it in Tunlan. The idea is to have Gobi leading your party and open shop in the empty booth in either Flea market. People will eventually come in and out to buy what is in your INVENTORY. You can bargain, deny, or accept peoples offers on things. The way you will get the Mallet is by buying it (so the other person sells it to you). The chance of this happening are exactly 1 in 100,000 attempts or so (As far as I can figure out). You must have 18000 GP to be able to buy it. It is pretty safe to say that you'll become immortal first and if you do happen to get it, consider yourself VERY lucky.

Secret #3: The EmporSD
     This weapon is the strongest in the game for Ryu. Unfortunately, You get it so late in the game it really doesn't matter that you have it. You can find it by searching around Jade's Throne after beating him.

Secret #4: The LifeAR
     This is by FAR the best armor in the game for Ryu. It is hidden in one of the 2 Dragon Statues outside the Dragon Temple at the top of Agua.

Secret #5: The IcyDR
      I believe this is Karn's best weapon. It is hidden in one of the 2 Dragon Statues outside the Dragon Temple at the top of Agua.

NEW!!!!! Secret #6: Hunting Bonanza!   -Courtesy of  Flamefury
      While hunting, if you fire at an animal and the arrow hits at the PRECISE time the animal is going to jump, the animal will jump and underneath it...the item it drops! The animal will still be alive as well. You can use this for a vast amount of meat and a source of income!

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