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These are the five people who will aid you throughout your quest.  This may take a while to load.


GarstenHe is a young wizard whom you meet about half-way through stage 1  He will join you after you defeat the lizard men and obtain the gas mask.  His special attack does major damage to all the enemies on screen.  His face in the portrait looks creepy though.


Erixil At least that's what I was able to make out from the katakana.  This name would have undoubtedly been changed had this game come to the states.  She is the princess of the kingdom of Panakeya You meet her midway through stage 2.  Her specialty is healing.  If you do it once, she'll heal you when you are near death.  Best one of the five IMO


SiliusWhat's an RPG  without a brave knight?  A very good one, with OR without, as Square continues to prove.  You meet him in Stage 3.  For his special attack, he spins around and shoots fireballs.  Kinda lame, but rather strong.


MagnaHe is a cyborg who has been dorment for 1000 years.  You meet him at the end of stage 4.  You'll also have him in tow throughout stage 5.  His special attack is awesome.  Everything stops and then he releases energy blasts that do some heavy damage.


NevisNevis (dragon) An amazon looking shape shifter who knows how to fight! YES!!  I LOVE this game!  You fight her in her dragon form about half way through stage 6.  For her special, she turns into a dragon and flies around the screen shooting fireballs.

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